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Butterfly Timo Boll ALC


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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.8
Timo Boll's and many other professionals' blade of choice. This blade is known for being a strong offensive weapon that is very well balanced. It allows for good speed but still has the control necessary to send out the spinniest of loops. (NON-DISCOUNTABLE ITEM)

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/10/2021 Piece of art Review by Hassan Jamil
Thank you TT11.
27/05/2021 Excellent Review by Izzat Khamraev
Good blade recommends you.
09/02/2021 Great service from T11 Review by Sim
Requested blade of around 85g and received it. Amazing service from T11.
29/09/2020 Great blade Review by D. D.
After this blade, all others are funny.
02/09/2020 Greatest blade I ever played with. Review by Pablito Fortes
I have four blades and this by far the best blade I have used, elevated my game from a virtual beginner three months ago to intermediate player. Suites my game as an offensive player with a lot of control and feel.
22/08/2020 Good Review by Sobitxon Alabaev
Very good.
09/03/2020 Основание Review by Azamat Algazimov
Отличное основание, выполнено качественно, удобное, контрольное, используется с накладками Tibhar Evolution MX-P с обеих сторон, все здорово.
20/02/2020 Super excellent Blade Review by Nafiu Sani
I rate this blade 5 stars it has a lot of Control and Speed I paired with V47 rasanter BH and Tibhar Aurus Prime FH what a perfect combination and I really enjoy it absolutely. In general, this blade is and offensive for aggressive attackers with absolute control. My ratings are:
Speed 8/10
Control 10/10
Feeling 9/10.

