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Avalox P500

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.8
This is the original version of the Avalox blade, the one that made Kong Linghui famous. It is a 5-ply blade with the classic Swedish construction which gives it good springiness, excellent touch, yet does not compromise on power. The blade is made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

24/11/2019 85g? Not this one. Review by MATTHEW WILLIAMS
Ordered blade. Per the 85g advertised was expecting 85g plus or minus 3 grams. Received a 97g brick. Because I was dumb, return shipping cost me $40 with delivery confirmation. Make sure you request a specific weight range or you’ll waste money.
22/06/2019 Nice all-wood blade Review by Stevan
Very good, loud sound, light blade with a lot of feeling.
07/06/2019 Nice blade Review by Barry Mann
A nice blade but I do wish ALL blade manufacturers would sand the corners of the wings of the blade where the hand and finger sits against it.
13/02/2018 Great feel and touch Review by Geoffrey Alter
I love my P500. I constantly am amazed at how balanced and controllable it is while having enough speed for anything I am able to do. But, my favorite part is it’s feel. It inspires confidence. The sound is very loud and provides a ton of feedback with a properly struck shot. Vibrations are minimal, but enough to feel in your fingers. The handle is comfortable. It is a simple OFF blade. This blade constantly reminds me that simplicity and function are more important than anything else. The blade just brings out my best TT. Can’t ask for anything more. I have Omega V Tour on FH and Bluefire JP03 on BH. Great combo. Feel, control, balance and speed.

Thank you TT11.
17/10/2017 Excellent all wood blade Review by Slavisa Srdic
Excellent alll wood blade, fast enough and excellent control.
20/03/2017 excellent Review by Darko Cefera
control and spin are excellent, the best so far for my style of play
27/08/2013 Avalox P500 Review by András Rábai
P500 is a soft, middle fast (between off- and off) blade. i switched from stiffer blade (earlier used Stiga clipper and offensive wood nct) and I enjoy the flex of P500: easy to play the short game and it is enough fast to finish the point. I would say, the dynamic range of the speed is opened with this blade. It worth the money for it, you cannot go wrong with it if you need 5ply all wood blade. Only imperfect is the factory finish of the blade, but you can correct with fine sandpaper in the first one minute and enjoy a perfect blade. I use it with Bluefire M2 max on both sizes. And certainly I got it from with excellent service.
05/08/2013 avalox p 500 Review by Francesco Rinaldi
Blade is great for fast and medium topspins. Good block. Blade with excellent control. Handle is great. Value for money exceptional. Recommended.
04/06/2013 An amateur review Review by Igor Hinic
I bought this blade a month ago, and still try to find the right words to describe it. First of all I'm not an expert player and before this blade I used only Primorac blade with LKT Pro rubbers. So I can only tell you about the difference between this combination and Avalox P500 with Stiga rubbers.

Avalox with Stiga Calibra LT 1.8 on forehand and Boost TX 2.0 on backhand combination feels much faster, bouncier and more alive but on the other hand control is there also. Serve return is easy and topspin is much better but the best part is block, it is so easy to transfer the speed attack of the opponent back to him with small chance for him to react. So all in all I think that this blade is better than Primorac, but again the comparison is not so realistic given the fact that the rubbers were different and that I'm no expert.

And one more thing I bought it with Flare handle and that was a mistake because i have a large hand and the flared handle is shorter by 2cm than needed. So as someone else sad before, buy it with a straight handle if you have a large hand. If you have smaller hands it doesn't matter.
26/03/2013 good blade Review by zach moy
This blade is like Off-, isn't too fast but like some shots are fast if you put your power into the shot. i put two sheets of tenergy on it and it feels funny, but i put chinese on fh and tenergy bh it became more like a normal blade.
Avalox P500