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TSP Balsa 8.5

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Number of Layers : 3+2
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 10.5
One of the fastest blades in the market! Perfect for all out aggressive players.Altough the blade is very fast it has still enough control to play offensive shots and controlled blocks.

Customer Reviews

07/01/2019 Lightweight Close-To-Table Lethal Speed Review by Lee
Has a firm clicking feel (harder than Spinlord's Ultra Balsa which I also reviewed very positively), which might inspire confidence for some. Generous sweet spot and good touch capability. Probably my favorite balsa blade (a close second would be Gewo's great feeling Balsa 775), and it's an exceptional value from TT11. When combined with fast rubber like DM's Firestorm or Spinlord's Waran II, it is a speed merchant.
15/11/2018 Purchase from Chile Review by Andres Fuentes
The product arrive in excellent condition. Online tracking is really accurate.
12/09/2017 Excelente Review by Renzo Vizcarra Gutierrez
Muy buena madera, es rápida a la hora de atacar y para controlar muy buena, la recomiendo
05/09/2016 fast blade Review by James payne
Great balsa blade for fast exchanges. Also great for combination racket.
25/04/2016 Maika'o loa! Review by Hau'oli Thielk
Maika'i loa! Māmā loa. Aloha au i kēia blade. E aho ko'u pa'ani 'ana i kēia blade.
14/06/2015 Suitable practice blade Review by Joelkc Lim
This balsa blade does not have flex power to me, although there are comments about it's good power. It does have average control. IMHO, one may use it as a first balsa blade for training and transition from non-balsa blades. The smaller than normal blade surface may be suitable for kids who lacks the strength for a heavier blade.
31/12/2014 Very fast......Thank you! Review by Zsolt Papp
Very good blade! Thank you! See you soon!
16/10/2013 Good for certain things, but you have to be at the peak of your game Review by George Pittas
This is a very fast blade when on top of the table. It give fantasting blocking if you get the ball high, and can power through any topspin, no problems, as the ball just comes off the blade very very quickly, not letting the opponents spin have much effect, so you can point it where you want and off it goes. But, and it is a big but, you have to be very precise with this in order to achieve what you want. The ball has to be at the highest point, you have to be in the perfect position and you timing has to be spot on. That is very many hours of practice and a lot of talent. Now I use it as a blocking blade when I am sparing with kids. For that it is awesome. It is light, it is direct, and very easy to block with.
08/02/2013 Unidimentional Review by George Pittas
This blade initially feels very fast and with great control. The weight is very light, to the point that your hand speed will increase. So the first few shots during the warm up were almost comical. In a good way. However the blade seemed to only have one speed/ gear, and that is extremelly fast close to the table, but not so from a distance. Probably because of a lack of flex. If the ball fell below the table it was very hard to get it up and over the net. So counterlooping from a distance or lifting a heavily chpped ball are difficult to perform. If you plan to stay close to the table and bloke everything, the ball will go were you point it. So if you are good at aiming, the ball will go on. Just don't think you will be able to do much with the ball.
TSP Balsa 8.5