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Andro Gauzy SL OFF

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 92
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.2
The allwood Gauzy SL OFF was created for controlled speed. The 7-ply, Swedish made blade has beautiful outer veneers made out of Ebony wood, which is quite hard, making this quite a fast blade. With an average weight of 92g, it is good for powerful topspins while at the same time maintaining excellent control. As an added bonus, the blade is quite beautiful to look at, the Ebony wood providing a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

02/04/2020 2/4/2020 Review by Le Anh Trung Vu
High speed, no suitable for pip ( long, short). It's feeling hard.
24/02/2020 Excellent Review by Nikolay Trukhin
Perfect blade, good balance, very controllable, have enough power near the table. Need fast and hard rubbers.
14/02/2020 Good blade, bad finish. Review by Papagen
This is my first 7 ply blade so there's not much I can compare it to. This blade is a little faster but much stiffer than Stiga Emerald, more direct on the throw and a little faster too.
May I also say that the blade has a bad finish, talking about like Stiga blades in the early 2010s. Sharp edges and rough handle that may give you splinters.
Overall good blade. It is what I expected it to be, except for the finish quality.
Andro Gauzy SL OFF