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DHS 652

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Rubber type : short pips
652 is a short pimple attacking rubber with a soft sponge which provides player with addition spin potential. Strategy – ALL-OFF

Customer Reviews

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26/03/2019 2 slow Review by david redmond
Looks like good rubber, but to slow for me.
08/06/2018 Good for the price Review by shean chang
I noticed 652's pips have got bigger than what I had some 10 - 15+ years ago. My guess is it is trying to make it similar to Spectol. With 1.7 mm sponge, it is faster than Spectol 1.5mm sponge, but does not grab the ball as well as Spectol. It is also heavier than Spectol.
10/03/2016 хорошая накладка Review by Aidyn Mukhametzhanov
хорошая накладка покупал для друга
12/02/2016 Too slow without a booster Review by DIMITRIOS ARGENTAKIS
This is the first time I am trying a Chinese tacky rubber and I find it quite grippy, as someone would expect, but quite slow to get the ball back to my opponents…
So “yes,” it does enhance top spins and serves a lot of, “yes,” it does block and push very well also, but it takes quite a lot of effort to send it back fast; something, however, which gets easily resolved by applying a lot of boosting material. Don’t grudge the amount of booster you apply on it and you will get great results! The rubber itself is light, so there is no concern about the amount of booster used either. Only then, you can have a pro class rubber! I have just boosted mine, so much that it gets always unglued in the edges, and I have a great rubber! Keep in mind, though, that I wouldn’t recommend it for playing away from the table. It is best for small and medium distance, even boosted.
21/04/2015 ıt's very good rubber Review by Bayram Yalçınkaya
very good
25/11/2014 What i expected! Review by Diego Doná
This is a short pimple perfect for those who want to hard hit the ball, taking off the effect and hitting hard with no spin.

Little spin, good speed, good control, good to hit hard and confuse oponnents.
05/10/2013 Good pimples Review by Justo Jimenez Muñoz
Very good pimples for attacking players. The pimples are very consistents , easy to use.
The pimples have good friction , that alow you to make mini topspins and back hand flicks when you rest services.
Very good for active blocking game and can generate good deceptive blocks
DHS 652