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TSP Ventus Spin

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With its open-pore medium sponge, Ventus Spin is the “golden mean” of the TSP Ventus series. Powerful mid-distance topspin attacks, dangerous spin loops or controlled close-to-the-table blocking – Ventus Spin from TSP is a real multi-talent among offensive rubbers with well-balanced playing features. The new 40° sponge of Ventus Spin featuring the “Optimized Rotation Concept” provides for a longer ball contact time, and enables you to put your opponent under real pressure with dangerous spin variations and excellent control in blocking. Ventus Spin is a fun-to-play, high-precision offensive rubber offering great value for money and unlimited room for creativity. Plus, it guarantees excellent control in all situations right from the start, which makes it the ideal choice for players with little time for training. Speed : 105 Control : 95 Spin : 105

Customer Reviews

16/03/2018 Good Review by Huy Ngo Huu
If you need a spinny rubber that is not too hard, but not too mushy; this is the one. Easy to make topspin by forehand and backhand. Need hard blade or carbon blade to bring out power. Highly recommended

Good price.
07/02/2018 Very good rubber. Review by STRATOS NTOUMANAKIS
Very good and soft rubber for all kinds of spin. Also very good control.
07/02/2018 Very good rubber. Review by STRATOS NTOUMANAKIS
Very good and soft rubber for all kinds of spin. Also very good control.
10/01/2018 Awesome ! Review by Paul
I`m use it on bh side on szl carbon. Very spiny and powerful from distance, great control and very light . Satisfaction at mid distance and close the net A++.
10/05/2017 My Rubber for the past two years Review by Andira Ronald
This is not your ordinary run of the mill Table tennis rubber, the player in question has to be able to identify, understand and appreciate the properties of this rubber. To me it's the ultimate of the Ventus series, you will miss it if you have used it before and don't have it anymore!
I can match an opposing player with Tenergy in control, speed and spin with this rubber comfortably.
My rubber of the Year, try it with TableTennis 11!
30/06/2016 Well round ESN rubber Review by topspin168
Played with this rubber for two club night sessions. First impression is that the rubber behaves like a traditional ESN tensor rubber. It does generate enough spin. but comparing to Tenergy, it spins less. The rubber feel soft and according to other forum information, this rubber is of about 40 degree soft and it feels about right. But in terms of speed, this rubber has plenty from close table to mid-distance. But far away from the table, you do have to add some more power to make it goes longer. But it doesn't feel like the rubber is bottom out though. I am playing with 2.0 mm thickness. So the max should work better in the speed area.

But the blocking with this rubber is amazing. The control is very good.

Opening loop with the rubber is easy against backspin. But again, it does not generate crazy amount of spin as you may want it to. But it does pick up the ball quite well.

I am trying to boost it to see how it plays under boost. So far, it doesn't seem to react to the Falcon booster very well. I put a layer to it and the rubber still not dome up. If I do the same with Tibhar Evo EL-P, it will dome up by now. So perhaps the sponge is not designed for boosting anyway.

Also, when you open the new sheet from the package, it has a very strong reverse dome, i.e. the top sheet curves inward. This means that the top sheet is highly tensioned. Also, the sponge is a bit fragile. So when you pull the old glue off, it may damage the sponge a bit. So be careful.

Overall, I will rate the rubber with the following using 10 as Tenergy 64 level.

Spin: 8/10
Speed: 8/10
Control: 10/10
Price: 12/10
Quality: 10/10
16/05/2016 thank you tt 11 Review by Bakhos Abboud
Very nice rubber for control and spin close to the table .
02/02/2016 Very Good Review by Jody Oliveira
the best!
15/07/2015 great Review by Jody Oliveira
excellent super soft rubber spin ! average ... great control for preparing and finalizing balls
17/11/2014 Very good Review by Ulf Beckman
This rubber is a tensor made in Germany. Must say that this piece was very very good! Its like a mix between Tibhar Genious Sound and Adidas P7(which is the best rubber ever made)

Try this if you like heavy wellplaced spin-shots. Quality of rubber surface exceeds many of the more expensive variations.
10/03/2014 very good Review by Marco C
good rubber, perfect for spin and quick enough
11/10/2013 Very good rubber Review by Zorro
Take the legendary Mark V and add a bit of spice in in the mix and you'll get how this rubber plays. A bit more speed than Mark V, a bit more spin and even more controllable. The top sheet even feels like the buttery soft Mark V top sheet (perhaps a bit softer), while the sponge is about the same hardness as Mark V (roughly I mean - I had no means to objectively measure it).
It's the kind of rubber that would suit 90% of club players, from intermediates to experts. Very high manufacturing quality.
If you're looking for excellent balance of speed, spin and great control, then this comes highly recommended.
28/08/2013 Good Rubber Review by Aaron Oviedo
Good spin rubber similar to Mark V. Sponge is responsive...great control.
TSP Ventus Spin