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Der Materialspezialist Trouble

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 66
Blade Type : ALL
thickness (mm) : 5
With der-materialspezialist TROUBLE we are expanding our assortment of amazing game disrupting blades. This slow allround blade offers everything you need for a disruptive and effective playing style close to the table with pimples or anti. But TROUBLE has one unique property that differentiates it from all our other blades: The more offensive the opponent plays, the shorter and lower/ wobbly the ball trajectory gets! Especially when blocking the opponents loops, short and flat returns are produced. Also when playing offensive strokes with TROUBLE a disruptive trajectory is created including a catapulteffect for speed, hard hits and spinny loops. Due to the balanced speed, the control properties are stellar. TROUBLE: Trouble for your opponent!

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15/03/2019 Fantastic disruptive blade Review by Michael Tsai
Fantastic disruptive blade.
Der Materialspezialist Trouble