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Victas Koki Niwa

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The outstanding Japanese player Koki Niwa who has been among the worlds top players for years is the leading contributor to the design of this premium product. This fine offensive blade is the perfect equipment for creative, close-to-the-table power table tennis. The innovative DSE Blade Technology featuring the two built-in synthetic High-Tech fibres optimize energy transfer into the ball. This feature enables risky counter-topspins with an aggressive trajectory and extreme spin variations in serve-and-return situations. The reinforced core ply combined with the power of the inner aramid carbon fibre is just perfect for fast mid-distance topspin rallies with optimized stability in extreme situations. The outer, very elastic Fleece Carbon provides for excellent feel and great spin development. VICTAS Koki Niwa is the ideal OFF blade for modern attackers.

Customer Reviews

19/05/2018 Great blade. Review by Mihail Postelnicu
I played before with FireFall FC. A very good blade. I needed some more speed, without loosing control. I chose Victas Koki Niwa and I took the best decision. This is the ideal blade for my play. Thank you TT11.
03/12/2017 a bit heavier on the handle Review by Hoang Le
For me, it's harder to rotate the ball with wrist only because it's heavy on the handle which reduces head-rotation momentum. But when you combine with your arm, it's great. I had to adjust my BH techniques to get use to the heavy handle

The 4 carbon layers give you really good control when you block balls with average power but increase power when you hit hard, kind of linearly. Like it
21/07/2017 Good Review by HARISH SV
Excellent blade with good speed, spin & control.
Have paired with dhs gold arc 8 on both fh & bh
10/07/2017 Unique Review by Yan Chen
Not a thick blade, but you can feel much support when you use 70% of your power. And what I most satisfied is its soft touch feel in topspin rallies. A very creative combination of different carbon materials.
Victas Koki Niwa