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Darker Speed 90 Hinoki (9mm)

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Number of Layers : 1
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 9
The Darker Speed 90 Hinoki is a high-quality, single-ply blade. The craftsmanship is second to none. Very unique and of limited quantity, Japanese Kiso Hinoki wood is understandably prized. Only Darker has access to this type of wood. Thanks to this, Darker has been able to engineer a very dynamic blade, feeling slow on soft shots and fast and powerful on hard hits. The precisely calculated thickness gives it a lot of stability, with a large sweet-spot and soft vibrations. Any lines on the blade are characteristic of Hinoki wood. They are neither cracks nor signs of glueing/bonding. These are single-ply blades, made of pure HINOKI and each surface is very unique. Darker never glues pieces of Hinoki together but uses glue only to attach the grip pieces to the blade. Hinoki is a very fragile material. Very weak under the strong impact. Even with the rubbers, if you place the blade too roughly on the table it could possibly crack. That is why many Japanese users always carry spare blades, just in case. Handle with care. Resin is one of the characteristics of HINOKI wood. It may come out over time. It does not affect the function of the blade. In Japan,

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

07/09/2023 The best frame ever Review by Hassanein Altememy
There are no words to describe the feeling when hitting the ball with this blade. This is really the end of my search for the perfect blade. Unfortunately, it is also really fragile and can be easily damaged. So care while playing is needed and that affected my playing style for the better. I stopped doing wild swings and focussed more on the technical part of the game, clean shots with efficient movements, this blade will be your friend. This blade is also fast blade with a lot of feeling. Much better than carbon blades. I hope this blade will be available again. I will definitely buy another one as a reserve.
18/07/2023 Not as good as my expectation Review by Simon Mok
Very disappointed, the quality of this Hinoki wood is not well enough, surface was peeled when I changed the rubber, luckily in the middle of bottom area not in the sweet spot for hitting
11/04/2023 Best Ever Review by Lagunarajan Thangarajah
Own many rackets
Nothing is comparable to this
30/03/2023 The perfect wooden blade. Review by Spyros Kontovaios
DS90 is the perfect wooden blade, the only one, in strength and speed, that can compete the carbon blades, without loosing the feeling.
09/05/2022 Caviar of table tennis blades Review by Michael
These blades hit differently.
26/02/2022 I love it! Review by Ming Chan
Amazing blade! Good for speed & control. I love it!
Thanks for the super service of the TT11 team, especially, Philip.
30/12/2021 Darker speed 90 ST Review by Alex Tay Siew Chong
I have used this Darker Speed 90 ST forehand Yasaka Rakza 9 and Dr. Neubaur pimples rubber. I feel handy due to the quality of Hinoki since the impacts ball For forehand Drive and Backhand flick.
21/12/2021 Fast! Review by Michael
This is a very nice blade for aggressive play. It has excellent touch but of course incredible speed for attacks. The sweet spot is huge and vibration is really minimal. The blade is a little thick, but that is easy to adjust to. It pairs well with hard Chinese rubber like H3 or H3 Neo.
17/12/2021 Holy grail of your collection as long as it last Review by Jayjay
The true holy grail of your blade collection. Make sure to use softer rubber if you are not a pro. The only downside is that it might split if you don’t place it well. If it does not split, this is the one!!!
16/07/2021 Very good blade! Review by Andrii Muranov
This blade is definitely thicker than most popular blades but it gives incredible control and ball feeling.
17/05/2021 Perfect blade Review by Ugene
Love it!! Dynamic, powerful, and greatly balanced.
15/02/2021 Praise is not enough. Review by orlando gallardo
Viewing it physically, the workmanship is excellent; the feel on the handle is so good. Though it is 91 grams, I always like my blade not too light. The control is there and the speed is to my liking.
12/10/2020 Heavenly Blade Review by Lewis L
This is the ONLY blade you should own. All other is nowhere near. Once you try it, you will look to it. Is too addictive.
25/08/2020 Excelente madero, muy delicado Review by Jose Apablaza
El madero da gran control y buena velocidad de pelota, sin embargo es muy frágil. Se logra dar mucho efecto con las gomas adecuadas, pero el punto alto es la sensación de control sobre la pelota. Una lástima que la madera sea muy débil.
13/07/2020 Perfect balance and speed Review by Nagaraju vellala
One of the best recommendations I Have received in a long time and this bar proved to be the best. I am an intermediate player and I can see my game improved a lot and I am going to hang on to it till darker comes up with something lighter than this.
06/05/2020 Super blade and Super service Review by Nik
You will not regret getting this masterpiece. I have gotten the Ch. Pen too and thanks to the excellent communication with Max the customer support @ TT11, some misunderstanding on the order, and it was resolved amicably. Max definitely an asset to the TT11 Team and thanks to Max for your prompt reply and action to resolve the matter. We definitely will be back for more transactions with TT11 for the great service rendered.
02/04/2020 Best of 1-ply Review by W830
Soft and powerful.
03/03/2020 Excellent racket Review by Asher Kaiser
This IS that mystical single-ply Hinoki racket of legend, with one concern, it's a bit heavy. Don't worry about the thickness that the issue goes away in two weeks of play. It has superb control, and touch, on all shots, and all the power anybody rated below 2400 needs.
28/02/2020 Best ever blade in using Review by Nick
You will never regret getting this Super piece blade. Super huge sweet spot. It is even better than the Viscaria.
27/02/2020 Extraordinary Review by Nick
This blade is just extraordinarily great to be used! You will not regret buying it. Kudos to the super service of the TT11 team too, especially, Alexey!
05/12/2019 Loved it Review by Rohit Jain
Just loved the blade. It is a little heavy but just amazing. Superb control over the ball. Perfect grip for a tall person with big hands like me.
02/12/2019 speed no. 1 Review by paulus pusponegoro
Good for speed & control.
13/10/2019 Darker Speed 90 Review by Miskam Yudianto
This product is very good, happy shopping at Tabletennis11!
30/08/2019 excellent feeling and speed Review by Chong-Woo Park
I am an offensive player who also likes the feeling of a softer blade. Speed 90 offers great touch and surprisingly good speed. I am fully satisfied.
31/07/2019 Awesome! Review by Mark Williams
Most blades are either fast/powerful but no touch or feel on the short shots. Or they have great control and feel but no power. The Darker Speed 90 has both. It is heavier than most, so if you like a super lightweight blade this is not for you. Somewhat fragile so if you like to slap the blade on your hand or leg this is not for you. You have to treat it with respect. If you happen to break it you can easily wood glue it back together with a clamp. All in all, very addicting to play with. I have five of them and it is the only blade I play. My tournament rating 1700.
02/07/2019 Good quality blade Review by Dennis Salumbides
Fast shipping! Thank you Tabletennis11!!!!!!!
01/07/2019 Maravilhosa !!! Review by Rodrigo Luiz da Conceicao Viana
Tive muita sorte, conseguir comprar essa madeira. Tanto que, ela se esgotou rapidamente no tabletennis11 store. Era o que eu procurava, uma madeira que fosse rápida, macia, sem vibrações e que tivesse aquele sentimento ao tocar na bola.
Na minha opinião, ela vale sim o valor que é vendido, muitas raquetes da Butterfly, tem o valor mais elevado e não tem o mesmo desempenho.

