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Andro Rasant Powergrip

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Rubber type : inverted
For demanding, technically skilled middle and high level players with modern spin and counter-spin focus! Use high-end, play high-end! Play more powerful in pinpointly manner without scatter-losses! Optimized surface design for consistently stable and immediate interlinking of ball and rubber. Feel surface and sponge absorbing the ball’s energy and the multiple reverse impact. Maximum catapult without loss of control! A highly complex rubber composition developed to provide superpowers to your strokes!

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

25/09/2018 one of best. Review by Harry Koo
It's must have item, you can feel the powerful grip.
05/09/2018 Great. Review by Bongju Lee
A lot of spin.
If you like loop drive, I recommend it.
14/03/2018 I just love it but why Andro stop manufacturing Review by zou
I just love it but why Andro stop manufacturing? what is the most similar rubber to Powergrip in Andro family now?
21/02/2018 Very good rubber Review by JOSE HUMBERTO ARAUJO FERRAZ
Excellent tubber. Very fast and produce lot of spin. Control is amazing. I'ts a very hard rubber. I use it on my FH.
30/01/2018 Amazing Price!! Review by Bongju Lee
Amazing price and Great quality.
23/01/2018 Heavy, but lots of spin. Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
It is a great rubber, lots of spin and control too.
28/11/2017 Goood¡! Review by Haydee Lopez
If you want a hard rubber you should buy this
11/10/2017 Great Hard Rubber Review by Amilcar Yip
This is my favorite offensive rubber.Powergrip is used on 11 of my 14 rackets.I boost them before gluing with Falco Tempo Long booster.Perfect hardness for boosting.
25/09/2017 Great for BH Review by Yi Zhang
I use 2.1mm for BH. I've tried this on both Stiga Offensive CR and Intensity NCT. The rubber is not tacky, but grips the ball very well. The sponge is bouncy but still very controllable. My backhand loop has improved a lot since switching to this rubber.

Highly recommend it to anyone, especially at 25% off. Some even say this rubber is great for FH, I'm thinking of testing it.
05/09/2017 ****+ Review by Neil Ackerman
Excelllent spin,good control and speed, tight loops. Good passive block.
14/08/2017 Tiene buen agarre y control Review by Victor Rafael Bojorge Berrios
Muy bien
30/06/2017 Highly recommended Review by Cu Nguyen
Grippy. Bouncy. The hard sponge catapults the ball .
18/06/2017 very fast with good control Review by Co Quach
Recommended for advance players
18/06/2017 very fast with good control Review by Co Quach
Recommended for advance player
10/06/2017 Excelente Review by Renso Triveno
Excelente muy buena goma,muy rapida y facil de controlar la recomiendo 100 por ciento.

Excelent rubber,very fast an easy to control it.I recommend Rasant Powergrip.
02/05/2017 SPEED AND SPIN Review by DRIGO Janick
Rubber fast and spinny very good for the plastic ball for forehand and backhand. but i prefer it for backhand.
20/04/2017 It's really a hard rubber Review by Raul Bernales
I'm only a beginner and I can already tell that it's a super hard and generates lots of power.
04/04/2017 good Review by Juyoung Kim
very fast and spinny rubber
29/12/2016 Not tacky at all Review by Christian Tomyn
It uses mechanical grip over tackiness. Mine had zero tack and can't even stick to the rubber protectors. Get in 2.0+ thickness so the ball can really sink into the rubber. Otherwise weak hits and weak incoming shots are difficult to generate any topspin to drive it to the table.
21/12/2016 Fast rubber Review by Binay Gupta
Using it on my FH on Andro Trieber Z Off. , It's a heavy rubber. Speed is better. Control is so- so. Green sponge makes it attractive . I do have to clean to add more spin but overall it's a superior rubber . The ball trajectory is unpredictable if proper contact is not made . On the back hand , using bluefire M3 which imparts more spin than this rubber. Shall review further after a month.
19/12/2016 Good FH rubber Review by Plamen
Very good for the average to advanced player. I downgraded from Tenergy 05 to this one and have no regrets whatsoever; a bit slower but much better control. Highly recommened. Service from TT11 outstanding.
25/07/2016 Wonderful! Review by Florin Nazare
Excellent product quality very good price Thank table tennis
14/05/2016 Great rubber Review by Luis Nasche
This is an offensive rubber with a lot of spin and speed available.

Powergrip can be used on both wings, but it's a natural FH fit for offensive players looking for a mid/low throw rubber.

It shares the name and maybe the top sheet with Rasant Grip, but they really don't share most playing characteristics. Grip is a bit dead with his soft sponge while Powergrip has a lot of power if you let the sponge work with a powerful stroke, but is also more forgiving than Grip on lazy ones.

Works fine pushing, is great blocking, hitting and smashing, very good looping, lifting underspin easily and I found it less sensitive to incoming spin than Grip.

