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DHS Hurricane 3-50 37'

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Rubber type : inverted
Hurricane 3-50 is a tacky rubber which produces a characteristic low arcing ball flight from middle distance. The underlying 50# sponge is produced with great sponge elasticity which enables and maximises a strong spin effect with use of the wrist. Hurricane 3-50 is the first choice for players who prefer to drive-loop and topspin. It integrates tacky rubber with elastic sponge. The sponge is receptive to ball contact while the rubber friction grips and holds the ball. Such a combination provides the player with great ball feeling with every shot and suits players who want to exert a fast, stable loop attack.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

21/04/2023 Nice spin, not fast rubber Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
If you need speed, dont buy it. If you need spin, control and easy to play, it is very good.
22/12/2022 a good surprise Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
as a Chinese rubber user for more than 7 years, I didn't expect too much from a H3 rubber: this is one of the easiest Chinese rubbers for looping, very soft, a lot of spring, very nice.
28/01/2021 Not ideal for forehand Review by iamj8
I tried this rubber on FH in the hopes of having a slightly more forgiving Hurricane 3. It is very slow without boosting so I boosted it with 2 layers of Falco Long and it played a lot better.
Blocking and hitting shots were quick and I was able to get balls on the table more easily than with Neo H3. It was also easier to get loops on the table compared to Neo H3 but my opponents had a much easier time returning these as well. Unfortunately, the rubber tended to "bottom out" on high impact shots causing many balls to go long.
I think this rubber will be too soft for most people's forehands, but it might be suitable for close table hitters who want good touch. As I have learned time and time again, there is no substitute for a boosted Hurricane 3 and I will be continuing with Neo H3.
I played with this on Freitas ALC.
23/02/2020 Good rubber for my back hand Review by Kenneth Teape
Used on my BH. Improve my off the table shots with increase power and spin. control was excellent, moving the ball from side to side was very easy.
06/01/2020 Softer version of hurricane 3. Very good control Review by Artan Kroi
Very good control. Good spin and the serve spin creation and placement is perfect. For allround + players
06/11/2018 Very good backhand rubber Review by Ryan Hong
I used this rubber for my backhand on two blades: shakehand Fang Bo 2 Carbon and H301 backhand for RPB. Gets the job done very very well. For RPB however, you need to have perfect stroke at mid to long distance, or else it will be slow and useless. Good quality.
04/07/2018 Good Backhand Rubber If... Review by Corey Parker
The rubber is soft so it may not suit forehand if you have a serious forehand. For backhand it is good with an 'if'. The rubber is slow especially if you hit the ball flat. True to Chinese philosophy that emphasize spin over power, the rubber becomes more lively if your backhand have heavy top spin.
05/06/2018 Great for BH or controlled FH Review by Azv
H3 topsheet with a softer and more reactive sponge, great for backhand or controlled FH.
22/02/2018 BOA Review by jansen assis
21/02/2018 Good variation of H3 Review by Yi Zhang
This is basically a softer version of H3 Neo. It combines the classic H3 topsheet with a softer, springy sponge. This enhances control and makes imparting spin on your shots easier. If you feel like regular H3 and H3 Neo are too hard, then this rubber might be perfect for you.
On a side note, you have to take care of this rubber for the tackiness to last. Just clean the topsheet with a rubber cleaning sponge and a bit of water after each play session. This way it should stay tacky for 3 to 4 months.
14/09/2017 Awesome rubber for Looping Review by Tatsuki Katakura
Currently on my second sheet. First sheet took me a bit to get used to since it was my first chinese rubber, and wore out before I could utilize its potential. But after getting my hands on a new sheet I immediately felt its incredible control and spin. Not to mention the sweet sound it makes when you correctly grab the ball and spin it with the sponge. It sounds like a tensor rubber, but louder! Many would say this rubber is slow, but considering how much spin you can generate, its one of the few rubbers where you can confidently loop with everything you have and still land the ball on the table. Reliable power isnt generated by a fast rubber, but a rubber that lets you go all out and still control the ball, and this is that rubber.

