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TSP Reflex-50 Award Off Light

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Blade Type : OFF
A new light version of famous blade TSP Reflex 50 Award OFF. This sensitive offensive blade with the Reflex dampening system in half the length of the grip has, in a short time, become the TSP bestseller in Europe and Japan. Many TSP top players rely on the TSP Reflex 50 Award. The REFLEX SYSTEM was developed with the idea that " The racket extends the movement and operation of the human wrist". The best feature is that the racket creates a slight bowing and a ball digs into it by working the special fabrics (impact absorbing cushioning) into the junction between the racket and the grip. This creates outstanding control and makes it easy to spin. In addition, stability immediately after the impact is fantastic, so it gives a ball quick flick and creates a high-speed ball.

Customer Reviews

20/10/2017 Alright, but too small for me Review by Sabian Finogwar
I have big hands, and the majority of the difference between this, and the regular version is the handle is reduced in size, so I constantly feel as if I'm about to lose the blade, while playing, and it's just too distracting for me to use seriously.

But, for anyone who isn't professional, or playing in leagues and tournaments above C level, this is a fine, cheap, light blade.
29/08/2017 Great buy for the money Review by Simon Siu
I would say the quality is not as good as Nittaku and Butterfly made in Japan product. The speed is ALL+ to OFF- the most.

26/12/2016 Awesome Review by Elijah Honore
Very light weight. Went from using a pretty heavy racket to this and I was so pleased to have such a sturdy feather like blade. It immediately helped my form on my back hand and fore hand. Very solidly built and I was pleased to have it arrive on time. Overall great blade. Lot of control but I found that if your timing isn't perfected it's very easy to miss the sweet spot on this blade.
26/04/2016 Very good Review by ASHISH JAIN
Very fast ply with good control, good for youngsters
23/01/2016 Quality light blade but caveat Review by Andrew
I accidentally stumbled upon this light model of the normal bat. I was looking for the original heavier blade but a few grams lighter, but then was directed to the light model itself. The photos of the two blades are deceptive, with the lighter one looking at though it has a longer handle. Actually, the light model has the shortest handle I've ever seen. I have a small hand but so my first impression was "oh no, far too small - lost my money". I bought the bat for a practice partner. He's used to the normal model, and holds his hand far down the blade on it. I thus thought the handle would be far too small for him. But I was wrong. For some reason, when he held it, he naturally moved his hand up the handle, and it was a perfect fit. I still can't explain this, but he loves the blade, preferring it over the heavier model. I put light rubbers on it and it's only about 140+ grams - amazing. He loves the lightness and has a fast wrist action, which lets him play fast attacks. This is an excellent blade, and despite the low price, the workmanship is high quality, unlike the Chinese junk you get for the same price. Rubbers are heavy these days, so having a light blade is a bonus. It plays similarly to the heavier model. I was first introduced to the heavier most after learning star Australian player Miao Miao used it. For the same quality in the B/Fly range, you'd spent a couple of hundred dollars. This blade would also suit juniors, especially girls who have small hands and are not strong enough to wield heavy bats. Overall, my practice partner is very satisfied. He combined it with 1.8mm Tibhar Nimbus Soft rubbers (that allow an all-round game as well as large margin for error), and has found that he rarely misses attacks with his equipment combo. He couldn't be happier.
01/12/2015 Excelente producto Review by Jose Ospino
Antes de hablar sobre el producto, es importante decir que el mabgo de esta madera es bastante delgado, pero pienso que ese problema se soluciona con un grip.
La madera me parece excelente, la uso con un joola rhyzm p en el drive y yasaka rising dragon en el reves, y la sensacion al atacar es unica. Recomiendo usarla con cauchos rapidos, pues esta madera tiene un excelente control y compensa la rapidez de los cauchos. Es muy facil iniciar y bloquear con esta combinacion y hace muy facil ejecutar un flip seguro y efectivo.
11/05/2015 MALA COMPRA Review by víctor Hugo Miranda
No lo recomiendo,espuñadura muy delgada,necesita grip,solo niños o manos pequeñas,necesita mucha fuerza para efecto,
Bought this for my 8 years old son with extra smaller Asian size. Similar design, grip and head size as current blade :TSP Award Kids OFF (FL) but lighter, Weight is 67 g.
Thanks to TT11 for providing the actual weight.

15/04/2015 MALA COMPRA Review by víctor Hugo
Es necesario advertir,de lo extremadamente delgado del mango de este madero,solo con un grip podría hacerlo funcional,solo un niño podría usar este madero,es lento ,la calidad es buena como todo Madero TSP.pero NO lo recomendaría.
05/08/2014 A very nice blade (for small hands -- girls, kids...) Review by Jose
Got one blade with AN handle -- full price, no special offer :-). Finish of the blade is impeccable. Weight is 77 g, blade size is 148x152 mm. I like light blades, so I am happy. It is loaded with a Yasaka Rakza 7 (forehand, attack) and a Sanwei Rings Link (backhand, very good control). Total weight of the racket is about 165 g. Although I have a large hand, I manage to use comfortably the thin handle, it is easy "maneuvering" the racket (to flip sides if needed) and the low weight helps in flicking. The combination of the very "polished" treated surface and the porous Rakza 7 are hard to glue (Donic Vario clean failed, succeeded with Haifu Dolphin glue but in the first trial the Donic had already "soaked" the Rakza 7).

Overall a very good, fast, small, blade (if you like light blades and are not very fond of balsa give it a try) at a very attractive price.
12/07/2014 Good product. Review by Grigopiy Krivinskiy
Отличный контроль, хорошая скорость.
Ручка маленькая, мне комфортно, но у кого ладонь большая, проблематично.
24/06/2014 Children's blade Review by AL1
The handle of this blade is short and thin. So it is totally different than in normal TSP Award offensive Reflex 50 blade. Otherwise the blade is awesome - just like the normal version. Of course this is much lighter and not so fast when spinning far from table, but instead it is more handy in near play.
TSP Reflex-50 Award Off Light