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DHS Aquatic Glue 15# 98ml

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The VOC free glue of the Chinese National Team. Volume: 98ml.

Customer Reviews

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30/05/2022 Excelente pegamento Review by Victor Jimenez
Cambié para probar este pegamento dhs, en vez del Nittaku, y me pareció excelente, tiempo se secado normal, viscosidad media y muy buena sensación de la goma, aún no no despego para ver el resultado, pero se siente bien firme y ajustado. le puse facilmente 2 capas a cada goma y 1 al madero, todo bien.
04/05/2022 Need to reglue frequently Review by Guilherme Shikama
I was using the free check before and looks like the time to re-glue (hits start to reduce de curve ball) it’s longer than DHS. But until that works well.
28/04/2022 Not durable Review by Knecht Barnabas
After two weeks need to reglue to have the feeling. If you buy it you should put two layers of glue on the rubber.
14/04/2022 The Best Glue Review by SK Rizve Hasan
The only remark I will do is-- The best Glue. Easy to apply and easy to peel if you apply 2 layers on the rubber.
28/01/2022 perfect Review by AMBK TLBAMarcos
Fairly dense and easy to work with...easier than fine zip maybe, and sticks better than revolution 3 (prevulcanized liquid latex)
06/01/2022 Glue Review by abdullah khamis
Nice one, thanks, TableTennis11, for everything!
Este pegamento es muy bueno, de la misma linea del Stiga y el NItakku, muy bien porque al ser espeso no permite que la esponja absorba humedad 100% recomendado por mi.
14/09/2021 The best Review by Marzhan Jambekova
Very strong thick glue, easy to apply. Simply the best for Chinese rubbers.
19/07/2021 excellent rubber conditioner Review by Matthew Millard
It's water-based and leaves the rubber very clean and tacky after use.
15/03/2021 Nice glue for chinese rubber Review by Jorge Francisco Neciosup Castro
Nice glue, nice feeling, and thickness. But a little heavy, 1 layer = 1gr. Take care with that.
09/02/2021 The best glue I have used Review by zorg
This glue is just perfect, it has the density of the hand cream. Compared to this glue, Bty free chack is just water. Having such density, the glue forms a layer on top of the blade and does not get soaked by the blade. It creates an excellent bond between the wood and the rubber, even when the blades are sealed like mine. At the same time, you can take off rubber easily with no wood splinters because, as I said, the glue is dense and does not penetrate the wood. And the best thing: the glue can be easily removed from the rubber's sponge, with no damage to the sponge at all, which I always had problems with. This is especially easy if you use two layers of glue on the sponge, the glue is removed in a single piece like some kind of latex material. Really, the best glue I have tried ever.
01/02/2021 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
lucshij klei v Nastolnom Tennise
29/12/2020 The best on the market. Wish TT11 sold it in larger quantities Review by Coach Wickham
Don't even bother with anything else. I've tried literally almost everything there is. This is, by a long way, the very best. Bonds tightest of any glue. Removes uniformly. Doesn't damage sponges upon removal. Doesn't add more weight than any other glues. This glue is thicker than most too, which every player should prefer, as I do. The only problem is that they don't sell it on here in higher quantities. So, if you want something sorta like this in higher quantities, get Revolution 3.0 Medium Viscosity for now. Hopefully, TT11 will start selling this in higher quantities soon enough
DHS Aquatic Glue 15# 98ml