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Andro Rasanter R53

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Rubber type : inverted
The topsheet of the Rasanter rubbers has a high degree of glossiness to compensate for the loss of rotation after the introduction of plastic ball. R is for rotation. These rubbers have better spin potential and allow you to consistently play a large variety of shots. Rasanter R45, R48, C48, R53 and C53 rubbers are equipped with the sponge that has the same pore size as the previous Rasanter versions but with increased inner tension. This makes each cell a small compressor and gives the rubber greater power potential. The 53 ° sponge provides immediate feedback on ideal ball contact. Dedicated to aggressive play and best fits advanced players.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

08/05/2023 Excellent Review by Mostafa Omar
it is excellent rubber
09/03/2022 Another great product from Andro Review by Andy E
Have used Rasanter of various designs for a while. Does what many other rubbers do in terms of spin, speed, and control for a fraction of the cost.

11/02/2022 SPIN! Review by Jean J. Rudolph Bertin
Plenty spin! Plenty speed!
20/12/2021 10/10 Review by Pedro
Increíble velocidad y efecto. Requiere buena técnica
30/03/2021 A fast yet controllable rubber Review by Jaffar Lone
Tried this after a long time using Nittaku's Fastarc-p1. It took some adjustment as R53 is harder and has more spin. Also, R53 is a bit tricky in the short game, could be that it is more spin-sensitive. All in all an excellent offensive rubber, whether you are attacking close to the table or from mid-distance, it will suit you.
30/12/2020 Good service Review by wylyem kromyko
Never a complaint with Tabletennis11. They always provide a high standard to service customers.
15/10/2020 fast and direct Review by andy spring
Very fast and direct rubber.
For advanced attacking play.
Good control and spin if you have.
The skills to handle it.
05/10/2020 Good quality rubber Review by Evgeny Makler
Excellent speed and control.
31/08/2020 Powerful rubber Review by DucTool
Very satisfied with this rubber with high quality and affordable price.
I played Tenergy 80 before and R53 is the best choice for the replacement.
12/08/2020 R50 was more enjoyable Review by Michael Jones
I really like R50, felt like I could do either tight strokes or full arm and get expected results. The ball also had a hard dip after the bounce from spin. So I thought, how about some more spin with a harder rubber? Nope, just a laser, a direct shot straight from the point of contact. Hardly any arc. With the 50, I felt I was able to be more creative, this one demands a particular play style that just wasn’t for me.
27/01/2020 Best euro/jap hard rubber Review by Gunraj Singh
I have tried a lot of top hard rubbers and spent a lot of money trying different rubbers including Dignics 05, tenergy 05 hard, MX-P 50, etc. But to be honest, if you like hard rubbers this is the best. Speed is amazing and spin is great too. Due to the soft topsheet, it is very easy to loop underspin. Counterlooping is just the best and great blocking control.
But pair with slightly softer blades with limba or hinoki outer plies. No need for boosting. Amazing rubber please try this before trying other hard rubbers.
15/01/2020 Very good hard rubber Review by The Looper
Simply put amazing rubber at 53 degrees. Perfect for driving, looping, and blocking. Spinny as hell, but you have to hit it hard and with good technique to get the most out of it. The only downside is that brushing the ball is more difficult. I got this on my FH 2.0mm sponge and it's on Tibhar Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon.
I would recommend to anyone with sufficient footwork and technique.
28/12/2019 Not good as tenergy Review by Sainghy Eang
It's harder than tenergy the control is less than tenergy
Andro Rasanter R53