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DHS Goldarc 8 50.0 deg.

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Rubber type : inverted
The Goldarc 8 has legendary elasticity and a high amount of grip. This rubber employs its sturdy pimple geometry to maximize its elasticity. The pimples used are very large to increase the power produced from the mid-distance. The rubber gets excellent feedback and a clear sound upon contact with the ball, providing the player with much confidence in his shots. The Goldarc 8 is suitable for both the forehand and backhand of a blade. The Goldarc 8 was worked on by the DHS development center, German rubber experts, and multiple-time world champions, Wang Liqin, and Ma Long, to create the perfect highly elastic, non-tacky rubber. This rubber is the medium hard version.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

05/11/2019 Very good rubber Review by nel
Very fast, spinny, and great control, but less feel.
04/10/2019 A different rubber. Review by Nondas Kypraios
This rubber is a bit different from DHS GOLD ARC 8 47.5. But it does great the job and gives you a lot of confidence. If you want to try it you have to give it a bit of time first. After is a killing machine rubber.
02/08/2019 Active Strokes needed Review by IDUB
This rubber is great for what it's intent is. For all-out attacking play. The hardness of the rubber is very unforgiving with passive play. It pushes well in the short game and has a very good grip. The throw angle is fairly low as opposed to Euro rubbers. If your gameplay is very active and you have plenty of energy to expend to get the most out of this product then this rubber will work quite well for you. You have plenty of room to grow into this rubber providing you have good strokes and footwork.
29/05/2019 Good Review by Tiziano
Good rubber!
12/03/2019 Nivel muy avanzado Review by Felipe
La recomiendo solo para jugadores muy avanzados debido a su poco control. Velocidad y giro fuera de lo normal.
10/01/2019 Excellent Product Review by HARIHARAN M
100% Original Product and thanks to TT11 for speedy delivery. The rubber will be the greatest one who wants to hit really hard. According to my experience, spin isn’t good enough as compared with the speed.
07/01/2019 One of the best offensive rubbers out there !! Review by Aditya Nand
I m currently using this rubber on both FH and BH of DHS hurricane 301 balde, and it is an excellent setup.
FH (max thickness sponge 2.2 mm)
BH (med thickness sponge 2.0 mm)
The rubber is slightly more tacky than its counterparts form other brands.
medium throw
good grip
good durability
excellent control close/mid distance
good blocking/smashing/looping
01/10/2018 One of the best I've tried so far !! Review by Aditya Nand
I m using this rubber on DHS long 5 blade ( old version .. which is more flexible as compared to the new version )
FH- gold arc 8 50 max thickness
BH-gold arc 8 50 2.0 thickness

This is a very lovely combination.

The rubber is medium throw, which complements the flexible medium throw blade very well.
Rubber has good tackiness that helps a lot in over the table shots like pushes.
It is more grippy than Evolution MX-P, which helps a lot in starting loops from below the the table as well.
The rubber does not have a very high catapult.. again something which complements the blade very well ( Long 5 has large catapult on full swing strokes, but provides a very dull effect on slow impact strokes ).
The sponge is hard enough to provide stability in blocks, and really unleashes power when hit hard.
One can very comfortably perform Chinese style brush loops with this rubber without worrying about slippage.
Also, hooking loops from the far FH corner across the diagonal of the table are also very safe and don't overshoot or undershoot because of the tack and grip of the rubber.
Another thing with the tackiness that I have found is that drop shots are very effective when playing against defensive players. I was really able to get 2 bounce drop shots with this.
Till this point after 2 months of playing, the rubber also seems durable. But you must keep it clean for the grip and tackiness to be available 100%, which is of course the case with most rubbers I guess.

For the new version of DHS Long 5 blade,
I would recommend using the gold arc 8 47.5 deg rubber in max thickness on both FH and BH, since that is stiffer blade as compared to the old version and requires a slightly medium sponge to lift the ball better. I've tried it and hence recommending the same.

I was earlier using tibhar MX-P on FH and MX-S/EL-S on BH.
The gold arc DHS rubbers seem better to me.
13/08/2018 Great rubber Review by Richard
I like this rubber because has harder sponge and great for mid distances shot. Great touch. Sponge is similar to Donic Blue Fire, but just harder. I like to use it on my backhand.
11/08/2018 Perfect combination of attack and control Review by Anurag Gupta
I switched from Donic Coppa Gold to this rubber.
Initially had trouble controlling my shots due to speed, but after about a week, I am loving it.
Drop shots, spin, speed, you name it and you get it.
Have this on both forehand and backhand. I think I will stick to this.
04/07/2018 Best Forehand Rubber Review by Corey Parker
It is fast, powerful, and precise. Creates long, low ferocious arc in top spin attacks typically found in boosted Hurricane series.
26/06/2018 Highly geared rubber and durable Review by Ricky chan
Very good spin can be imparted and its suitable for backhand and forehand too. Very durable topsheet that can withstand knocks amd scratches accidentally and porous german sponge gave the rubber good cataput effect of 40+ ball. Basically its like a chinese TG or H3 topsheet slap on a Tenergy or MxP sponge. Worth the money. Under appreciated for now but should become a mainstream rubber to come in my opinion.
09/05/2018 Very good rubber Review by Cesar Palacios Mendizabal
A lot of control, speed and spin.
22/03/2018 Very good! Review by Victor Perlin
22/03/2018 Very good rubber! Review by Victor Perlin
Thanks, rubber is very good!
22/02/2018 OTIMA Review by jansen assis
01/02/2018 Good rubber Review by Brett Hansen
Works good for just about anything. I’m using it on both sides of my Donic True Carbon and I like it so far.
01/02/2018 Good rubber Review by Brett Hansen
This rubber is good for just about everything. I have it on both sides of my Donic True Carbon and it works great.
12/09/2017 An excellent rubber! Review by KONSTANTINOS MARGKAS
Quite fast rubber, very good control though, very good and constable push, very spinny, nice sound!
05/09/2017 Perfect more spin and control Review by haider mohammed
It has excellent spin and control
11/08/2017 Quite unique & different Review by Dish
I really enjoyed this rubber! took me only few hours to get used to it. I got used to play with quite hard rubbers, so for me, this is mid. I noticed that the rubber is quite forgiving, at the same time, it has quite good speed & spin. The spin is not that high, but enough! The throwing angle is good as well.

The rubber IS NOT like chinese rubber tacky. It feels more like a German or EU rubber. But it has a bit more tackiness than average.

I highly suggest this rubber.
17/07/2017 Super bir lastik.... Review by ABDULKERIM YILDIRIM
Table tenis 11 tesekkurler...
17/07/2017 Super bir lastik.... Review by ABDULKERIM YILDIRIM
Table tennise tesekkurler
DHS Goldarc 8 50.0 deg.