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Andro Rasanter R37

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Rubber type : inverted
Rasanter R37 is by far the softest and most controllable of the rubber series. The soft sponge brings about a high degree of dwell time to allow a player to block, push, and loop with proper placement. This rubber is a reasonable choice for lower level player developing their stokes or even for top level allround player with a strong preference for soft rubbers.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

15/03/2022 Great rubber. Review by Daniel
I'm an intermediate all-off player. Have played for two years, no coaches, just with my friend, self-taught with youtube so to say.

I have this rubber in Ultramax on FH and UltraMax on BH on a Yasaka Sweden Extra blade. For me, it's the perfect combination.

The rubber is soft and forgiving but definitely fast enough for attacking hard. It has great control and spin. Not reactive to incoming spin. Topspin is good. Pushes are easy to do. Good for open-ups. Blocking is also very doable. Works well close and far from the table. I don't play much very far away from the table to say if it bottoms out. But for me hitting hard doesn't seem to cause any problems. And I like the sound. Great feedback and feel.

I first tried this rubber on the Donic Defplay Senso V3, also in UltraMax on both sides. It was also great with very good control and placement but it lacked speed for me. I would suggest this combo to a beginner or more allround player.

I then tried this rubber on the Tibhar Stratus Power Wood, again in UltraMax on both sides. It was also great control and a crisper feel but for my level a bit too fast for now. It worked great with all shots. But good technique is required cause the speed doesn't forgive poor shots. Great blade. It's waiting in the drawer for me to improve my technique.

In conclusion, I'd say it seems like the best control rubber out there. I have read all the reviews of the Rasanter R37 pretty much everywhere. And the feeling when playing does match.

(I've also tried the Rakza 7 Soft. It was similarly good but reactive to incoming spin.)

Rasanter R37 is a very good rubber for beginner intermediate all and off players. Highly recommend!
11/02/2022 Power with softness! Review by Jean J. Rudolph Bertin
My favorite softness fastest rubber! Enough speed for smashes when needed!
03/06/2021 Top quality rubber! Review by Fabio F.
Very good rubber! It has fantastic control, good speed and I can play very spinny Topspins..and very importantly is not so sensible to incoming spin like other rubbers. A good choice for every kind of player that plays soft rubbers with a medium-stiff or stiff blade.
Thank you Tabletennis11 for the good Service!
19/05/2021 Soft and spinny Review by Dusan Pejanovic
I am pleasantly surprised and feeling regret because I didn't try this rubber before. slower with spin like T05
Prijatno izbenadjenje i bas mi je zao sto je nisam probao ranije..
Sporija, ali daje spin veoma slican sa T05
14/04/2021 R37 rasanter Review by Stanisav Yakovlev
I like.
29/06/2020 Too slow for me Review by Khusan Rakhimov
I used it on Bh, I feel like it too slow for me, I replaced it with different rubber.
26/04/2020 Nice Speed Review by Carlos Herrera
18/07/2019 Good rubber for combination play Review by Yurii Okolot
Soft and controllable rubber.
03/07/2019 It is a good rubber Review by w chan
I used this rubber (Ultramax) for my FH and BH. I found it is not too soft and not too hard. It is just right for me. I can easily spin the ball over the net. It provides a lot of control for me. The Ultramax provides speed when I need to smash. However, you need to put more control when playing counter loops.
04/06/2019 perfect rubber for all levels Review by Yijian Cao
I first tried R37 1.7mm on my FH, I felt instantly attached to it. The softness gives a lot of control when looping and serving and the thin sponge and topsheet provide a great combination of fast spin and smash. The distinct sound ensures good contact with the ball, which gives me confidence to make decisions. After a few months, I fully enjoy playing with it.
01/03/2019 Borracha excelente nessa fase de experimentação. Review by Pedro Araujo
Para meu estilo de jogo intermediário, só tenho a elogiar o comportamento dessa borracha no seu controle, bloqueio com muita segurança e definição nos pontos, bem como, muito precisa nos meus ataques próximo da mesa. Finalmente, meus aplausos pela aquisição desse produto, o qual indico sem medo de errar. É isso aí, pode experimentar com segurança!
11/02/2019 Great rubber Review by Rango
One of the best rubbers I ever tried for blocking. The control when attacking is great and very decent speed when you take your aggressive shots.
23/12/2018 Very good Review by Darko Veselinovic
Soft rubber, but not as slow as one might think. Control is very good on medium hard strokes, but very strong catapult on light touch.
23/10/2018 Good rubber Review by kwok kee Lui
Good grip for counter.
09/04/2018 Good Review by jahwi ku
부드럽고 드라이브가 잘걸림
11/12/2017 Excellent Rubber! Review by Andrew Cadiz
Perfect fit for my BH in a Gergely T5000. Too soft but that’s what I like about it so I can easily control the ball.
24/10/2017 Excellent product Review by Youssef Matta
Excellent product
11/08/2017 Good! Review by Luca Valentino
I have been using the rubber for about 10 days. It's not slow but has control and good grip. The arch appears to be low which I believe is in line with new materials/plastic ball.
15/05/2017 Mi trovo bene Review by Luca Gianotti
Le nuove Andro Rasanter, ero curioso, l'ho montata sul dritto, ottimo spin, ottimo controllo, fa al caso mio. Ottimo il venditore, preciso, veloce e affidabile.
Andro Rasanter R37