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Xiom Vega Euro


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 86
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.8
Phased dynamics in the energy transfer between a ball and a rubber determines the rubber performance. Traditionally phased physical dynamics has been developed to produce the maximized spin and speed easily at lower swing speed. But the table tennis professionals can deliver solid contacs to the ball at higher swing speed. Their energy can be transferred more efficiently and precisely with the new dynamics, specially phased for the professional play. OMEGA V focused on new dynamic mechanism for top professionals. Solid clicking, energy-charged repulse, and precise energy transfer allows the advantageous edge in small and big shots of the professional game. Experience the new dynamics and Win with us.

Customer Reviews

15/04/2018 Great Blade for a fair Price Review by Daniel Eckart
I am playin since years TT and this blade is defently a must be for attackers and SpinDoctors. I assembled it with Andro Rasant Beat 1.7 and DHS Skyline 3.
Very fast in FH and crazy Spin in BH.
Only one small critics: The handle had a small issue with the 7 liars of wood: scratchy fin which got smooth after a while
14/04/2018 неплохая доска, но не более Review by Roman Nickolaevich Muratov
Основание вес 82 грамма. По скорости офф. Тестировалось с накладками ракза 9 и вега про. Переклеивал накладки несколько раз, но так и не смог избавиться от ощущения, что они плохо приклеены. Возможно дело в плохой склейке слоев основания. По сравнению с хиом зх1, при сравнимой скорости, мяч ощущается намного слабее, контроль хуже
11/10/2017 Excellent Blade Review by Niall Byrne
Very balanced blade. Composite layers give it an extra kick when needed. Fast but still has lots of control.
24/05/2017 Superb !!! Review by SAROSH AHMED
This blade has perfect balance between speed, control, spin & dwell. The hype about zeph-carbon, jointless veneer etc is true, it actually works!. even balls hit near the edge of the blade go where you intend it to. Light weight, blade sits well in your hand. Has lots of gears, slow on pushes but with full swing of the blade the Zeph-carbon kick in to generate fast smashes that can surprise the opponent.
Spin 9/10,
control 9/10,
sweet spot: large.
The Xiom grinder & T-foil are a bonus that come shipped with the blade.
No regrets buying this blade! go for it !!
29/12/2015 Very good control Review by Iakov Berlinkov
Very good control given the speed.
It is not losing a notch to bttfly, at least to ZLC seiries I played with.
10-15% slower than my Xiom zxi
13/12/2014 Perfect blade Review by Tammam HajjChehade
it is very good blade for looping and for attackign with extra push, with a great spin.
23/10/2014 Quality fun product but wrong box and sharp edges! Review by Terrence Cook
Definitely a more forgiving blade than the Hayabusa ZXi. Feels closer to the Zi in speed and touch. I wish Xiom could sand the wings on the blade. It's very sharp - like will cut you or give you blisters sharp. Tt11 sent me the blade in a Tibhar box so I didn't even get the grinder that is supposed to come with it :( Dropping 1 star for no sanding and 1 star for wrong box. I suggest the Vega Pro for power players over this blade.
17/09/2014 Excellent product with good service! Thank you TT11! Review by Blade Collector
Good workmanship Product, The package is in luxury design.
16/09/2014 Quality Blade,Good service! Review by Blade Collector
XIOM VEGA EURO is a high quality product!
And an professional handling of sales and parcel
by .tabletennis11 also appreciate it!
Xiom Vega Euro