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Yasaka Overdrive


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 87
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.2
The Yasaka Overdrive, with a 7 ply construction is a well balanced blade for an offensive game. Overdrive has a large sweet spot and is designed for player who incorporate blocks, counters, and all fast attacks as an important part of their game.

Customer Reviews

01/01/2018 Excellent paddle Review by Henry Blankenship
This is the only place that I can find this product. I have used this blade for a couple of years and have purchased a new one for a backup.
01/12/2017 Good, very good Review by Jorge Espinosa
Giant sweet spot, very good feeling, fast but with impressive control in blocks, and in general in all the hits, it is strange that it is not more popular, certainly the balance and performance is better than other 7ply like stiga clipper or donic power play for a better price and with the high quality of yasaka, good classic construction, you can use any type of rubber but better of medium or low weight, very comfortable handle, unfortunately I can not use it for a season because of discomfort in the shoulder, I need something lighter.
06/07/2016 it's very good Review by Jeffrey Noh
I wanna recommend this for you
14/08/2015 Great Price Review by Henry Blankenship
Great paddle and an excellent price
10/12/2013 This blade is advanced for its time Review by Jason Chae
It is as good as any 7ply wood blade at present. I would say it's worthy of possession.
06/12/2013 very good Review by Dejan Gimiš
Very good 7ply offensive blade.
26/12/2012 Very good seller, very good blade Review by Shaoqing Zhang
Very good seller, very good blade
Yasaka Overdrive