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Stiga Defensive Wood NCT

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type : DEF+
thickness (mm) : 5.3
The Defensive Wood NCT is a powerful blade for the strong modern defender. You can play a very controlled game and also a powerful attacking game as a defender. This blade includes the unique STIGA NCT to ensure that you have the most versatile and advanced defensive blade in your hand. Developed for the new modern defense game.

Customer Reviews

09/03/2017 Excellent defensive blade Review by David L.
Excellent control, blocking, chopping. Good looping, smash, backhand flip. Can't go wrong if you're looking for great all round control or defensive game.
03/06/2016 Excellent defensive blade Review by Abhishek Rajendar
This is a blade that is rated DEF+ that is, it is somewhere inbetween DEF and ALL- (it can be safe to say that it is an ALL- blade).
Pros: *Good quality for a Stiga blade.
*This blade has awesome feeling and sound, which is important for psychological reasons.
*Excellent control.
*It is good at counter, chopping and it's bigger head is helpful for defending.
*I recommend this blade for defensive players as well as beginners.

Cons:*The blade is not for long distant rallies as it is defensive.
*I wouldn't recommend this blade for Advanced Allround and Offensive players
22/02/2016 5 Review by VILIS DZALBS
Wery good control.
30/06/2015 good product Review by Ivailo Nachev
good product
Stiga Defensive Wood NCT