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Yasaka Silver Carbon Ch.Pen

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF+
Many carbon blades are very fast, and sometimes difficult to handle. In the new Yasaka SILVER CARBON we use 2 thin carbon layers and glue them to the wooden veneers with a gluing method developed to keep the control characteristics.The hard outer veneers in combination with the carbon layers make the size of the sweet spot (hitting area with maximum control) very large. With the SILVER CARBON technical players have a weapon useful for both own attacking play and fast, controlled, counter blockings. The SILVER CARBON is the blade for those who want only the best in technology and materials. Weight: around 90 grams Made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

14/06/2013 Stiff Blade Review by Peter
I have purchased the carbon and the non carbon Yasaka silverwood blades. The carbon one feels extremely stiff and despite using the relatively soft Xiom Europe , the feel is still lacking compared with the other Allwood. And also the edges around the grip is very hard to sand for the carbon is extremely hard. Weight and thickness wise are perfect. The non carbon one on the other hand is very good. I have xiom sigma II Europe on that one and it is a weapon to be reckon with.
Yasaka Silver Carbon Ch.Pen