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Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon has taken the design and construction of the original Offensive Classic and has added a layer of carbon to each side of the blade. This means that this blade keeps all of the amazing qualities of the original such as its tremendous feeling, control, and consistency while adding in even greater speed and power. This allows you to remain offensive at all times during the game while still producing high quality shots.

Customer Reviews

07/05/2018 Decent Review by Lue Yang
This blade feels too soft and vibrates too much when contact with the ball.
08/12/2017 Good value good for plastic ball Review by Carl Johnson
A light weight fast blade good control with very fast smashes. it makes a nice cracking sound, Im used to the vibration of this blade it does not effect the feel or the control. used for 6 weeks now and 2 medals won already.
23/08/2016 Needs more effect of carbon Review by Sanjiv Malavia
Needs more effect of carbon
09/03/2016 Flexible power blade Review by Laszlo Nagy
Good, flexible, soft feel, somewhat too flexible for plastic ball.
18/01/2016 Exelent! Review by Sergey
Мое первое композитное основание и первые впечатления. Слои карбона очень тонкие, в отличие от основ других брендов. Основание легкое, удобное и аккуратно сделанное, без заноз и заусениц на ручке. Поклеил Xiom Omega IV Evro и Vega Asia. По началу после цельнодеревянного 5 -ply Off пришлось по-привыкнуть. Отскок чуть ниже (при сбросе мяча с 40 см отскок 23-25 см, от цельнодеревянного скакало на 26-27 см). Очень уверенно чувствуешь себя у стола и в средней зоне, дальше лучше не отходить. Блок, топ-спины - все очень контрольно, особенно понравились срезки над столом уверенно, низко и очень неприятно для соперника, позволяет перекидать защитника у сетки, если терпения хватит. Единственное, к чему до сих пор не привык, так это к какому-то звонкому, металлическому звуку при отскоке мяча от ракетки.
12/11/2015 Power of Carbon and Feel of Wood blade Review by Sarvotham Pai
This blade is a masterpiece blade from Stiga.
Works well with all the rubber I tried.
Currently using Xiom Omega V Euro FH and Tenergy 05 FX Backhand.Need a good game to play with this rig. Not for beginners. A very suitable blade for intermediate players
24/06/2015 So Fast Review by Alessandro Fernandes de Araujo
Very fast blade, very good finish. I've tryed this one for the first time, for people that like to play not too close to the table...
23/07/2014 Nice blade! Powerful shots! Review by Eduardo
I used stiga Clipper for more than 20 years, I'd liked at lot, but, now, with this blade my rallies had turned faster and more precises. Very good speed, excellent control! That´'s what I am a Stiga blades fan!
19/05/2014 Good Review by Yuxiao Hou
The sound is crispy. The power when hitting the ball is strong. Great quality.
12/10/2013 Very Good Review by Chalam Sriboonyong
Price cheap suitable with quality. I needs tt11 will promotion again.
04/10/2013 Nice Blade Review by Clément R
Nice Blade, I used before the Allround Classic Carbon and swich to the Offensive to have more speed
It is very reactive with the Carbon and still maintain a quite good control.
Good combinaison with Calibra LT Tour
28/02/2013 good Review by fatih toprak
The well thought your Quality hand
02/12/2012 Excellent performance Review by OOI HB
What a fantastic combintaion of STIGA blade with TIBHAR rubber GENIUS and TIBHAR rubber Super Defence 40 Soft.

It is much more better than my previous combination of Tibhar blade NIMBUS-ALL with TIBHAR rubber NIMBUS SOUND and TIBHAR rubber NIMBUS SOFT
Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon