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DHS Hurricane 3

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Rubber type : inverted
Hurricane 3 was designed for the top players who care not only for highest speed and power, but also looking for a good control to be able to enrich their attacking game with all possible combinations. Hurricane 3 was used by a number of Chinese national team members and other top players like Liu Guozheng. Surface – Sticky. Sponge – Medium Hard. Strategy – ALL-OFF.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

01/10/2019 good Review by michael vecsler
Good control, a bit stiff, not really fast, but the spin is great.
04/09/2019 Very good Review by William W. Bishop
The rubber is very good and reliable if you want spin, power, and consistency. Mine came a little less tacky than I'd hoped, but still, it's first-class.
09/05/2019 My decent forehand rubber! Review by Zimiao Meng
I have used Hurricane 3 since I played ping pong and I found the tacky and sticky top sheet gives me a lot of spin when I loop, chop and push. This is the common and normal version and I would change it to provincial or national version when I'm better.
29/03/2019 With time the rubber becomes faster with increasing spin. Review by Aliyu Abdulmalik
The rubber was good enough at start of use, until a few weeks when it became very good with increasing spin and speed.
Better after removing and re-gumming to the bladed.
15/02/2019 Good as always Review by Yi Zhang
One of my favorite FH rubber. If you like tacky rubber, you should try this (with or without booster).
03/02/2019 Not for balsa blades Review by Rohan Keogh
I like the H3. I used it on several conventional blades and found it to produce good spin and speed. However, I've moved to balsa blades and when I tried this new sheet of H3 on one, it just doesn't feel right. It is dead in short and touch play and somehow seems to fight the natural catapult of the balsa when playing fast shots, taking away all the control and making shots unpredictable.
01/02/2019 Very good service Review by Kenneth Teape
Bought this for a friend as a FH rubber on his new Avolox P900 blades. Learning to use a full stroke with the Chinese rubber. Enjoying the control and spin. Quality of game has shown improvement.
18/01/2019 If you like traditional Chinese style rubber Review by LJ Zhou
This is the rubber needs a lot of effort! In return, it provides the spin and power in your stroke.

This is not the rubber for an easy play - suggest you try an existing setting first before you decide going for it.

People knew why they should like Hurricane 3 - if not, then please review other's experience ahead.
19/11/2018 Great Review by Danny
Very nice rubber.
02/11/2018 Very satisfied, but you need to know what you are buying. Review by Ladislav Moravec
I used it on Stiga Allround.
Also before putting it on, I have tuned it with Falco Tempo Long Booster.

So I have no experience playing without having it tuned.

First of all, even on allround blade, which I bought for this reason, the rubber is incredibly fast. Without spin, it goes far behind the table.
It also isn't good for hitting, it is very spin oriented blade.

You need to have very good technique if you want to play with this rubber. Because this rubber is super spinny but you need to produce this spin by yourself, the rubber doesnt do it for you. And mainly by good technique I mean you need to user your legs, if you forget them, you are screwed.
Also you have to tune it quite regularly. I would say once a month, depending how often you play.

But now some positives. I love this rubber. Because of its hard sponge, you have great control in pushes. Its not like ball only touches the rubber and it catapults. In high speed shots it also gives a lot control. The shot is very fast and spinny.

If you are using soft rubber, probably be prepared you are going to have terrible time with this rubber at first. And your technique will have to completely change, which isn't that much fun, because it takes long time, but if you are determined and passionate, go for it.

Who would I say this rubber is good for.
For someone who is very loop oriented, who is in a very good physical form, and has very good, or wants to have a good, technique like Chinese players.

Id recommend this rubber with 2.15 sponge.

