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Victas VS > 401

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The new VICTAS VS > 401 rubber offers the perfect balance between a tacky control rubber and a variable offensive rubber. The German and Japanese material experts (GJ Tec) developed an extremely tacky surface for vicious backspin forcing your opponent into mistakes. The slightly more compact sponge neutralizes your opponent's attacks, thus providing for fantastic control. The High Energy Tension top rubber sheet also offers sufficient speed for sudden and dangerous attacks. VS > 401 is the perfect tool for all-rounders who need sufficient power for their own attacks in addition to great control.

Customer Reviews

04/04/2018 Heavy and tacky rubber Review by Krug
Good for passive playing style. Very spinny, hard.
12/07/2017 Excellent product Review by christos tziotzios
Excellent product and fast shipping. I'm very content by!!!
11/07/2017 Good for attacking as well as defense Review by Anil Sadhvani
Very good control for defense as well as attack. U can play any kind of shot with this rubber topspin, smash, block, chop, push, even low backspin balls can be lifted by doing a smash or topspin .... best rubber by victas.
13/07/2016 5 Review by nachum shamis
28/06/2016 not bad for attack,not good enough for defence Review by Gabor Eliash
i have the 2mm black sheet.bought it to improve my defensive play on backhand while maintain the ability to attack properly. chopping with this rubber is a disappointment for me-not enough backspin and not enough control. i feel like i'm chopping with regular attacking inverted .it's not bad for blocks and for attacking strokes- loops & flat hitting. with these strokes it gives me better control than other inverted attack rubbers.
great service & fast delivery from the seller. Thank you Tabletennis11 !
11/05/2016 ok Review by lando volpe
13/11/2015 VERY GOOD RUBBER Review by AERION
La goma la compre en 2.0 mm y la combine con butterfly Joo sae Hyuk y un Tsp Curl P4 chop 0,5 mm, su descripcion de agressive chopper es correcta es una goma de esponja dura por lo menos de 47 º a 50 º , la superficie genera bastante efecto y sus granos son cortos muy parecidos a una goma china , muy buen control para defensa y contra ataque . Se pueden hacer servicion con bastante efecto ademas . El producto es manufacturado en Alemania . La recomiendo bastante para la estrategia DEF . Muy buen producto .
04/03/2015 HEAVY Review by Bobby Peru
Played it on BH, and have changed now.
Cons: HEAVY (!!!) rubber. Totally disturbs the balance of the racket. Not suitable for any offensive player.
Pros: Good for chopping. Some crazy BH-balls can be played.
21/06/2014 Excellent rubber Review by Paul Lunan
Good control excelient spin
16/09/2013 Excellent Rubber for Defence and Attack Review by Robert Saperstein
Excellent rubber for defensive players. This rubber has hard sponge and a tacky top sheet that allows good control of chopped / push shots both at the table and from mid and far distances. You can also produce strong topspin drives,loop shoots and blocks when at the table. Counter looping with this rubber can be done but it takes time to adjust to and is not as effective as rubber designed for countering. If you are primarily a defensive player that pick hits you will like the versatility of this new rubber.
24/08/2013 Superb rubber! Review by Aleksandar Nolevski
I bought this superb rubber with 2.0 mm thickness.In combination with Victas Koji Matsushita blade, it has tremendous control and spin. Everything what the title says: "For the agressive chopper", is true.
Thank you TT11.
Victas VS > 401