Serves are spinny, short game is sublime, loops are automatic.
Smashes and blocks are a little iffy, especially blocking.
Being a penholder, My traditional backhand block has lost consistency, probably due to the fact that chinese rubbers dont reverse spin upon contact as well as tensor rubbers, so it tends to throw the ball long off the table with zero spin, no matter how much I close the racket angle. but I can accomodate with my rpb so im still happy.
Rubber life is probably on the long side. Cant comment on this factor too much, since im only on my second sheet. Same with manufacturing consistency. I was so surprised by how good a new sheet played that I started questioning wether my first sheet was defective.
No real cons other than the cost being higher than H3 neo for some reason, and its typical chinese rubber sensitivity to moisture. On moist days I sometimes consider buying another blade with european rubbers because of how bad these rubbers play in humidity!
I tried boosting and the rubber definetly got faster but it wasnt my cup of tea. The feeling of the rubber completely changed and the sound got muted for some reason. I may try again in the future when my technique improves.
05/09/2017 Buena Goma Review by Luis Ariel Corro Gutierrez MBP139
He probado muchos cauchos pero ninguno como este, es el mejor caucho del mundo.

04/09/2017 GOOD Review by jansen assis
02/06/2017 Is excellent, I recommend it 100% Review by ct
Is excellent, I recommend it 100%
18/04/2017 exeptionally for ball control and spin Review by Florian Kroeber
I used it boosted with 3 layers of falco tempo long booster for my strong backhand!!
Due to boosting it has awsome speed and the softness gives you great feeling of the ball in every situation. Just remember to brush loop with this rubber cause the sponge will do the rest for you! If you do not have a strong backhand you DO NOT NEED TO BOOST this rubber. This will result in less speed and more control of ball placement and ball length. Spin is awesome when pushing and looping due to extremyly grippy(and sticky) topsheet wether boosted or not.
05/04/2017 Good rubber but does not last long Review by Lex
This rubber is good in term of performance but the service life is really short. The rubber started to separate from the sponge after 2 weeks training. There are bubbles between rubber and sponges for my friend's 3-50 which is from the other shop....Thus, I will stay away from it, at least for a while.
23/12/2016 Excellent product Review by ALEX APONTE
I recommend 100% this product. You can find a lot of fake ones in other pages, but here in tabletennis11 they have the original ones. The delivery methods of TT11 is just beautiful!
11/10/2016 Very good rubbers. Fast delivery! Review by Alex Ton
Very good for looping and chopping. It creates alot of spin.
Easy to control than Tenergy 05. Fast delivery
05/09/2016 tanks Review by saim polatkan
29/06/2016 My favourite forehand rubber Review by Nuno Alves
For almost one year i changed rubbers and didn t fin out the rubber that were ideal for my atacking game and finally I found out this rubber!!!!
lots of spin very easy to chop and receive the serves goog for block and the topsin is marvelous and it creates lots of difficults to the oponents
08/04/2016 Great Review by Andrew Couper
This New rubber from DHS has all the same feeling as the first version of the rubber. It"s got lots of grip the same as before for chop & Topspin. But the sponge is softer giving it more speed & more feel. Last much longer then other brands rubbers. Also at a great price.
15/01/2016 for beginner till up Review by Oscar Probst
hard rubber

soft sponge.

it´s easy to handle
08/09/2015 H3-50 Soft vs H3-50 Mid Review by AO
H3-50 Soft has a slightly less tacky surface than H3-50 Mid but spins just as good.
Soft has a slightly lower throw angle than the Mid and feels better on the BH.
I have H3-50 Mid on the FH and shots spin side ways right off the table.
Soft for more control, Mid for more power.
Both rubbers scuff easily but does not affect play
08/09/2015 Good Rubber, Fair Quality Review by AO
Good spin and control. Hardness is perfect for FH. For BH, try H3-50 soft.
Noticed that rubber scuffs easily after one round of practice.
28/08/2015 Good. Review by Helcio Pinguelli
24/06/2015 not bad Review by Liu Wukang
not very good for me
06/05/2015 Un-exciting Rubber from DHS Review by Dennis Bingham
Having played Hurricane Rubbers quite a bit in the past, i thought i try the new H3-50 as well. I honestly can't really get excited about this new iteration of the classic H3 rubber.

The NEO Version of the H3 is more dynamic, faster and plays overall better. This H3-50 is really nothing i would consider an upgrade from a "normal" H3 rubber. The sponge is slightly softer on this one but it doesn't help with the control or to generate more spin, not even talking about making it more dynamic.

