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Yasaka Plastic AB 40+ 3*** ITTF, 3-pcs (seam)


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The ball produced from durable, plastic material. Perfect roundness and bounce consistency. Approved by ITTF.

Customer Reviews

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21/01/2019 Good quality Review by BMX2
pretty impressive. Lighther than DHS 3*,but very consistent.
16/01/2019 Good Solid Ball Review by young ok kwon
It is well made good solid ball.
It is ABS.
It is less bouncy and less spin.
Hopefully they stop changing balls like every year. It feels like they are changing the ball every year. Stop it. Stick to one material for at least 10 years.
Thank you.
Yasaka Plastic AB 40+ 3*** ITTF, 3-pcs (seam)