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DHS Bo Carbon B2X

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6
The DHS Bo Carbon B2X has an upgraded core that is slightly thicker, which gives it a power boost. It has better speed and the same stable looping from close to the table and from mid-distance.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

31/03/2023 Buena calidad Review by Nelly Romero
Hay que lijar el mango. Tiene bordes que molestan
24/03/2022 Zo'r Review by Nurmukhammad Khamidov
Man o'ylaganimdan ko'ra ancha yaxshi taxta ekan!
14/03/2022 Greatly improved my game Review by Leo Hartman
Coming from a Stiga blade with European rubbers. Took a while to get used to it, but after some hours of playing it has made my game a lot stronger. I use it with Chinese rubbers and there's loads of control and speed, especially longer balls. I have to be more intentional in my close game with this blade, but there's lots of control and spin. My long game has become more accurate, it really shines and kicks into gear on counter topspin, very controllable even at high speeds. Feels like the harder you hit, the more control you have. Happy!
15/01/2021 Nice blade Review by EricZ
The blade feels great. However, the quality of its handler is average. I had to sand it a little bit.
24/10/2020 Highly Recommended for Looping Review by Vince
The feel of the ball on the B2X is very similar to my Donic Persson Powerplay (one of my favorites), except the B2X has more reserve power at higher intensity plays. Looping with the B2X is very enjoyable. Flat smashes are probably not recommended (spin drive it instead). I use Hurricane 3 Hard on both sides. Some on the internet say the B2X is just like the Hurricane Long 5 but "without the quality control". I don't know about that. The craftsmanship in my B2X is fine, the same quality as my Donics and Yasakas. No craftsmanship issues whatsoever. There are those who think the pink color of the handle is too girly. But it's more like salmon pink, and after a few months it gets darker (from sweat I guess), so it's not a problem at all. If ever I will buy a second blade to one that I already have, it's probably the B2X. But that will be a while, as there are others I want to try (Donic Carbospeed, Andro Gauzy BL7).
19/03/2020 Perfect blade Review by Aidas Caponka
Ok. Its gonna be a long review. I've tested this blade in comparison with HL 5X. So I like the power of HL 5X more, but BO B2X still has a tone of power. Not to bouncy and much more control than HL 5X. With BO2X works well European rubbers. With HL5X at a higher level, I struggle to make short enough balls, due to bouncing.So I solved the bounciness problem on FH H3N 2.2 40 degrees and on bh D80. But Hl 5X very high demanding blade.not for intermediate level. Only for advanced players.BO B2X much more universal blade. Hard rubbers like MXP 50 or Bluestorm Z1 turbo FH and T05 bh .D05 FH /d80 bh good combinations. Even with very hard tensors, this blade gives you good control and power. Do not put Chinese rubber with a blue sponge of this blade. The trajectory will be so direct and low trow. And power still be not the same as with HL5X. Spin capabilities are the same, but footwork for HL 5X needs to be better. Still, both blades produce an extreme amount of spin for sure higher than bty blades. At the and of the day new HL5X feels more like Viskaria with more spin but less control and BOB2X feels like old HL 5, but not so flexible and with little more power. The downside of both of these blades is very soft limba wood if you change rubber every month blade needs to be lacquered, if not microsplintering starts from the sweet spot.
03/02/2020 Gran cambio Review by Oscar Diaz Julio
Pasé de usar una Mazunov a esta. Y fue un excelente cambio. Estoy completamente satisfecho por haber escogido esta madera.
25/09/2019 Dhs fang Bo carbon b2x Review by Nick Schiewek
Oikein hyvä runko nopea ja silti hyvä kontrolli runko pitää lakata koska muuten lavasta lähtee syitä kun irrottaa kumia.
DHS Bo Carbon B2X