27/05/2019 O.K. Review by peter
Neviem,ci existuje nieco lepsie ako toto drevo pre tych ludi,co uprednostnuju dreva s nizkou vibraciou.Je to jednoducho drahokam.
26/04/2019 Great blade to play with few offer such great feel and control. Review by Peter Aird
Great blade, but not for the heavy handed as they will break. However, break is so clean they can be repaired ( superglued) use this for practice and get a second one. If you can afford it.
16/04/2019 My search is over! Review by Scott C
For the past 2 years I have been using a Timo Boll T5000, which is an all out attack blade. I love it, but I wanted more control in my short game, without having to sacrifice too much power, as I play aggressively. After a ton of research I purchased a Shakehand Darker Speed 90, and couldn’t be happier. It provides amazing feel and control for my short game, and I’m thrilled with the power I can generate from it. 2 weeks after purchasing the first, I got a second as I don’t foresee needing to change for some years to come. I have paired it with Tenergy 64 and Stiga Calibra LT, both medium hard rubbers. This is definitely the holy grail for my needs.
11/04/2019 The speed and feeling of the blade are superb. Darker is keen on quality and it shows through when playing with it. The 05 Hard and MXP are a really good combination Review by Jack Hutton
I do not often write reviews but this blade certainly does warrant one. I lent my Darker Speed 90 to a buddy for a short while and he was really impressed by how little you need to adapt to use it.
I read reviews of this blade which claim it to be the holy grail of blades. I do think this a heavy statement, as one blade can not be empirically better than the rest.
I switched from Timo Boll ZLC with Tenergy 05 Hard FH and MXP BH. I knew the transition would lessen my overall power, but I needed a bit more control in my short game and flicks.
The transition was rather smooth but I did notice at first a bit more power is required to stay consistent.
The speed and feeling of the blade are superb. Darker is keen on quality and it shows through when playing with it. The 05 Hard and MXP are a really good combination, however I will consider switching to MXP Hard or Tenergy 05 Hard in the future.

22/02/2019 This is Excalibur Review by Didit Ary Kurniawan
I combined this blade with Gewo Hype XT 50.0 for both side, it becomes perfect weapon for me. Now I play much better and confident. I was using Butterfly Zang Jike Super ZLC with Tenergy 80 FX, they are almost the same on speed, power and spin, but Darker Speed 90 and Gewo Hype XT 50.0 have a way better control. I love this blade. This is Excalibur.
07/02/2019 Excellent Review by IRAKLIS CHASAPIS
This is the best blade I've ever held!
I even bought a 2nd one as a backup!
24/12/2018 excellent Review by jean andrian
The best blade I have ever had, however I will never buy one again because it breaks very easily.
07/12/2018 不适合横拍 Review by Ziyang Liu
Darker Speed 90 Hinoki (9mm)