Good spin on serves. It's not too bouncy so it's also easy to keep the ball low.

The sponge is green, toxic green. If you like the color, you will like it.
29/03/2016 Very good rubber. Review by Arman Zhumagaliyev
Very good rubber for FH. Fast rubber, I use this rubber on my Andro Temper Tech blade OFF-. With combination I have controlled attack.
02/03/2016 Best Rubber Review by Wylyem Kromyko
Nice spin and good control
22/01/2016 Game changer Review by Deano
This a fast very spiny rubber with high arc. I'm a 1700 level player now competing with the 2000's after 3 months with this rubber on a Dr.Nuebauer barricade blade. It's really improved my forehand loop at all speeds
12/11/2015 Yo Yo... Andro no more an alien :P Review by Ganesa Murthy
Always been in mind to try Andro. Using it on my FH, Heavy rubber. Use it with lighter blade. Spin is good like chinese rubbers, Speed couldn't have been better. Control is also good. Green sponge makes it attractive and special. If u want it to be of special brand among your friends, go for it.
03/10/2015 Rasant power grip review Review by Sujit Rout
Very good rubber. This rubber can make spin more faster but
difficult control. Block, BH topspin better.
17/07/2015 Best price I could find in a few hours of online search! Review by Amanda Reeve
Very fast and reacts to spin heavy so increased angles are needed on certain shots. I do have to clean to add more spin but overall it's a superior rubber and I'm considering getting it for my new blade forhand and backhand!
26/06/2015 Superb FH topspinner Review by Jeff
This is a direct comparison on PG vs Omega V Asia, I own both:

9.5/10 speed vs 9.4/10
9.4/10 spin vs 9.5/10
9.8/10 power vs 9.5/10
8/10 durability vs 9.5/10
3/10 tack vs 1/10 tack

NO clear winner. Both are top notch ESN rubbers.
19/05/2015 Still kinda heavy Review by Cheng-Hsi Yang
This series are notorious for its heaviness. It give you good power and spin, but still, if you're not prepare for it, look for something else.
05/05/2015 King of speed Review by Drago D.
Very fast rubber with hidden gears due to the hard top sheet, which once compressed down to the sponge it unleashes tons more speed. I like this, it makes hard rubbers predictable and consistent, perfect for forehand. The thin touch is good due to the tackiness, makes serving decent and no need to switch to my BlueFire M2. However, the M2 gives slightly more spin, slightly higher bounce, and obviously control and arc differ too. I blame all this on the fact that M2 is a medium rubber, giving you more dwell time and reaches the sponge quicker, hence why it's my choice for backhand. The speed is not as fast as Rasant PowerGrip. Looping, smashing and blocking are absolute beast with PowerGrip, it took getting use to ranging the table as I kept over shooting them, but then again in combination with offensive blade like DHS Hurricane Long 3 this was to be expected. The green sponge makes this rubber unique visually and easily recognizable.
These rubbers classed as 3rd generation have excellent hybrid feeling in speed and tackiness, the speed glue sound and effect is outstanding. You will hear durability complaints all the time but don't take it personal, this is simply the nature of all modern rubbers after 100-150 hours of training.
For this reason, make sure you purchase this rubber with discount, this way it becomes exactly half price compared to Tenergy. Overall I would highly recommend Andro Rasant PowerGrip, the ratings are definitely correct. Just remember that no matter what brand you go for, in a similar way, it's all about hard vs medium vs soft rubber. Whether you choose Evolution MX-P, Tenergy 05, Rasant PowerGrip, BlueFire M1, you will get similar results.
04/05/2015 Fast, with some grip. Review by KK
This rubber has not stood out to me yet. So far its an average new-gen tensor. But I probably haven't tried it on enough different blades.
24/12/2014 killer spin Review by Aimen Patel
I think it is one of the best and fastest offensive rubber in the marker if not the best!!
29/11/2014 Good rubber, not the best Review by Sunny
Having played with Tenergy 05, I tend to compare it with the same. It is not as good as Tenergy 05. Has good speed, spin and throw angle. The feel though feels very plasticky. If you play a proper stroke you will land on the table, but any last minute adjustments would not be possible. This is my opinion, of course others would differ.
21/11/2014 exelente Review by Carlos Morales
Muy buen control bloqueo y derecho
La pelota penetra en la goma al contacto.
Topspin buen agarre.
Sonido exquisito.
26/05/2014 hard but smooth touch Review by Janick DRIGO
very good in spin close and far from the table. i prefer use it with my backhand in 1.9 or 2.1 mm, it's very good in block, top spin, conter-spin and serves. i didn't find a really difference between rasant turbo and this one except in the block and the touch. the throw angle is medium high and stay the same all time. i bought it in special sales, but without discount it 's a little expansive.
Andro Rasant Powergrip