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The roots of Xiom go back to 1976 where it was founded under the name Champion Limited Corporation. The company originally focused on making table tennis tables for the Korean market. In 2007 the new brand “Xiom” was launched. Xiom’s rubber range includes the Vega, Omega IV, Omega V and Sigma series, which have become very popular in recent years. Most of these rubbers have Xiom’s signature “Carbo Black Sponge”, which allows for the generation of more spin and speed. In recent years, Xiom has focused on developing plastic ball ready products, which led to the introduction of the Dynamic Friction technology that is used in snow tires. The Dynamic Friction technology allows the 40+ ball to bite deeper ... into the topsheet, enhancing the spin and speed potential. Xiom blades are made in Japan, Korea, and China, and are renowned for their high quality. They include the Zetro Quad, Hayabusa, Stradivarius, Vega, and Omega series. Xiom is also known for their fresh design and eye-catching clothing and shoes, which come in very vibrant colors. Xiom is the official sponsor of the South Korean National Team, which includes players such as Joo See Hyuk (2003 World Men’s Singles Vice-champion), Jang Woo Jin (2013 Junior World Champion), and Yang Ha-Eun (2015 World Champion mixed doubles). Xiom and Champion have also sponsored the 1988 Olympics, and the 1986,  2002, and 2014 Asian Games. Did you know that “Xiom” refers to the term axiom, which is pronounced “ak-ceom” meaning “new paradigm”? Show more Show less


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