Have fun looping and hitting hard :D

17/10/2018 A classic Review by NBSR
Classic H3 that has been used for many years with success by players throughout the world. Just be wary when using it on humid weather as it gets slippery. Otherwise, superb control over and away from the table.
10/07/2018 My FH rubber of choice Review by Yi Zhang
This is one of the most well-known rubbers on the market. Not as good as the provincial version, but good enough for an amateur like me. I've bought a lot of H3 over the years.
09/07/2018 On of the best Review by Eralf Deda
Very good for the money.its great how much u can push this rubber.produces a lot of spin as it claims.
Not very suitable for playing long distance shots.
It helped me getting back in the game after long time away from the game.
The only bad thing is the smell,i still don't know when it will go away.
26/05/2018 The power of rubber is awesome Review by Di Jin
The power of rubber is awesome
30/04/2018 Probably my favorite FH rubber Review by Yi Zhang
I've bought many sheets of H3. Great control on soft shots, able to keep the ball very short.The tacky surface allows for spinny serves and topspin shots. The dense hard sponge provides top speed when you apply full swing strokes. I feel like H3 can do anything well. The only downside is that it's not forgiving on mistakes and it plays very differently from Euro/Japanese rubbers.
03/04/2018 Brilliant Review by Daniel Thompson
This is the first rubber I've bought, and I put it on Yasaka Sweden Extra. The rubber itself is very tacky and once you get used to it, it'll give you huge amounts of spin in any direction. It's not so good for smashing the ball, but that's to be expected. Otherwise, it'll do pretty much everything you want. Also, because of its tackiness, you will need something to clean the rubber with or it'll end up covered in dust after a few hours.

Overall, brilliant rubber, and if you give it good technique, it will reward you.

01/02/2018 Good rubber Review by Thisara Wijesekara
Good for forehand.
13/12/2017 Good forehand rubber Review by Yi Zhang
Good control and speed. Great for short touch game as well as looping. Probably one of the best Chinese rubbers. Definitely should try.
04/12/2017 Not for all players Review by michele falconi
This rubber is very good , tacky and not to fast , it gives you lot of control above all when you block but due to its tackiness it’s very sensitive to spin .
To get the best of this rubber , like almost all Chinese rubbers, your stroke must be very good using a full body playing stile otherwise it may resoult weak ! I would suggest to use it on the FH .
04/12/2017 Sticky Review by Asset
Good sticky rubber and little heavy.
25/10/2017 Great rubber for looping Review by Yi Zhang
I alternate between H3 and H8.
H3 definitely has more old school feel to it. Tacky and hard.
I highly recommend this to anyone into Chinese rubber.
If budget is an issue, 729 Friendship rubbers are similar at a lower price.
19/09/2017 spinny Review by Paul Vaughan
Let's me generate more spin on loop attacks than people can handle. Counter attacks tend to go long, blocks go high. People eventually get used to it, but it is worth a few points of surprise factor. People often miss my pushes the first couple of times as well.
14/09/2017 High quality and great price Review by YA LIU
I use it as the FH rubber in my Hurricane Long V. The main reason is the unbeatable price. After I applied the Falco Booster, I can have very strong loop and stroke without sacrificing control. The speed is also very good. The quality is comparable to my other great rubber Xiom Omega V Tour.
14/09/2017 The Chinese Rubber! Review by Yi Zhang
I love this H3. Excellent spin and power. I actually prefer it when the tackiness wears off a bit. When it's brand new, I feel like the tackiness slows down the ball's speed. But after a week's play, the tackiness becomes just right.

Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try a Chinese rubber.
13/07/2017 Sublime Review by ABRAHAM GENARO FLORES ACEVEDO
Una goma excelente, un buen control y gran spin, Lo unico malo es que me provoca nauseas en el juego por el olor.
19/05/2017 great Review by Orlando Glamuzina
Great rubber, but little slow.
13/04/2017 worth for its price Review by bruce
Not as tacky as neo. But it has great spin and control. Short serves and returns are easy. Had to adjust a little bit with its very low arc throw. I'm glad its not that tacky because it doesn't gather all the dust. This rubber is for great technique to fully utilize its power. For me its satisfyingly fast and spinny.
26/01/2017 boa borracha Review by Pedro Cunha
bom efeito e controle
04/01/2017 muito bom para BH Review by Joaquim Barbosa
Adquiri para um amigo da equipa que utiliza no BH e acha eficaz
29/11/2016 good speed and extremly bad control Review by Ivan Michieli
Too hard sponge and very hard to control the ball!
16/11/2016 not fast Review by Danko Simon
not fast, good for top spin only
08/11/2016 good Review by Xu Shen
Should have thickness value on it.
05/11/2016 Very good Review by Raymond Ramos
Very good
02/11/2016 Very good Review by Nilton Silva
Very good
10/10/2016 Good rubber and very cheap. Review by Mugen
Used for both forehand and backhand, it's really good for standard offensive play, quite fast and very spinny. The speed is obviously lower than tensor rubbers, but for that price is best rubber i've ever tried.
26/07/2016 nice rubber Review by Richard Kráľ
it seems to be not too much durable, not fast, like stated by manufacturer, but fast enough when you know how to use it. More suitable for chinese TT players. pretty hard rubber, but its got some magic, I like it very much though.
03/07/2016 Good speed and control. Review by Alvin Sarmiento
Good rubber for my Back Hand.
27/05/2016 Cheap price, awesome rubber (not to mention the smell it has and the colour wears off easily) Review by Eric Tjokro
Found out that this rubber is really nice for backhand, and it is very tacky. Compared to the hurricane 3 neo, this is a faster rubber for me, and the hurricane 3 neo is much more of a forehand rubber.
29/02/2016 Good value for money Review by Mohan Kumar A S
I have combined this Butterfly Jonyer, and my god the feel it gives!! It gives good enough speed to do anything and excellent control to place the shots. My advice for others is, go for it :)
20/02/2016 Not bad Review by Darren
Decent rubber, used it on my BH. Tackiness slowly wears down.
02/10/2015 good product Review by javier delgado
very good rubber, but for my style of play and feel that the spong is a little bit hard, it has very good spin and control, but lacks speed, and i think a lot less than h3 neo.

but in general for this price is a very good product, high quality.
17/08/2015 Great Rubber Review by Viran
Good value rubber for attacking play. Tacky top sheet gives good spin on serves. Dense foam allows for soft touches and power drives in response to the force you put into the stroke. Low arc loops sees a lot of opponent blocks go into the net.
09/03/2015 Sweet Review by Paul Vaughan
As a low-level player who plays forehand and backhand with the same side, I got the Hurricane 3 for my off-side rubber just to see how it was. Now I use it instead of the DonicCoppa X1 Turbo Platin I had selected for the side I use. The Hurricane lets me loop backspin serves more easily and generally achieve more spin with less power.
10/01/2015 Great Price Great Rubber Review by Rex Loyer
Great priced intermediate rubber.
The tackiness is great!!
From the USA
28/10/2014 Good rubber for 5 or 7 ply wood blade Review by LeoZ
Good option of 2.15/2.2 mm for Forehand, if the blade is 5 or 7 ply wood blade.
Good option of 2.0 mm for Backhand on Stiga Tube Offensive and Energy Wood.
16/08/2014 very good rubber Review by Jesslyn Poh
Like the rubber. High in both control and speed.
25/06/2014 Dhs Hurricane 3 Review by PITACI CALIN
The best FH rubers with Falco Tempo Long Booster
19/04/2014 5 Review by oleg
Очень цепкая накладка, а это дополнительный контроль, липучесть быстро проходит, но цепкость остаётся,
16/04/2014 Trusted and True.Like FAITH. Review by Sonny John Abraham
Have been using this for around 6 months now.The rubber is still going strong.Grips the ball.Still has decent spin.As you all know all depends on the blade that you put it on.mine is the hurricane hao.Good combination.TT 11 HATS OFF.
03/02/2014 good rubber for blocking Review by surya vidyadhar donthamsetti
good rubber for blocking
14/01/2014 good Review by surya vidyadhar donthamsetti
good ruber but dont us for donic black devil
10/01/2014 not as tacky as Hurricane 2 Review by Huang Jiunn Min
I find the Hurricane 3 not as tacky as Hurricane 2 but faster - nice rubber and makes a good forehand rubber. I prefer this rubber to the latest Hurricane 3 neo because it comes in 1.5mm and 1.8mm rather than the usual 2.15-2.2mm range which I find too thick. I am always looking for 1.8mm light weight Chinese rubbers and it is not easy to find
30/11/2013 my son like it Review by Gordon Lancaster
my son like it coz it is lightweight and nice color..
12/09/2013 Good value Review by Edwin Truong
Good for entry level. Control seems good as well. I use it on the backhand and seems pretty good. May take a while to master as well.
18/06/2013 great product Review by Hamid Sh
Best for spin and speed
16/06/2013 The name says it all! Review by Mohamed I Amod
Quality for the money you pay. Just smells strange.
13/06/2013 Good for short attack Review by Hamid Sh
best spin
DHS Hurricane 3