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Butterfly Korbel Japan


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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF

Customer Reviews

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14/07/2023 A great quality blade Review by Min
I pair it with Tibhar Evolution MX-P (backhand) and MX-S (forehand).
Backhand blocks and punches work like a charm with MX-P.
Lifting backspin seems much easier with MX-S.

Satisfied with the setup but the handle is a bit too small for me. The handle of Butterfly Primorac is much better, at least for me.
20/06/2023 Sorta mixed feelings about this one Review by Lha
It would be a great blade if only the sweet spot wasn't so small! I don't know, perhaps I have received a faulty piece, but the sweet spot is smaller than on regular Korbel, and unlike the regular Korbel, you better not hit the ball near the edges - the effect would be basically the same as if you hit the edge of the blade. Of course, it doesn't happen often, but it can happen during a fast-paced game, and while with the regular Korbel the ball often gets to the other side of the table, it just isn't gonna happen with Korbel Japan.

Other than that, it is an excellent blade indeed. Certain hard feel of a blade that isn't really that hard overall, providing a bit better ball feedback than reg Korbel., with a good flexibility and general dwell. Slightly faster than reg Korbel, also harder, flexier, ball trajectory can get slightly lower and longer
10/03/2023 Excellent quality Review by Ardak
One of the best 5-ply blades. It is for those who plays with topspins not for flat hitters. Recommended fast rubbers like tenergy 19. Becuse it has less power compared to carbon blades.
06/12/2022 Nice Review by Ardak
It is heavier than I expected.
10/02/2020 Excellent product Review by Edin Kucukovic
Well, it is not a classic Butterfly blade for nothing. Quality and service are top-notch. Superfast blades mean nothing if you don’t have proper skills and these classic blades are made for creating a player with proper skill. I needed a time-consuming circle of different kinds of blades and rubber to finally realize and accept that. Well better ever than never. TT11 thanks for a great service.
08/01/2020 9\10 Review by Vadim Mak
Довольно жесткое основание для чисто деревянного, комфортно в игре, по характеристикам лучше европейской версии.
10/11/2019 Amazing for the Price Review by Mohammed Muqhtadar Amjad Khan
The product is amazing for the price I paid, exceptionally packed and shipped earlier than promised.
Butterfly Korbel Japan