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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial 39'(blue sponge)

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Rubber type : inverted
A higher quality version of Hurricane 3 Neo. With the Provincial blue sponge version, you can expect a dramatic increase in spin, control, and speed. Everything you enjoy from the original Hurricane 3 Neo has been amplified by a great margin. 39-degree hardness. Blue Sponge.

Customer Reviews

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23/02/2024 Efecto y spin a otro nivel Review by Edgardo Aguilar PBP
Es un caucho que genera mucho spin, requiere un golpe de ángulo más abierto, la utilizo de FH hace dos meses. Todavía no lo domino, pero creo que pronto, sí. Para los saques crea un efecto increíble. Mantenerla limpia me ha costado, a pesar de conservarla con un papel protector y estuche, casi a la semana de uso se manchó. Solo con agua es suficiente para su limpieza.
12/02/2024 Excellent rubber Review by Petar Hristov
This rubber instantly improved my game, i can consistently loop, and arc is really low, very powerful, i do feel it is more stable than the orange sponge, even blocking is improved, highly recommended for loopers.
07/11/2023 Reference in terms of spin Review by Theodor-Stefan Baca
Iconic reference for tacky Chinese rubbers, very good spin, requires booster
08/08/2023 Goma pegajosa. Review by Javier Gerardo De Nardo
Golpes cargados de efecto y con mucho control.
19/06/2023 Get the 40 Degree Version Review by Linyi
I tried this 39 degree version, it's OK. However, for more confident smashing, the 40 degree version provides more control.
08/06/2023 Very nice short lived rubber Review by Alan Strelzoff
Within 3 months lost all stickiness.
Since I don't boost, I have to find something else for forehand and have gone to spinny short pips for now.
22/03/2023 DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial 39'(blue sponge) Review by CRISTIANO CREPALDI
Gomma eccellente, pienamente soddisfatto. Differenzia molto dalla classica H3 Commercial che usavo in precedenza. Spin molto più efficace, gomma molto più veloce con ottimo controllo.
07/03/2023 Magical journey Review by A1xnder
I really liked the spin and the trajectory of the ball.
The NEO version allows you to add energy, sticky topsheet does the magic
07/03/2023 Excellent Review by Alexander
I liked the Blue sponge NEO 39 better than Provincial NEO 40 for its kick. The balance of spin and control is very nice.
23/01/2023 Ĺoti laba Review by ZIGMUNDS SMIRNOVS
Àtra piegade, laba kvalitàte
02/10/2022 good Review by jose luis martin rodriguez
It´s good provincial version and a bit heavy and harder. In my opinion national version is much better more light and more feeling. This topsheet needs booster frequently
31/08/2022 Buona gomma cinese Review by ciro abd el
Giocavo con gomme cinesi più di 30 anni fa, poi sono passato a gomme giapponesi e tedesche. Per curiosità ho voluto provare questa DHS che un giocatore bravo della ia palestra usa con ottimi risultati. Sapevo che avrei dovuto aggiustare la mia tecnica, che probabilmente avrei avuto dei servizi con maggiore effetto e che per riuscire a tirare forte ci avrei messo del tempo. Le previsioni erano corrette. Inoltre ho scoperto un grande controllo nelle fasi passive del gioco. La gomma la uso sul dritto, l'ho provata su vari telai, ma nono riesco ancora ad usarla con soddisfazione. I miei top vengono bloccati facilmente. Riesco meglio con la DHS proposta da Nittaku nella versione con gommapiuma gialla
01/08/2022 I love it Review by Daniel Valdes
Fantastic Control, you feel every stroke the feeling is awesome, so you can develop technique and improve your strokes correctly, also the serve receive is easy, and your service is going to be deadly, wonderful.
29/07/2022 Disappointed Review by Mateusz Bojanowski
I expected I little more, compared to 40 versions, is less spin, and also even after boosting not feel right, I will back to 40.
25/07/2022 Favorite forehand rubber Review by Alan Ng
Fantastic rubber long time user
24/07/2022 The quality of this rubber is good Review by Haavard Salamonsen