Stick with traditional H3 or go H3 NEO if you want more dynamics. A real upgrade to one of the DHS rubbers is the Skyline 3-60 or, if you prefer the non sticky, more european style, the Tin-Arc 3.
05/12/2014 good but..... Review by Win Ton
The top sheet is tacky, which I like, but I feel like the sponge is a little too soft and bottoms out when I hit harder. Also, I'm not sure if it's due to the softer sponge, but this rubber bubbles extremely fast. I played with it for about 3 weeks (5 times a week) and noticed it starting to bubble.
31/10/2014 So so Review by zach
This rubber is nothing like Hurricane 3 neo. The top sheet is not as sticky as the old hurricane, and the sponge is the same as gold arc. the speed is like sriver, the feel is different, very easy to bottom out if you hit hard. The only way to play is to loop-kill every long ball. blocking is very hard because it is too slow and most the time it bottoms out on blocking. Serves are no longer killer spinny, and pushes are not that great either. This is okay for a beginner but not for higher rated players who like classic chinese style rubbers (Harder sponge and spinny rubber).
06/09/2014 Controlled Offensive Rubber for Backhand Review by Purinsu
I got it selected in 37° and 2.0mm thickness and additionally tuned it with 3 layers of Haifu Seamoon Booster. ( Now spongehardness is ~43-45° on ESN scale) The sponge reacted very sensitive to the Booster. The dome was very strong.
On Forehand it is not suited in my opinion for people who like the traditional hard sponge rubber like Hurricane 3 etc. The #50sponge is too soft and therefore has noticeable less power and spin. The surface is very sticky, like the classic Hurricane 3 and after 6 weeks of hard training it is still very sticky. But for those, who always wanted to try a sticky rubber, but can not handle the hardness of classic Hurricane or Skyline, should give the 3-50 a chance. When i say "less power and spin than classic Hurricane 3 (due to softness)" I can still assure you, that 3-50 still has more Spin than most ESN rubbers on FH(compareable to Vega Pro, but less than MX-P).

I use it on backhand, because my BH is too unstable in some situations. Sometimes I am not able to handle strong bouncing effects. But when I play with less bouncing medium ESN rubbers they are too slow and have way to less Spin when I attack. On the other hand, medium-rubbers with satisfying Spin were too bouncy. So I found the solution in tuned H3-50. It is medium hard. The bounciness is less than the average medium ESN rubber, but the maximum in speed is even (like the speed moderate ESN, slower than e.g. Vega Japan, but even to e.g. Aurus soft). So the speed is very satisfying, enough for my loops on BH. Additionally the control in short game is very good due to the lesser bouncing-effect. As I said before, the Spin is great. On FH I cannot do as much Spin as I could with Hurricane 3. It is because the 3-50 excels and short strokes and not driving. On backhand with my short strokes I am able to generate more Spin than on FH with Vega Pro in my opening topspin. The soft sponge and the sticky rubber work very well together.
So I conclude: Hurricane 3-50 is an OFFENSIVE backhand rubber. It excels in spin with short strokes (very good for opening). Might lack in speed for higher level players, but for medium players like me, it is more than enough with a better control. It lacks bouncing-effect in flicks, but controlled spinny flicks are easy to play. It is more sensitive to incoming Spin than average EN-rubbers. But if you "understand" spin, it is no problem.
Must be tuned, otherwise it is shit.
27/06/2014 A poor alternative to H3N Review by Duncan Wraight
I'm a regular H3 NEO user. I was eager to try H3-50 just to see the difference. Unfortunately, I haven't been impressed. The sponge is significantly harder than its counterpart on the H3N and with the H3 topsheet it just feels... wrong. The control is very high but it's *considerably* slower than H3N.

The sponge isn't tuned at all - no vacuum-sealed packaging - and boy can you tell. I even tried a couple of layers of Dianchi, which sped things up dramatically, but its feeling was simply not right to me.

If you use H3N and you're effective with it, don't switch to H3-50. Maybe look at the new Hurricane 8 when that comes out. If on the other hand you're looking for a slow, spinny Chinese rubber then give H3-50 a go. Unfortunately in my opinion there are similar rubbers for a third of the price.
23/06/2014 New DHS rubber Review by Kyori
Quick and good rubber for attack. Too sticky. Good buy.
18/06/2014 Recommended Review by Eduard Brok
13/06/2014 Excellent Review by Andrei Popescu
Excellent quality
08/06/2014 the best dhs h3 Review by Andry Johnson
This one is the best of H3: very good control & dynamic.
Seems slower than the national version but I use it without booster and carbon blade.
24/05/2014 Easy to play Hurricane 3 Review by Judith Kuijf
Topsheet like Hurricane 3. Sponge much softer than traditional H3. Bottoms out at high speed but better control on short play and first opening.
14/05/2014 tacky rubber and strong spin Review by jinchuan xu
3.50 is the first choice for player who prefer to drive-loop and topspin. It helps me to defeat my friend in match.
such a combination provides a player with great ball feeling with every shot and suits players who want to exert a fast, stable loop attack.
I like it very much, but it's price a lot expensive.
11/05/2014 good chinese rubber for average skilled player Review by John
my ttr (Germany): around 2000

