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Andro Rasanter R50

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Rubber type : inverted
The topsheet of the Rasanter rubbers has a high degree of glossiness to compensate for the loss of rotation after the introduction of plastic ball. R is for rotation. These rubbers have better spin potential and allow you to consistently play a large variety of shots. The R50, despite having a hard sponge, can still produce high levels of spin without letting its speed interfere. Due to its hard nature, this rubber excels at brushing strokes. Though fast, especially on higher end strokes, it is not inherently bouncy relatively speaking allowing the necessary dwell time to stroke with power. Ultimately, this is a rubber for advanced level play.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

15/02/2023 Great rubber with one small issue Review by Wayne Shen
Bought it to replace Victas Ventus extra since this has hardness 50 and Victas is 47.5. I use it as my FH and it's a great rubber, easy to handle the underspin and lots of power.
One small issue I noted is that the rubber gets very damp/wet when the humidity is high. When that happens, you have to hit the ball very hard or the ball directly goes to the net. Doesn't happen to Victas and you can't use your hand to wipe cuz the rubber surface is so wet.
But overall a great rubber. I might try R53 next time.
13/12/2022 Excellent offensive rubber that needs taming on short game Review by Zane Cundiff
Played in 2.0 on several blades. Works well with carbon blades and wood blades. Needs blades that have a medium or mid-high throw angles to be consistently safe without pressure mounting on technical strokes. Drives, blocks, counters and loops well. Serve, receive and flipping were a bit harder and less consistent perhaps due to the slightly strong catapult effect when on the table. Very spinny rubber. Best suited for blades like Barwell Fleet, Stiga Rosewood V, Fang Bo B2X or any other mid stiff blade with med-high throw. Mid throw and longer trajectory than R53 or R47 in my experience. If you wanted a bit more dwell time but liked G-1 before, this is a G-1 with more dwell and power. No major issues that are unwarranted from user error.
18/10/2022 Excellent Review by madiyala jagadeesh
This rubber I took for my friend,he is very happy and is using for his back and the result is excellent
15/07/2022 Too fast for me Review by Claudiu Baicu
Very fast for me, but an experienced player just loved it.
16/03/2022 Понравилась на бэкхенд Review by Mikhail Smirnov
Очень доволен приобретением. Универсальная накладка со средней жесткостью губки. По долговечности пока сказать ничего не могу, так как играю ей сравнительно недавно. Хороший контрольный блок и легко начинать первый ход. Сейчас использую на основании V-14 Pro.Хорошо села, по ощущениям лучше чем Омега 7 Евро( которая воспринимается сверхмягкой на данном основании.
20/12/2021 G-1 with better speed and same control Review by Zane Cundiff
R50 2.0 mm on Tibhar Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon. Blistering speed, power reserves that sound like you're hitting wood every time but the ball does not bottom out. Super easy to block with, easy to flick with, and makes backspin by even good pushers or choppers seem like novices. I found it does have a bit of trouble in the serving department, receives are above average control for the speed of this rubber. It seems to be a mark 5 level of control when you want to keep the ball on the table but it’s super fast and then T05 on steroids on the back burner waiting to counter, open, or just outright blast through your opponents with heavy spin and safe arcs on 95% of my shots. This is like a safe alternative to T05 with better control, the same spin, slightly safer arc, and easier to punch through the ball without dumping the ball. TLDR: better than T05 with more speed, control, and at least the same spin. Easy loop, block, push/chop, counter, flick, and brush. Serves are a bit tough to get used to, but you can do it if you relax and brush the ball.
08/11/2021 Excellent Review by Aaron Nuwatt
Thanks for the excellent service table tennis.
The rubber is of high quality. It grips the ball well.
18/12/2020 Good hitting rubber Review by kwok kee
Second best to R48.
21/09/2020 rubbers Andro Rasanter R50 Review by Efim Raskin
Rubbers very good!
02/07/2020 Muy buenas Review by Luis Frutos
Las gomas andan muy bien yo usaba tenergy 05 fx y me fui de butterfly por el precio .son gomas buenas la recomiendo mucho más para el revés .muy buen giro y control.
21/04/2020 Great attacking rubber???? Review by S. K. Kelen
Ticks all the boxes for a great attacking rubber. I use it in 2mm as a bh rubber on Stiga Clipper WRB. Fast, lots of spin and great control. I use R47 on the forehand. Sometimes twiddle but that’s the general setup. It is very durable and actually seems to improve the more you use it.
20/02/2020 Wonderful rubber Review by Wayne Oudit
Need good technique to unleash the potential of this excellent rubber from Andro! One of the best I have ever used for my aggressive forehand attack.
11/02/2020 Muy buen caucho! Review by Eduardo Hernandez
Este caucho me gusta mucho, me lo recomendó un amigo que vino de Cuba y juega un buen nivel, me dijo que el actual campeón de Cuba lo usa. recomendado!
04/02/2020 rubbers Andro Rasanter R50 Review by Efim Raskin
Накладки Andro Rasanter R50 качественные быстрые-уже несколько раз покупал для себя и для друзей! Рекомендую!
31/07/2019 It's good Review by Zoltan Jozsa
This rubber has very good control and good speed but is a little bit slower than the V47 of Velocity version. I'm using a Butterfly Primorac Carbon OFF+, and I can give back almost everything, easily, with much spin, but sometimes I want more speed.
Excellent for players who want speed and much controls to.
10/06/2019 fast but spiny Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
It is very fast, the same as T05, but more spins. Great control. Of course, I still prefer the R47, mostly Black as it a bit slower but lots of spin.
23/04/2019 Good FH rubber Review by tom wei
Has good control due to the thin top sheet. You can feel the ball gripped by the rubber but you need to have faster strokes. This is more advanced rubber for fast swing speeds. You need to be able to compress the sponge to get the full benefit. Not too good for serves tho.
13/03/2019 Хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
Быстрая, хорошо управляемая накладка, хорошо вращает, но и в плоской игре тоже не подведет. На жестких основаниях может оказаться слишком
30/01/2019 Spinny returns Review by wong siew meng
Good combination with 190 Stiga shakehand forehand. Able to create spinny returns.
04/01/2019 Great Review by John Lau
Easy to control with speed
07/12/2018 Excellent Review by Anton Valovenko
Отличная накладка для мощной агрессивной игры, но строк службы не очень.
05/09/2018 A little bit difficult. Review by Bongju Lee
It is not for beginner.
You need to have more experience to use this rubber.
15/08/2018 Spinny... Review by tomo
Very good rubber for looping, control is good too.
22/07/2018 PERFECT Review by haider mohammed
Very good; especially with less stiffness in the top layer of the blade.

16/03/2018 Good Review by jahwi ku
Best rubber for me .front rubber
10/01/2018 Great speed and spin Review by Antonio OliverBozeman
Very nice rubber I can do many spins and when I need the power it’s got it I love it. The control on this rubber is great for pushes and off table play. Great rubber for medium players.
Andro Rasanter R50