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TSP Spectol-Out

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pimple : short pimple
A pimple out rubber, ideal for direct counter attacking tactics close to the table. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

23/01/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnije korotkie shipi
13/07/2016 TSP Spectol-Out Review by TT Player
One of the best SP on the market. Middle of the road grip wise.
Can do everything (attack and defense).
I chop with it (1.5mm).
The softer sponge gives more spin for chops and is lighter than Spectol Speed.
Red is less grippy than black topsheet.
Great rubber overall.
16/05/2016 thank you tt 11 Review by Bakhos Abboud
Very nice rubber for a block strategy game close to the table but i prefer from my experience the long pips rubber , i feel the ( l p) make a dangerous ball more than the ( s p ) .
16/01/2016 4 Review by Станислав Викторович Хмелевский
Цена качество не плохо.
07/10/2014 excellent service Review by Yanhan Wang
excellent service
02/07/2013 Best Review by Tornado
Best short pips at speed glue. It is very convenient to use for sparring.
TSP Spectol-Out