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Rubber type : long pips
This rubber with extremely long pimples was called “Chinese Secret Weapon” for it’s strong disturbing effect. Sponge – Medium Hard Sponge thickness – OX (without sponge) and 1.0mm. Strategy: DEF-ALL

Customer Reviews

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28/05/2018 Not something special Review by georgios skolidis
Did not like it at all..... there is also a bad odor
15/11/2017 My favorite pips Review by Spin M.D.
I switched to DHS C-8 because I loved Cloud & Fog but it got discontinued. I was told this was closest thing to it. I can hit with it ver easily, chop block, and chop away from the table. This is a durable rubber. I use it on a Nittaku Monophonic blade. I love it. It's such a contrast to the skinny loops from my DHS H3 on my forehand. I think this is the rubber for you if you are looking to attack some with your LP. Some say it almost acts like medium pips. For the price, it doesn't hurt to try it. I say try it. Give it a few months to really get used to all the nuances and touch. If you are looking to mostly chop from away from the table, I would suggest you look into something slower with little to no sponge so you will have plenty of control.
16/08/2017 great Review by Jonny Mills
great rubber. great at producing knuckleball spin, keeping ball low, and taking significant speed off the ball
04/05/2015 Good Review by Gatis Sirmovičs
Лучше контроль и меньше скорости чем DHS C7 но вредности меньше.
15/07/2014 good price Review by MUSTAFA YILDIRIM
it's price good enough
04/03/2014 good for spin reversal, hard to choping Review by Dimitar
Good for hiting, no problem with incoming spin, not easy for chop.
17/01/2013 Very good replacement for the banned pips Review by Ahmet Sözmen
Very good defensive rubber. It is easy to keep the ball low when chopping away the table. In close play blocking ant hitting are easier then most of the long pips.