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DHS Cloud & Fog 3 OX

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Rubber type : long pips
Special shape of the long pimples and highly elastic rubber gives you the opportunity not only for effective chop defense far from the table, but also for surprising unexpected counter attack. Strategy: DEF-ALL

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

30/06/2022 Good Review by Yuriy
This rubber is clearly not for beginners, because it is very slow and it takes a lot of strength, but overall a good rubber.
15/06/2022 Good Review by David Jacobson
I had been using Cloud & Fog 3 (with sponge) for a few months and lost to someone who was using OX long pips on bh. I thought I'd better change to OX, too. I quickly realized that I had fewer attacking possibilities with OX and went back to the sponge version. So far, no regrets.
01/07/2021 Jack of all trade Review by Geoffrey Goutorbe
Used in 0x BH on a Korbel blade with an Omega 7 Euro on FH. This lp is really easier to use than a Grass d.Tecs is also a bit less deceptive.
For me it's the perfect LP for anyone that wants to chop, attack, and occasionally block.
and the price is quite cool
15/02/2021 Excellent all-round LP Review by Junior Iguanodon
I've been really pleased with this LP. It's on the fast side, which makes it very dangerous for active/aggressive pimple play, but it's quite controllable from further back - I can chop well with it, as well as chop block. Good reversal and disturbance too. Well worth a try.
10/11/2020 GOOD ONE Review by MOHAMMED RIYAZ B
06/10/2020 Average Review by kwok kee Lui
Not a great one
13/03/2020 Very good rubber Review by Endel Varik
Good attack and control rubber.
11/02/2020 Buen caucho! Review by Eduardo Hernandez
No lo he probado, pero conocemos la gama DHS siempre buena!
10/01/2019 Good stuff Review by Chong Lau
Easy to use pimple.
08/05/2018 Dhs cloud &fog 3 ox Review by seyed saadat
I have been playing with long pip OX on forehand for a long time and it was a joy to try DHS cloud and fog3. It is definitely power full pip for hitting. Passive blocks are possible and creates disturbing floating balls with low trajectory. I found it difficult to chop from close to the table due to the speed of this pip. But hitting was easy and powerful with short strokes through the ball. Counter hitting loops were easy from close to the table. I did not continue with this pip due to lack of control from chopping close to the table. I had it on offensive blade and my game style is not suitable for backing away from the table. Overall, this pip is ideal for someone who chops away from table and wants to attack with it from mid or close distance. Serve receive was not a problem with this pip as the ball stayed low in trajectory.
23/04/2018 Great inverted rubber! Review by Bob
Keeps the opponent guessing.
14/01/2018 Fast pips Review by Dusan Pejanovic
I used it for 2 months and I switched to Galaxy Neptune because it's too fast for me.
Koristio sam je oko 2 meseca i prebacio sam se na sporiji Galaxy Neptune.
(DHS PG9// Galaxy Neptune OX & DHS Skyline TG3 Neo 2,15mm 39')
15/08/2017 4 Review by nachum shamis4
29/06/2017 Attacker Review by AGE
Go for the win every time your opponent provides you with heavy backspin. Never fails if return made correctly. Returns all kinds of serves with ease. A real bargain at this price. High durability. Used it on BH for half a year and all pips still intact.
20/04/2017 Magnificent Review by AGE
No serve from opponent is difficult to return using this rubber in OX. As general for long pips excellent for defensive play, but with a fair amount of practice you can use this as an attacking rubber as well. Great value for money!
13/02/2016 Good Review by Sammy
Value for money rubber
12/03/2015 good Review by dinesh deshappriya
good & nice price
12/08/2013 very very excellent Review by ahsen ahmet kılıc
I bought this product a month ago. It returns opponent's spin and also has good disturbing effect. I would recommend this really good rubber.
12/03/2013 good Review by Raffaele Esposito
Nice, excellent control and good feeling
22/02/2013 regards Review by stefano palagi
Very good for shipment and fast
DHS Cloud & Fog 3 OX