16/01/2020 Great! Review by Kris Justin Daniel
This is the best racket I have.
14/01/2020 Good product and service Review by Sagar Singh
It is an amazing blade.
23/12/2019 My fav blade Review by Hanee Saleem
I have no words to explain this blade. It's a blade out of this world. The control in this blade is beast and there are many gears in this blade meaning you can increase or decrease the speed with pure ease. Excellent for spinny loops and topspin if your timing and contact is good. Not the best for chopping, only offensive play. It’s also great for different types of service. The only disadvantage is that it’s quite expensive, but TBH(to be honest) it’s worth each penny.
07/11/2019 Excelente madero Review by Christian Concha
Gran madero y mucho mas barato de lo que lo venden en mi país.
06/11/2019 Took me a while to get used to Review by Andrew Zhang
Coming from the Andro Temper Tech OFF (5-ply all-wood blade, top plies tempered hardened with heat), I found this blade to be a bit lacking in feeling and I couldn't tell at first whether I had made good contact with the ball when looping. I kept sending the ball long or into the net because I was too afraid to swing freely due to the lack of feedback/vibration from the blade. It took me about a month to get used to the lack of feeling compared to my old blade. However, it is slightly speedier than my old blade and looping is quite effortless and I have found that my loop kills especially have more bite and speed. Because of this, I have started to have more confidence in that particular shot whereas I used to use spin to force errors from my opponent.
The only other carbon blade I have owned is the Andro Treiber FO. The Boll ALC is not as hard and stiff as the FO and I find the Boll ALC easier to play with.
Wings of the blade are quite sharp, but that has never really bothered me as my hands are very calloused from other racket sports already. However, sometimes the inside of my middle finger will get a bit sore when doing too many backhand drills. Other people may want to sand the wings down.
The handle is quite slim (slimmer than my old blade). I really like the handle as my hands are not large and I've found that flicking is more comfortable with this blade as I feel like I have more control due to the slim handle. I ordered the flared handle.
The finish of the blade is very good, of course. However, after about 2 months of play, I did notice that the blue on the handle started to fade a bit (although I take that as an indication of hard work and training).
17/10/2019 Perfect! Review by Darko Cefera
Amazing blade!
19/08/2019 Rico madero Review by Edgard Reyes Cabezas
Excelente madero
06/08/2019 Perfect blade for attackers Review by akindele adeniyi
Fast wood with good control. The right blade for topspin players.
16/07/2019 Good experience Review by yatin bhimani
The product was good and the fast replies to my queries were even great.
Keep it up TT11!
09/05/2019 Topspin Boss Review by KARTIK A
There is no other blade which can give topspin like Timo Boll ALC.
Just brush with any medium/hard rubber and see the ball fall deeply in opponents territory. Only three stars for blocking and smashing.
Chopping is also good.
22/04/2019 Super speedy yet so much control Review by Sunil Raghavan
My journey with TT11 started with Donic Wardner Legend to Xiom Axelo to Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed to Butterfly Viscaria to Butterfly Timo Boll Alc. All this while except TB Alc rubbers were constant: Tenergy 05 on FH & Tenergy 80 on BH. So if I may summarise, the transition was from "speed" to "speed + control". This combination got even more enhanced with TB Alc when used with Dignics 05 on FH & Tenergy 80 on BH. This combination of arylate carbon on blade + spring sponge on rubber works like a majic. I get a feel that while looping my bat can hold the ball for few nano seconds (maybe), allowing me to decide what I should be doing with it - also what we can call as "control". Once the ball is released,
ball goes like an bullet. One thing I would highlight is that ball trajectory with Dignics 05 side falls towards 2nd half of the table and less towards centre. I would give it to rubber than the blade. This however can be corrected with some practice and skill enhancement. Dont get me wrong, Dignics 05 as an rubber is awsome. Overall amazing experience and I am enjoying it.
09/04/2019 Jajjajaj Review by santiago leon
Muy buena paleta, de una calidad de 10!
31/03/2019 Excellent blade. Review by Luis Alejandro Gutierrez Carranza
I have not tried many blades because of the price, however, timo boll ALC is the one that has adjusted to my style and technique. Topspin of forehand and backhand is very easy to do, even the blocks at short and medium distances. The only bad thing about this blade is the price. I used this blade with Tenergy 05 FX on both sides and it was very difficult for me to control serves with a high amount of spin. Nonetheless, I changed Tenergy Rubbers for Yasaka Rakza 7 and Xiom Europe V, and it was a good decision for me because my level improved.
19/02/2019 Amazing blade Review by M.T
Very controlled blade tad slower than my zjk alc
04/02/2019 Good Review by Darko Veselinovic
Beautiful looking blade. Low arc, fast but not too fast.Crisp feeling.Good combination with high throu rubbers like T05 to compesate for low arc trajectory, but T05 is spin sensitive so block play and net game suffers.
23/01/2019 Fast blade requires decent technique Review by Kartik Anbalagan
After playing for 3 months I am writing this review. Level intermediate.
Topspin 5/5 but with good technique otherwise out of table
Back/sidespin 5/5
Chop 4/5
Block 5/5
Loop 5/5
If u play the blade with tight hands u will lose control
Control 3/5 not at all forgiving.
U can dominate equal ranked or lower players but if u r not in ur zone can lose points in heap due to blade
15/01/2019 perfecto Review by Ivan nancucheo
Es perfecto, muy lindo, lo tengo en tomada st y es muy comodo, un gran punto dulce, lo uso con una joola xplode al derecho y tenergy 05fx en revez, muy bueno sin duda me lo compraría otra vez.
04/01/2019 Harika Review by OGUZHAN SULUBEY
Bu zamana kadar oynadığım en iyisi kesinlikle Hücum yaparken off+ savunmada off- gibi
01/12/2018 Great racket Review by Fred Leibl
This blade is outstanding. I have it paired with the Evolution MXP on both sides. There is loads of power, super spin, and close to the table play is very controllable. This racket will do everything you ask it to do. It is only limited by your personal skill level.
06/11/2018 Excellent services and discount Review by Sajad Baqir
It my pleasure to deal with you
04/10/2018 Love it Review by Tuan Nguyen
Love this Blade, I had it for few weeks already. Great control plus decent speed, if you angle it right you can hit the ball pretty fast.
Love the ability to control the ball at any position, lots of dwell time, lots of spin on serve. Slow top spin is so easy to execute, I had many success on returning serves with slight and slow top spin on both back and forehand.
I never had much confident like this before. Love it
21/06/2018 A++++++ Review by Admir Tane
Nice weight distribution. Exellent feeling when hitting the ball. Highly recommended
16/05/2018 Control and spin Review by Veaceslav
Сначала показалось паленом. Но после пару тренировок, просто супер! Контроль отличный. Скорость тоже достаточная. Вращает отменно. С 05 -бомба. Быстрые ноги и Вам не будет конкурентов)
08/01/2018 Good blade Review by Tong Pan
It is best blade I have.
22/12/2017 Супер!!! Review by Gurgen Muradkhanyan
Отличное основание, думаю надо научится пользоваться им в совершенстве.
Butterfly Timo Boll ALC