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Stiga Carbonado 290

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 97
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6
The new Carbonado 245 and Carbonado 290 blades are constructed with thicker carbon at 200 gram per m² carbon fiber, providing extra power and carbon feel. These two new additions to the Carbonado family are built with the same processes and materials as the original Carbonado 145 and Carbonado 190, with one difference – the Carbonado 245 and 290 contain 200 gram per m² carbon fiber while the original Carbonado 145 and 190 contains 100 gram per m² carbon fiber. - Carbonado 290 is constructed with carbon layers in a 90 degree angle which is preferable for driving. - 90 degree angle provides flexural bendability which gives the blade a stiff feel with great stability and high speed. - 200 gram carbon fiber per m². A thicker carbon fiber for increased power and carbon feel. - Wide sweet spot. Made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

15/05/2018 Very fast blade and best blocking blade ever Review by Brian Fong
If you are looking speed on your stroke, this blade is perfect. Very good control and speed, also gives u power in your stroke as well. Perfect for blocks too and long distances away from the table. Get this blade.
05/01/2018 Outstanding Review by Anik Mallik
Marvelous blade! If you want speed, there is no alternative besides Carbonado!
18/12/2017 One of the best blades ever. Review by Ray Berketa
The Carbonado 290 is a well balanced power to weight ratio blade that I have ever used. The thicker carbon is well matched to the wood for tension and spring that the blade generates for all types of play, I have 1.9 Mantra (M) forehand and 1.9 Mantra (S) for backhand just perfect.
The best blade for all types of players.
Ray Berketa Australia.
10/08/2017 Best Blade Ever! Review by Archfil
I've used a few good blades in the past; Killerspin RTG Kido 7P Premium, Yasaka Dynamix 17, Yasaka Max Carbon 3D, and I am going on the record to say that the Stiga Carbonado 290 is the best blade that I have used period. The weight is quite reasonable, the build quality is top-notch, the speed that it can produce is unbelievable, the control is excellent, and it gives you a good feeling when you hit the ball. This blade is perfect for blocking too. It is an OFF+ rated blade so this is built for fast kills, flicks and smashes but there is more to appreciate on this blade and it will surely elevate the level of your game or playing style. The thick carbon layers gives a better feel compared to other carbon-layered blades. The stiffness and hardness will generate an awesome sound everytime you hit or smash the ball. The only downside for me is the price and this is probably the only deal breaker for most enthusiast out there for not acquiring this awesome piece of weapon. If price is the only thing that is stopping you from getting this blade, I am telling you right now that it is worth every buck so don't hold back. This is designed for offensive playing style but I personally feel that it is not limited to fast offense type of play and in my opinion this blade will be great for an All-Around or Defensive playing style as well.
08/08/2017 Good upgrade from the later Review by Alvin Sarmiento
I thought this blade will be hard to control because it is a fast blade. I was wrong, I find it easy and with tons of control. Any rubber will do fine.
13/07/2017 Brutal Speed Review by Lyuben Vachkov
Amazing speed, yet nice control.
It is for advanced players.
Low throw, nasty balls for your oponent.
Probably way to speedy for mortals, however playing with it is a big fun.
05/Rozena fit very well,effortless topspin.
13/05/2017 Very special Review by David L
Stiga mantra m on FH, mantra h on BH. Excellent for blocking, loop drive, BH flip. Good power, speed, spin. A bit on the heavy side. Other then that, best blade you can find.
24/04/2017 supper fast yet great control Review by Claude Movsessian
Best blocking blade ever. Just a little movement and the ball leaves your paddle like a rocket, yet magically finds the exact spot you were aiming for on the other side of the table. For the speed it also has great spin, when I push heavy only players who have played me before have a chance of lifting the ball over the net, but not always including a US 2500 player. My buddy who has the 145 wants to also buy one of these to see which one he likes better.
05/04/2017 Excellent Blade. Review by Lex
I bought this blade for my friend who is a beginner for table tennis. I thought it might be too fast for him. Surprisingly, this blade improves his landing rate significantly. Therefore, I tried it for 15 minutes and I found it is much easier to use comparing my Stiga Intensity NCT Carbon. I have to say that it is a excellent blade even for beginners.
I just bought one more for his wife. Strongly recommended.
05/04/2017 Destroyer Review by Syed Mujtaba
Packed with Ten 05 (2.1) for both FH and BH. Its a killer. Will take some time to get use to this predator.
Stiga Carbonado 290