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Andro Protection Sheet Gauzy

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clean rubber surface with a rubber cleaner and then allow to dry completely Place the pro foil at the lower end of the rubber and stick without bubbles Excess material can be cut off Size: 175x175 mm Country of origin: Japan

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03/08/2022 Защита на один раз. Review by Ivan Rodionov
Очень липкая, если слепить две пленки вместе, то разделить их трудно. У меня получилось два раза склеить, дальше они пришли в негодность. Подходят только для длительного хранения ракетки.
17/09/2021 Very sticky Review by raiane rivadeneira
It's very sticky and wrinkles easily. Best stick it with another protector in order to keep its quality.
14/06/2021 Sheet is too sticky Review by Wayne Shen
Too sticky that you can't let two of them stick together. I have to put another plastic film between them when I use my paddle.
I will stay with the Nittaku sheet.
29/03/2021 Waste of money Review by avichai jackson
Too strong, too expensive,
and seems it won't last long.
13/11/2020 Strong sticky layer Review by Igor Fefelov
Nice appearance. Has a stronger sticky layer than the conventional Adhesive Rubber Protect. For myself, I use one side of the Adhesive Rubber Protect, the other Andro Protection Sheet Gauzy.
Andro Protection Sheet Gauzy