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Darker Hinoki 5p-2a

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 82
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 6.6
5 ply all-wood blade from 2A series. It has outer plies and core ply made of Hinoki wood. Ideal blade for topspin game close to the table or from the mid distance. Great feeling and control properties. Headsize: 150x156,5mm. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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31/08/2023 Control fantastic Review by Josep Maria portet ribas
Servei d e entrega immillorable
18/07/2023 Darker Review by Francesco Camarda
Ottima lama di buona qualità
04/05/2022 Solid 5 ply Hinoki blade Review by John PAYNE
A very good well made Hinoki blade as always by Darker I would say Allround + not offensive with a stiff feel which is what I wanted. Works well with Tibhar MXP. I just wish Darker would make larger handles.
16/11/2021 Very underrated blade which deserves much more popularity Review by Slava Seviaryn
A great alternative to common choice wood OFF/OFF- blades but without dull feeling and sound.
The blade is quite stiff but springy because of Hinoki, as a result, it is very predictable and does not require large movements to produce good quality shots.
If you play close to the table speed is more than enough to play offense, even considering the lightweight of the blade.
Control is out of the world, you can play extreme angles, chop, do heavy pushes, etc.
The only where it lacks is some extra kick for aggressive punch blocks.
I am a pretty decent player with good basics but don't train that often anymore. I was searching for a blade allowing me to play short movements producing good spin and enough speed with good control. Imagine taming down Primorac Carbon or so. This blade with Tenergies on both sides appeared to be exactly what I was looking for.
TL;DR: very underrated blade which deserves much more popularity than it has.
01/06/2021 Excellent Wood Blade Review by Johnny
Wanted to try something close to Septear, the Darker Alba seemed a good choice, but the 'other' wood used in Alba was not specified. Instead, I went with the 5P-2A where the wood used is listed and not some mystery wood. This Darker is thinner compared to Septear which is a relatively thick blade. I prefer this over the Septear for more control, feeling, and power.

Used in combination with Rakza 7.

Excellent control and ball touch close and mid-distance. I transitioned from Stiga Offensive --> Donic Power Allround --> Nitakku Septear --> Darker
10/02/2021 Great Blade Review by spumilo
Perfect Blade, great service byTT11.
28/01/2021 Best 5ply Hinoki blade Review by Markus Kempf
For me the best 5ply Hinoki blade in the market, maybe the best 5ply blade altogether. The good thing about it is, that it has the touch, power, and spinniness of a Hinoki blade but lacks the irritating extreme catapult, which makes other Hinoki blades sometimes very difficult to control (e.g. very fast 7ply or 1ply blades). This is mainly because the 5p-2a has two intermediate plys made of Japanese Linden which gives the blade a somewhat stabler and more linear playing character. Thus serve and receive, blocking and short games are no problem with it. Looping, of course, is its element both from mid-distance and close to the table. It plays like an enhanced Korbel or Primorac, with more feeling and spin but with the same speed (off- to off). Compared to the other blades of the Darker 2a-series it is faster than the 7p-2a but slower than the 7p-2a.7t.
14/07/2014 excellent Review by Pablo
Shipping and delivery package was perfect. I will use this website again.
11/07/2014 not that impressive, unfortunately. Review by nyoton888
first of all, thanks tt11 for the quick service!
this blade feels like the wooden blades of 10-20 years ago!!
better to have gone for the one-ply version. still well-made, though,but it's just a simple wooden blade.
26/06/2014 Excellent delivery Review by Pablo Enzo Scanniello
arrive on time and packed well. Te delivery time since I order was very fast Thanks !
Darker Hinoki 5p-2a