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Stiga Eternity VPS V

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 92
Blade Type : OFF+
Offensive 5-ply blade build to suite today’s modern game. Special temperature threated middle veneers (VPS) which reduces vibrations and gives great stability. Surface with extra hardness and smooth finish thanks to the Diamond Touch technology. Developed in close collaboration with the Chinese National Team.

Customer Reviews

12/05/2017 Отличные мячи. Review by Anton Oleinik
Ровные, крепкие, плотные. Выдерживают удар ребром и не один!!!
31/03/2017 Great feeling, decent speed Review by Cesar Intriago
Great feeling and control, speed is good, since there is no carbon you need to be stronger.
14/02/2017 Far better than I expected Review by Yu
The bat delivered was with flaws but tabletennis11 kindly offered refund for the that.

Was thinking of using this bat as my 3rd option and using Carbonado 90/145 as my 1st and 2nd. It turned out that I favour this flawed bat more than the others. I might change my mind in the future but who knows.

Price for this bat is very reasonable while its quality is fantastic. Very pleasantly surprised with this.

Surprised by this flawed bat, so much so that definetely I will buy another one with quality. Hopefully it is going to be perfect.
20/01/2017 Lack of control Review by Laszlo Nagy
I was expecting this would have more feeling. Very fast indeed, but not so controllabla for me.
10/01/2017 Not perfect Review by Vitaly J
not perfect
Quality a handle is very strange, the layers of the handle are glued unevenly. Stiga could do it better
29/12/2016 Excellent blade Review by David L.
The blade is light, well balanced for offensive player. Excellent for control, touch play, looping or loop smash. Speed, spin, and Back hand flip is good. Serving requires practice or technique. Overall definitely recommend it especially 30% off sale price.
25/12/2016 Stiga blades Review by Joao Buica
I Play with stiga infinity and love it. Now i want to try this new one but stiga blades have many quality problems. My old blade is falling apart and this new one looks better but its not dry. Fast blade with control but the sound is different from my old stiga infinity. I decided to give a chance to this new one but you must sealed the blade or you will have problems to Take off the rubbers.
Gold luck
20/12/2016 I may got a sour grape Review by Bach Tran
This is the worst blade I've used in years. Got plenty of splinters after 1st time remove the rubbers (removed just after 1 session to try out different ones). Fairly fast, but not as fast as the Yasaka Extra Special. Control is fairly good, but not so special, as everything else about this blade. If you're looking for a fast and stiff all-wood blade then the YES is a cheaper but better option, IMO.
17/10/2016 Speed, spin and very Good control Review by DRIGO Janick
This blade is wonderfull. It is fast with tough touch. The spin is crazy with my rasant power grip 1.9's amazing to see a such control with the blade speed. Very good blade for topspin players. Just a little heavy. Thanks for the fast shipping tabletennis11 :-). Very serious !
05/10/2016 good Review by Truong Trung Hau
good blade, I like it
14/07/2016 Great Blade. Review by Alvin Sarmiento
No words to describe how good this blade is . My recommendation,Buy this blade.
Stiga Eternity VPS V