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Andro Good!

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Rubber type : inverted
Andro GOOD! is a classic rubber with incredible feeling and a lot of control. The medium hardness sponge offers excellent balance of speed and feel for the ball.This rubbers allows for consistent blocks and counters. Andro GOOD! is a rubber that gets the job done and puts the ball on the table.

Customer Reviews

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05/05/2023 It's in the name Review by Bogdan Petrea
Just a bit bouncy, controllable with decent amounts of spin, and a high-ish trajectory rubber, which makes it a decent choice for the BH side. The 1.8 is a tad slower and more controllable than the 2.1 version.

Durability also seems a bit higher than the market's average from my experience.

It's an actually GOOD rubber for beginners to intermediates, especially considering the price. Might call it the little sibling of an R42...
22/04/2019 Good - but so hard to reglue Review by Zane Cundiff
Great backhand rubber with good power, spin and speed. When reapplying the rubber, it created many domed spots and I found this happened twice over the past. The sponge is far too porous to reglue unless you do really thick layers of glue to allow for reapplication. Really good and dynamic rubber but the sponge is bad when reapplying and is basically useless once removed after first application.

Used on Fang Bo Carbon as BH

Spin: 9.2
Speed: 9.0
Short play: average, great for topspin, not overly reactive but hard to lift in some circumstances
Blocking is a piece of cake with this rubber - no reaction and great control for any placement
Backspin pickup - low gear lifting on opening and hard to open up with a fast direct and someeqhat spinny shot, only spinny open ups possible so far.
Weight was average. Medium on softer side of medium but still medium.
26/06/2018 Good Review by kim youngkyo
Good price
Andro Good!