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Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX

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Rubber type : inverted
Hexer, one of Andro's most famous rubber series has received an upgrade. Now designed for the plastic ball, this rubber combines 100% natural rubber with a modern sponge. This SFX version features a softer 42.5° sponge with small pores. Powergrip is a rubber with a significant boost in power. The strong grip of the topsheet and the softer, fast sponge allow the player to execute attacks with more than enough energy to end the point. This rubber is highly suited for aggressive loopers who are looking for some more softness and control.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

27/12/2022 Like these rubbers Review by Jamie Silverstein
This is the second bat that I have put these rubbers on. The arc on the ball is low and the speed of the rubber is good for a player of my level, which is to say that I can turn on the hi gear when I have a good opportunity but can play a strategic game as well.
01/11/2022 Good rubber for beginner Review by Petar Hristov
This rubber is ok for getting the strokes correctly as it gives you alot of control but it it is hard to generate dangerous amounts of spin, so i would not recommend it for advanced players
20/10/2022 Underrated rubber Review by Saul Tepoz
I'm a Cpen player using a YEO7 blade and I'm currently using this rubber on the BH side and this rubber suits me pretty good, since I'm self-teaching my technique is not very developed, still I'm able to make good quality shots, topspin and looping is easy. due to is a medium soft rubber you can perfectly fell the ball and place it wherever you want, blocking is automatic, making flicks it's a little bit difficult because you need to have a good acceleration and feeling, otherwise the rubber may feel lack of power, but in a close medium distance to the table it's a wonder, you can generate tons of spin with fair speed, although is not a fast rubber you still have plenty power to make a killer shot, the transition to defensive to offensive game is not complicated thanks to the control and confidence this rubbers provides. If you are looking for a rubber with plenty of control and enough power to win the point or a rubber to develop your technique confidently you can't go wrong with this one. I do not recomend this rubber to play far the table unless you have a pretty good technique or a high-speed blade otherwise it won't generate enough power to complicate your rival and they can easily block or counter you shot
28/12/2020 Backhand rubber Review by RV
Currently using 1.9mm red on the backhand with Viscaria. Good control and very easy to block heavy spins. Chopping is good too. Enough speed for jabs and relatively quick counter topspins. Good to open heavy cuts. Slightly lacks in speed for those looking for faster rubbers. If the opponent plays very slow, the ball at times drops to the net from mid-distance and requires an active block. Fair rubber for closer to the table players.
27/07/2020 Many gears, tons of spin rubber Review by MATTHEOS
This isn't the fastest rubber out there but can deliver tons of spin to the ball and to the other side of the table. I am using it on a "modern def" blade and it is a looping dream. Topspin is superb!
14/04/2020 12/4/2020 Review by Le Anh Trung Vu
Good for spin, easy for player.
18/02/2020 Well Suited for my style of play Review by Arindam Sengupta
I have been using this rubber for the last year. Excellent rubber with a lot of spin and speed. Blocking and chopping are also easy to do with this rubber.
29/01/2020 Equilibrium Review by Xabier Aizpurua
I bought it in 1'9 red. I use it mostly for my drive and occasionally for my backhand (when I twidle). Excellent rubber for the offensive game. Good spin and speed, good durability.
21/01/2020 Хорошие накладки Review by Kuat
Взял племяннику, он уже пару лет тренируется, ему подошли в самый раз на основание Korbel Japan.
05/10/2019 G have only tried it on my Darker 3 ply so farood Rubber Review by Syd Montgomery
A very nice rubber, pretty spinny. Going to try it next on my 1 Ply Darker Blade.
Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX