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Victas V > 01 Limber

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IThe V > 01 Limber rubber is the slightly softer version of the VICTAS V > 01 premium series for ambitious players. The goal of the development of this version was to produce a High-End offensive rubber in the medium segment. The German and Japan material experts (GJ Tec) combined the extremely spinny and fast High Energy Tension rubber sheet of V > 01 with an open-pore, state-of-the- art medium sponge with great catapult effect. The result is a highly- elastic, modern offensive rubber which does not fall short of the other V > 01 versions as regards power and spin.

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Customer Reviews

23/10/2015 всё отлично Review by Sergejs Kritenko
Прекрасная накладка замечаний нет особенно на основании OFF+ была бы цена меньше можно было бы менять чаще
30/06/2015 stable backhand rubber Review by louise mark Eballa
this rubber is very stable in backhand whether in blocking or topspins
29/06/2015 High quality product. Review by Hangjun Zhang
Very good for backhand, recommended.
24/06/2015 puissance, spin, sensations Review by Jean-Denis Roquet
Revêtement très agréable à jouer, suffisamment rapide pour moi (joueur allround agressif) pour être joué en 1.8 mm seulement en CD, ce qui le rend léger avec un très bon contrôle, mais aussi beaucoup de spin.
10/06/2015 good price and good quality Review by Teoman VARDAR
This rubber has a medium soft sponge, good for looping and spin loaded shots. short game is good and soft touch for those drop shots. over all this is the best place to get victas rubber because it cost the least compared to other places.

I agreed zach.
11/03/2015 Интересно Review by Maxim
Хорошо на BH, контроль, вращение, играл на TB ALC, но пробивается даже в max. Угол выброса низковат.
03/06/2014 wow Review by yair marco
The rubber acts like tenergy very good spin and speed, its remind me of tenergy 80
29/05/2014 Good Rubber Great Price Fantastic Service Review by Debajyoti
Good all round rubber. Pretty fast considering the control achieved. Non tacky. Spin is good too. However nothing sensational so far. I am using the rubber for a week now. May be it still requires some time to break in. Throw angle could have been a little higher. On high backspin returns more effort is needed to loop than medium throw rubbers. But you cant have all in one I guess.
26/05/2014 Great Review by Anderson Sampaio
This is a very good ruber to play next to table, medium/hard sponge but the feel is pretty soft and smouth, i really like this and i am using it on my FH. The control is amazing.
16/05/2014 the great rubber Review by ALEKSANDRS ZAICEVS
Its a great rubber that more then equal to the toprubbers. its good for playing close to the table with hard offensive loops. blocking is great with a lot of control.
21/04/2014 very good Review by ALEKSANDRS
This is a very good rubber for topspins and also blocking is very easy to do.
29/01/2014 4 Review by Massoud Tahmassian
Victas V > 01 Limber