First of all I boosted this rubber with 3 layers of Haifu Seamoon Booster and I come from provincial H3 NEO. This rubber is not as powerful and spinny as H3 Neo prov. But that doesnt mean I didnt like it. The sponge is pretty cool, not as mushy as people say, its still a hard rubber even when boosting like Vega Pro or T05 but obviously easier to play than H3N prov.

You have really good control, good spin and very very descent speed too. The rubber is easy to play and doesnt need a lof of skills like H3N. The price is amazing, the rubber comes selected in 37degree hardness and you get a genius product of DHS. But of course it doesn't play like a high quality rubber which can be compared to T05 or H3N prov. So dont get the wrong idea. Its a very good rubber for everybody, who wants a good quality product for basic to upper table tennis skills, but if you really need a "professional" rubber for yourself there is no way to play with this because it will never keep up with T05 or H3N prov.
But for just having a good chinese rubber its really amazing, probably the best chinese rubber I know so far.

I recommend this rubber to everybody who wants a chinese rubber on his or her forehand and does not want to spend about 50 Euro for a prov. H3N and who always wants to be safe about genius products.

But if you are really a higher level table tennis player who wants to develop the game and skills go for REAL rubbers like T05 and H3N prov because with this rubber youre not going to keep up with the high quality game of good players over 2000 ttr.
08/05/2014 Good FH rubber Review by Chi Chan
Been away from Chinese for a few year. Very good controling rubber with great spin.
07/05/2014 nice rubber Review by john anderson
good rubber, tacky with quite springy sponge. hit hard and you will be rewarded with good speed. blocking has improved over normal H3
07/05/2014 Love the sponge engagement Review by Jin Yin
Surface is as tacky as before, with a softer, Tenergy-like sponge, this allows more control and stability for people don't get trained professionally. Top spin you generate with neo h3 is much more consistent, counter loop would be easier since the dwell time is longer. If you don't like boosting h3 use this one, with a trade in speed of course.
I paired it with Yasaka extra offensive, which has a hard outer ply. This rubber would also work with stiga hard wood series like ebenholz or alc series. Don't put it on All+ or off- blades unless you chop all the time.
Recommended for those of you who think h3 is too hard on carbon blades.
01/05/2014 Good all around rubber Review by Terrence Cook
Compared to other Hurricanes I found this easier to serve and push with. Top end seems a little less powerful than regular H3 and H3 NEO. The top sheet looked scuffed and scarred after a week. Seems fragile but not breaking or chipping after a month.
28/04/2014 very good feeling Review by Jack Dong
all-round rubber very suitable for aggressive player.
25/04/2014 h3 fiability , constant Review by Xavier CUSTOS
This new rubber is more stable or constant than neo h3 provincial.. When you play with you have the feeling of safety...
24/04/2014 Great rubber on decent price Review by Stefashka
It's a very good forehand rubber for beginner and intermediate players as it delivers best things from both worlds - control in short game and spin of classic Chinese rubbers and easiness of play of modern European/Japanese rubbers. It is a bit less aggressive than hard-sponged Chinese rubbers, but it is just as forgiving as European/Japanese rubbers with speed glue effect built-in (Tensor, sping sponge etc). I feel that for best results composite blades should be used, but it's still good on all-wood blades too.
23/04/2014 good rubber Review by Marc Hauser
Good rubber for topspin. Sponge is too soft for me, i like the harder Neos more.
23/04/2014 very good Review by shi yi rui
good product,better service
23/04/2014 obidient Review by Erne
Does what you ask of it.
Great for serv and returning the ball.
08/04/2014 Excellent rubber! Review by dami
Overall this is a pretty exciting rubber. The power might be a little bit weaker than the regular neo version. However, the quality of tacky surface is much better. The sponge is new and feels bouncy. No booster needed.
DHS Hurricane 3-50 37'