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Xiom Omega VII Euro

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Rubber type : inverted
By the end of 2017 Xiom had brought something new to the Asian market and eventually the rest of the world in early 2018. Continuing its reputation of producing some of the highest quality rubbers in the world, Xiom has introduced OMEGA VII, which has been presented as a further improved version of OMEGA series. This iteration of OMEGA has become noticeably faster, keeping the same potential spin for topspin strokes as OMEGA V. OMEGA VII EURO, while being the softest of the VII series, is still a tremendously powerful medium to medium hard rubber. The glue effect feeling and sound is extremely noticeable and aids in yielding powerful counterloops with decent control.

Customer Reviews

10/12/2018 Great rubber Review by SAVVAS KOSMIDIS
Excellent quality rubber, very spiny, with good speed. Needs developed tecknique. Not really for new players. Great looping, lifting underspin with ease. Pretty close to T05. A bit pricey, but still cheaper than T05.
10/08/2018 Ok rubber Review by Vu Bui
I bought red + black Omega VII rubbers on sale to try new rubbers on DHS Long 5 blade, they are good but nothing special.

Positive: speed, sound
Negative: price, top sheet not as grippy othe rubber like eg. Bluestorm series.
09/04/2018 мягкая накладка Review by Igor Golovlev
62.0 г, легкая , мягкая накладка, хорошая мелкопористая губка, топшит тонкий , катапультный эффект не сильный , скорость не самая высокая, но вполне, характеристики сильно зависят от основания. Странная цена за такое качество.
Xiom Omega VII Euro