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DHS Hurricane 3 National 40' blue sponge

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Rubber type : inverted
The highest quality version of Hurricane 3 available. With the National version, you can expect a dramatic increase in spin, control, and speed. Everything you enjoy from the original Hurricane 3 has been amplified by a great margin. 40 degree hardness.

Customer Reviews

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23/08/2023 amazing rubber Review by Gabriel Machado
Original product, checked with DHS counterfeit
14/11/2022 !!! Review by NIKOLAOS SOLOMOS
Very hard needs proper and big motion and becomes very fast and spinny
09/11/2022 Chinese Rubber Review by Dominique Sabanpan
The best option if you want a rubber that generates a heavier spin
17/08/2022 Качественная! Review by Anatoliy Mikheev
Накладка наклеена на Вискарию справа, уже была такая, за изношенностью заменена)
27/04/2022 Good rubber Review by Keat Chea
Good rubber but it needs more power.
09/08/2021 No doubt best forehand rubber ever Review by Letao Bo
Many people don't know how to glue this rubber. Just follow my steps: apply one thin layer of glue on rubber and wait for it dry(a few minutes), then apply one layer of Falco or other brand booster oil, wait for it to dry(30mins), then apply another layer of the booster and wait for it to dry(2 hours). At this moment You'll see the rubber become curly but not too much! Finally, you can apply one last layer of glue on the rubber and racket, wait it dry then glue them together (sometimes I will put 2 layers of glue, otherwise the curly rubber may be ripped apart!). By the way, the time cost differs in the different areass due to humidity. My city is New York, so the whole process will cost 3 hours.
No rubber can compare with this one as forehand, that's why Chinese national team most players use this rubber. I just found many people don't boost it and give it a bad comment which is irresponsible. Hope everyone knows how to glue it in the right way and like its power.
28/06/2021 Excelente producto, original y entregado a tiempo. Review by Esteban Martinez
El producto recibido está de acuerdo con las especificaciones y características descritas por el fabricante. Se verificaron características de originalidad del producto recibido y los tiempos de entrega fueron óptimos.
01/12/2020 Excellent Review by AlmotassimBellah Sammour
05/11/2020 Spiny but no too fast. Review by Jensen Ip
Needs a booster to get the full potential. There are other brands in this price range. That provides better value.
18/06/2020 Excellent contral filling and power Review by Nadav Shmueli
Tacky perfect control and filling. Good for short control game and full-power attacks.
29/04/2020 great rubber Review by Shahram Honarparvar
Very good for forehand.
Do need booster min. three times before use.
02/03/2020 Good rubber Review by Keat Chea
Excellent rubber.
22/01/2020 Typical Chinese Rubber Review by Valeriano Manipol
Pretty fast but you have to work hard with your stroke otherwise the ball will be dead. The full swing is the key to unleash the full potential of this rubber.
22/07/2019 DHS Hurricane 3 National 40' blue sponge Review by Nelson Rivera
This is an amazing rubber, but I haven't played with it yet, since I intend to boost it, before using it.
01/05/2019 Good, sponge too hard. Review by Ethan Davenport
It is a very spinny rubber, but the sponge is too hard and the rubber itself is just very heavy. Good for generating spin on serves but it is a high-arc rubber, so serves will be very high. If you want more power I suggest boosting this rubber for a small price.
25/03/2019 Good product Review by Khusan
Tried it on Long 5 blade with boosting 3 layers. Spin, control, and speed is super. Recommended for players with good technique and quick feet. Drawback is that it requires re-boosting every 3-4 weeks.
20/03/2019 Excellent rubber! Review by Jose Delgado
Good control and very spinny!
18/10/2018 A bit pricy but good product Review by Khusan Rakhimov
Good speed, and low curve.
07/10/2018 DHS Hurricane 3 National 40' blue sponge Review by Alex Shapiro
китайской резиной играю первый раз. до этого 5 лет играл тенерджи 05.
хурикан поставил только направо. слева по-прежнему тенержи.

основание: ма лонг 5.


1. значительно легче прием подачи.
2. легче подавать.
3. можно получить огромное вращение, но...(смотрите минусы).
4. перекрут очень стабильный с максимальным вращением, но...(смотрите минусы).
5. отличная короткая игра.
6. более долговечная, чем тенерджи, но не намного. играю ею месяц (6 раз в неделю по 2 часа в день. уже не так крутит, как в первую неделю)


1. Плоский удар,
2. пассивная подставка.
3. нужна очень хорошая физическая и техническая подготовка, чтобы по-
настоящему использовать преимущества этой резины.
4. очень дорогая.
DHS Hurricane 3 National 40' blue sponge