The rubber might be really good, but even after boosting with 2 layers I much rather would buy ESN rubbers having used them all my life
02/05/2022 Tacky for years Review by Jumava
I have had it for 2 years, played 2-3 times a week and it's still tacky. I can still pick up the ball with the sponge facing down. I would strongly recommend this rubber if you have a fast forehand.
20/04/2022 Good Review by Cengiz Erberk
Spinny but not very fast.
07/03/2022 Love the blue sponge Review by Fei Deng
I've been testing this rubber on different blades for the past two months or so, bought about 10 of these, all of them are about the same quality and feel, and I prefer the blue sponge version better than the orange sponge version.
31/12/2021 My favourite forehand rubber Review by Frank
After trying many rubbers I now play exclusively with Hurricane 3 Neo provincial blue sponge on my forehand. Give it some time to get used to it. Once you're used to it and enjoy full swing drives, it’s tough to go back to tensor-type rubbers.
15/11/2021 Spin Extreme Review by B. Tellis
An excellent rubber for extreme spin and very good control. A little slow but the benefit is control. A lot of good players could not pick deep chop serves when served with this rubber.
01/11/2021 Супер Review by lev avruskin
Отличная резина, супер качество играю DHS 301.
30/08/2021 Excellent! Review by Jenny Zhang
High quality!
28/08/2021 9/10 Review by Jonas Lindersson
Love it!! But I would enjoy the harder version more :)
Many gears, great touch, and spin that is hard for the opponent
to return.
Very different than normal h3, provincial is better at everything.
28/05/2021 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
nakladka super
22/11/2020 Amazing top-spin Review by Rafael Valenca
"Built" to be used in conjunction with some booster or alike. And when done it properly, oh boy, this can make you "fly".
23/10/2020 One of the best Review by Hoang Vu
Gotta say it's one of the best rubber out there. People always talk about how much spin this rubber can produce, while it's true, it's not completely "accurate". You can use T05/D05 and easily produce monstrous spin, won't be any less than a Hurricane. The difference is after the bounce, the ball will go down (下坠).
lifting underspin won't be the easiest compare to German/JP rubber due to the hard sponge, so it requires a lot of body strength.
Finally, the rubber lasts for a long time, but if you boost often, the sponge might be the reason why you have to switch to a new rubber rather than the top sheet. As the sponge no longer reacts to the booster, and the rubber will feel dead. However, more experienced players with good boosting technique can use this rubber for a long time.
Overall the best rubber when it's newly boosted. The control, spin, speed ratio is one of the best out there.
16/09/2020 Yahshi Review by Sobitxon Alabaev
Bu nakladkani kuchirishdan oldin ehtiyot bo'lish kerak ekan, sinishi mumkin ekan
10/09/2020 Super Review by Ardak Mirzakhmedov
It has a huge amount of power, control, and spin. Speed is ok. No need for a booster.
26/04/2020 Control Review by Carlos Herrera
Muy buen control.
15/04/2020 Super rubber Review by Vyacheslav Platkov
Best Hurricane I ever played! The highest quality of spin and control, for better speed it needs a little booster, but it's not a problem at all. Not so heavy as the National version.
I recommend it to everyone!
15/03/2020 Very good rubber Review by Basten4
Excellent rubber for FH, but I wish it was 38 degrees, not 39. I like harder rubbers on my FH usually, but this one requires 100% great footwork. If you have it, this is one of the best FH rubbers on the market in my opinion.
I still have it on one of my Viscarias, put Dignics 05 on the other one.
29/08/2019 Genuine product! Review by Patrik Boxstrom
Blue sponge 39 degrees version really suites me best, especially with some booster. Rubber is a lot of more forgiving compared to the orange sponge cheap version. Rubber's durability is excellent and they won't bubble so it lasts ages in terms of tackiness.
DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial 39'(blue sponge)