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TSP Curl P4

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pimple : long pimple
CURL P-4 long pimple rubber achieves its excellent playing characteristics through the combination of the unique soft sponge with the newly developed long pimples top sheet. The soft sponge improves control for both defensive chops on the table and sudden attacking shots. Due to the special long pimples top sheet, all necessary strokes for modern defensive game can be performed very effectively. The new top rubber has been developed by Koji Matsushita, one of the worlds best defensive players from Japan. Hardness: soft

Customer Reviews

06/01/2017 grippy long pimples Review by raymond joe
This is quite grippy, you can attack like an inverted but attacking is not that effective because it is very slow. I use it with thin sponge on a defplay and dwell time is excellent for chopping, it does require an active stroke to get good spin though. blocks close to table normally returns balls very short, I would say its not that great for at the table blockers. In hindsight I wuld have got a thicker sponge. Its reactive to incoming spin so no passive serve returns and reversal is also low
07/12/2016 Great allrounder Review by Stanislav Viktorovich Lykov
It's good in defence away from table, it's great at defence close to table, it's even quite good at attack close to the table to the point that it's can be used in attack even from few seps away from table. The downsides is even it's quite easy to play with this rubber it's quite easy for your opponent too, so passive play is a taboo with this rubber, also for now I can't correct my play to make stable "soft" play close to the table which was great with P1r that I used before P4.
25/11/2016 no es para mi Review by jorge aranciaga
No distorsiona lo suficiente...solo buena para choopear
29/10/2016 4 Review by nachum shamis4
13/11/2015 VERY GOOD RUBBER Review by AERION
La goma la compre en 0,5 mm , la estructura de los granos es bastante blanda y flexible . la pelota entra bastante por lo cual se puede generar bastante spin en la pelota al momento de cortar . La esponja es de color blanco muy blanda . La longitud y separacion de los granos es muy parecida al de Curl p1r , solo que este es bastante mas flexible y blando .

Lo combine con un Butterfly Joo sae Hyuk y una Victas 401 (2.0 mm) y me ha funcionado de manera perfecta

19/06/2015 ok Review by xia lingwei
Control is very good.but you need take the initiative to add power
TSP Curl P4