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Der Materialspezialist Spinfire Colour

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Rubber type : short pips
Der Materialspezialist Spinfire rubber in new colors.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

27/02/2024 Exelente Review by Roberto Kalbermatter
La mejor goma de puntos cortos que he probado. Es bastante fácil rápido pasar de gomas a lisas a Spinfire. Se puede jugar en velocidad y genera una cantidad de efecto decente.
27/01/2024 Great Control Review by Tikyo
Very good control and decent spin contact. Don't expect wobbling and not too much of a deception with passive blocking.

I switched to 1.8 thickness from 2.1. Better play but my FH was affected and became a little slower.
26/01/2024 best rubber I have ever used Review by Jerry Ammons
As a "pips only" player, this is the best rubber I have ever used.
27/12/2023 Easy to use and effective Review by Andy Lee
Have been using this for about 2 years. Works for me and getting new replacement. Had tried this rubber on ALC and Super ALC, and both works for me. Using it on fh.
18/09/2023 sehr guter Belag Review by Tommy Tran
1.8mm ist gut All+ OFF-, viel Spin für ein Kurznoppe. Beim Blocken ein wenig Störeffekt. Schüsse gehen sehr gut.
04/09/2023 This new type of short pips can spin, hit, block like no other short pips Review by Philip Shaw
Tabletennis11 easy to use, best quality, good price
30/08/2023 sehr guter Belag Review by Tommy Tran
schnell und sehr viel Spin für ein Noppenbelag. Gut zum Blocken und Schüsse.
20/06/2023 Excellent short pips Review by Andy
So far, this is my preferred short pips to go to. Highly recommended for those who want to change from inverted to short pips.
21/04/2023 Ok Review by GHEORGHE GOLAI
06/04/2023 Good Review by Hong Huat Tan
Received goods in nicely wrapped and as described. Consider fast delivery as oversea. However, shipping delivery needed to top-up. Will purchase again once has special offers.
24/03/2023 Forehand rubber Review by Ricardo Sevilla
Best short pips ever! Try it.....
21/03/2023 All-rounder Review by Paul Aldcroft
Great pips rubber, choice of colours, great for blocks and flat hitting
01/03/2023 Be an animal tamer Review by Pal Toth
Tested only on backhand.
More speed, spin but much less control than at Firestorm.
It requires a master to tame.

Very nice violet color, if this can help:)
08/02/2023 Pretty good on forehand Review by Thomas McCabe
I won a lot of matches against good opponents with this... If the ball goes high on the table and you get a chance to smash with this on the forehand you will get the point. The speed is amazing... There's no wobble effect, at least nothing noticable... Only downfall with this rubber is I found myself getting pinned down a lot by opponents driving the ball and not really being able to do anything but block and wait for a chance to smash... It excels however against loopers where you get a chance to counter hit a high ball. Control is ok although takes a bit of getting used to.. I used 1.8 version and it was still extremely fast... You can also generate a good amount of spin on this rubber...
11/01/2023 Good product Review by Wylyem
Excellent product and always satisfy with tabletennis11
09/12/2022 Love this short pip Review by Andy Lee
Can generate spinny serve. Good for 3rd ball attack.
19/09/2022 First Time Short Pips user Review by Nathan Schult
I've always had a big forehand and a punch/blocky backhand. If you've only ever tried inverted rubber and want to give short pips a go this is a great place to start. It is still spin sensitive - so keep that in mind. I'm using the 1.5 sponge thickness and it seems far more suited to attacking, passive block and chop are not its strongest shots. if you're an aggressive close to the table player this is a lot of fun to mess around with. (using on a Barwell fleet blade)
07/07/2022 Nice Review by Chi Leung
Fast, beautiful color.
Der Materialspezialist Spinfire Colour