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Andro Hexer Powergrip

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Rubber type : inverted
Hexer, one of Andro's most famous rubber series has received an upgrade. Now designed for the plastic ball, this rubber combines 100% natural rubber with a modern, 47.5° sponge. Powergrip is a rubber with a significant boost in power. The strong grip of the topsheet and the hard, fast sponge allow the player to execute attacks with more than enough energy to end the point. This rubber is highly suited for aggressive powerloopers.

Customer Reviews

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22/08/2022 Excellent rubber Review by Niranjan Sivaraman
Right amounts of spin + speed + control in this rubber. Natural topsheet helps a great deal in serves, and touch. Brush loops are great with combinations of topsheet + sponge to be more powerful but you can do brush loops without engaging sponge but won’t be effective. I pair it with my Andro Treiber ZLC blade and it has everything you need to succeed.
13/04/2022 10 out of 10 Review by Jamie Ghio
Great rubber I use it on my back hand with Joola Dynaryz CMD.
03/03/2022 Great spin potential and plenty fast Review by Anton Kukeste
High spin rubber, overall feels a bit harder than Rasanter 48 and is a bit slower than Rasanter 45 even. Still plenty of speed and grip for offensive-oriented play.
The weight felt like the only downside, as there are some faster and lighter rubbers out there currently.
10/07/2020 High balance between speed and spin for both close and mid table Review by Hin
Not as fast as the flagships like Tenergy Evolution of Rasanter, but it's enough for mid-table plays, and has the perfect my playstyle.
I wanted something that has a good balance in which the ball would be returned more in a straight line when blocking and countering, while it can still have enough speed with a decent arc when looping at mid-table, but also not too fast for playing close to the table. And this rubber is exactly what I have been looking for.
This rubber is also towards the hard side with 47.5° ENS. I like it this way since it helps to keep my pushes low and short, but in return, it requires a higher swinging speed to loop, so if this is to hard then try the SFX version which is 42.5°
09/04/2020 Очень хорошо Review by Igor Alyabyshev
Требует большего периода привыкания, чем ожидалось. Может не простить неточность, особенно в начальный период. Вращения, на мой взгляд, маловато. Особой скорости не заметил. Правда, играю быстрыми накладками, может, поэтому.
19/12/2019 Spinny low arc rubber, but heavy Review by Karthik Venkataraman
Spinny low arc rubber, but heavy. Would rate it higher if it were lighter.
22/11/2019 Andro Rubber Review by Robert Platt
I have tried this rubber but unfortunately, I believed the hype some players have posted, however, I'm afraid with Andro green backing sponge the rubber doesn't perform that well. I appreciate this is my opinion but I'm being honest as my experience with this offering from Andro.
09/10/2019 exelente Review by Francisco Pino
Un poco mas de velocidad que la grip pero sigue teniendo excelente agarre y mas control que otras gomas de otras marcas.
05/10/2019 Exellent Rubber Review by Syd Montgomery
The Andro Hexer Powergrip Rubber I received is a lovely grippy spinny rubber for spinning up that first hard push or what I call a hard Dig and also for counter looping the trajectory is nice and low with lots of spin and feel to it I have the Darker 3 Ply blade and they compliment each other I am going to buy another one to go on backhand.
04/10/2019 Good Review by Enrique Reid
Above-average product from Andro. Personally I don't prefer soft topsheets on hard sponges but vice versa.
The speed is good, the grip is so not like stated in the name. Not a bad product but there are many better options out there with lower prices.
24/09/2019 Fantastic rubber, good spin and control Review by Satej
I installed Andro Hexer power grip (black) and am using it consistently over the past 3 months. The rubber provides an amazing control while providing decent spin. I have been able to successfully loop and topspin balls that I wasn't able to before. As for speed, this is not blazing fast, but good enough to allow for ball placing and spin.
The rubber is good for both, offense and defense. I have been able to loop from below the table as well as perform flat topspins with the rubber. The rubber has a loud sound than most I have used before, and that also provides confidence to the player about the shot effectiveness. This is a good rubber and I hope it proves itself in the long run.
14/05/2019 отлично Review by Elena Tsvetkova
Отличная накладка
13/03/2019 Androw Hexer Powergrip Review by Josh Botham
I used this with the longterm booster and it does work wonders, the rubbers are very forgiving, top spin, speed and control are excellent. I definitely improved my game by 3 - 4 points per game.

I have just beaten players I have not beaten before. I love this rubber.
02/01/2019 Great catapult effect for plastic ball Review by Taimoor Ijaz
A really amazing rubber just like Rasenter
Loops= A lot of pace , spin and power can be generated with good arc over the net .
Blocks = feeling is good in blocking game
Serves = Huge amount of spin is possible on serves with a little practice and feel.
Short = good
Durablility = a typical ESN rubber last a fair amount of time
Open ups = really good and controlled
Price = best
24/12/2018 Nice rubber Review by Antonio Oliver
Great spin and the speed is great if you’re a spin heavy person or speed this tutus for you control is very adequate too.
24/12/2018 Super Review by Ruben Gaybakyan
24/12/2018 Excellent Review by Ruben Gaybakyan
Excellent rubbers for me
11/12/2018 It is as I expected it to be. Review by Genrel
Exactly like Rasant Powergrip.
05/12/2018 I like it! Review by Kok Meng Thong
I find this rubber generates even more spin and power than Nittaku Fastarc G-1.
05/11/2018 Spinny and fast, but low angle throw Review by DRIGO Janick
Really good to spinny attack, but you must be careful because the angle throw is low.
24/10/2018 Great replacement for Andro Powergrip Review by Lawrence Wong
As Andro was phasing out its standard Powergrip rubber, I was left in a transition period of about 2-3 months worrying about a suitable replacement. Hexer Powergrip is a little faster and grippier than Andro Powergrip, but not by much. I'm using the 1.9 and it is similar to a German version of Chinese rubber - not as sticky a topsheet, but quality feel.
Andro Hexer Powergrip