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Darker Speed 90 Hinoki (9mm)

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Number of Layers : 1
approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 9
Single ply Hinoki 9 mm round blade. Exclusively made in Japan. (Maru = oval)

Customer Reviews

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27/05/2019 O.K. Review by peter
Neviem,ci existuje nieco lepsie ako toto drevo pre tych ludi,co uprednostnuju dreva s nizkou vibraciou.Je to jednoducho drahokam.
26/04/2019 Great blade to play with few offer such great feel and control. Review by Peter Aird
Great blade, but not for the heavy handed as they will break. However, break is so clean they can be repaired ( superglued) use this for practice and get a second one. If you can afford it.
16/04/2019 My search is over! Review by Scott C
For the past 2 years I have been using a Timo Boll T5000, which is an all out attack blade. I love it, but I wanted more control in my short game, without having to sacrifice too much power, as I play aggressively. After a ton of research I purchased a Shakehand Darker Speed 90, and couldn’t be happier. It provides amazing feel and control for my short game, and I’m thrilled with the power I can generate from it. 2 weeks after purchasing the first, I got a second as I don’t foresee needing to change for some years to come. I have paired it with Tenergy 64 and Stiga Calibra LT, both medium hard rubbers. This is definitely the holy grail for my needs.
11/04/2019 The speed and feeling of the blade are superb. Darker is keen on quality and it shows through when playing with it. The 05 Hard and MXP are a really good combination Review by Jack Hutton
I do not often write reviews but this blade certainly does warrant one. I lent my Darker Speed 90 to a buddy for a short while and he was really impressed by how little you need to adapt to use it.
I read reviews of this blade which claim it to be the holy grail of blades. I do think this a heavy statement, as one blade can not be empirically better than the rest.
I switched from Timo Boll ZLC with Tenergy 05 Hard FH and MXP BH. I knew the transition would lessen my overall power, but I needed a bit more control in my short game and flicks.
The transition was rather smooth but I did notice at first a bit more power is required to stay consistent.
The speed and feeling of the blade are superb. Darker is keen on quality and it shows through when playing with it. The 05 Hard and MXP are a really good combination, however I will consider switching to MXP Hard or Tenergy 05 Hard in the future.

22/02/2019 This is Excalibur Review by Didit Ary Kurniawan
I combined this blade with Gewo Hype XT 50.0 for both side, it becomes perfect weapon for me. Now I play much better and confident. I was using Butterfly Zang Jike Super ZLC with Tenergy 80 FX, they are almost the same on speed, power and spin, but Darker Speed 90 and Gewo Hype XT 50.0 have a way better control. I love this blade. This is Excalibur.
07/02/2019 Excellent Review by IRAKLIS CHASAPIS
This is the best blade I've ever held!
I even bought a 2nd one as a backup!
24/12/2018 excellent Review by jean andrian
The best blade I have ever had, however I will never buy one again because it breaks very easily.
07/12/2018 不适合横拍 Review by Ziyang Liu
Darker Speed 90 Hinoki (9mm)