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Stiga Carbonado 190

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 86
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.7
Carbonado blades are manufactured in Sweden with carbon technology known as TeXtreme®. The blades are built with five layers of wood and two layers of lightweight TeXtreme® Spread Tow Carbon fibers. This unique and patented carbon is the first of its kind and has never before been experienced in Table Tennis. The special TeXtreme® Spread Tow Carbon is flexible in only one direction, either flexural or torsional, making it possible in the manufacturing process to adjust and improve the ball trajectory and speed to accommodate playing style. The two layers of carbon are applied in a 45 degree angle or a 90 degree angle. Carbonado 190 is constructed with Carbon layers in a 90 degree angle with flexural bendability, giving the blade a stiff feel with great stability and high speed. The longer and flatter trajectory makes it an excellent choice for players who want to dominate play with high speed strokes. The Carbonado blades offer the player a personalized Sweet Spot. The Carbonado 190 with flexural bendability gives a higher Sweet Spot.

Customer Reviews

13/09/2016 The ply is too good..and has amazing power Review by Suhas Chawan
The ply is too good.. and very happy with your quick service and delivery..
but i was very upset when the both handle came out of the ply next day of playing..i had to take to the carpenter shop and stick it accordingly ....which was quite embarrassing..
17/09/2015 Blade Collect Review by ITTF2400
Simply superb in all department. 190 is for all around players great quality blade from Stiga.
11/08/2015 great blade Review by haim siboni
This blade paddle it's just awesome racket with the mark five rubbers it's so good combination
07/08/2015 Excellent Blade! Review by Lightz
Stable like carbon but feels like wood, what more can I say? Pairs well with any rubber, highly recommended!
23/07/2015 This is the blade that suits my playing style. Review by Alvin Sarmiento
I tried different brand of blade from wood to composite made. The stiga carbonado 190 stands out. Here is why:
1. Large sweet spot.
2. Excllent dwell time
3. Superb control.
4. Generate a lot of spin
5. Excellent for touch play
6. Good blocking capability
7. Good for close and mid-table game.
29/06/2015 butterfly+stiga=carbonado Review by akiaki
This blades feeling is very good!
feeling = stiga
speed = buttelfly carbon blade(like timo boll and ZJK series)
23/06/2015 Superb attacking weapon !! Review by Aditya Nand
I have previously experimented with a lot of blades and this one stands out !! I am using tibhar aurus soft for BH and andro rasant for FH. This blade offers exceptional control close to the table. It blocks amazingly well due to its slightly low throw. All my over the table backhand topspins have become very secure as they keep close to the net and don't overshoot the edge of table even though I am using a soft sponge high throw rubber
. Service receive is superb due to its stiffness. The hardness of the blade ensures pushes are well directed and controlled even at extreme angles. Talking about the FH topspins, the blade is very powerful and can pack a punch from any distance, with the ball following a low trajectory arc close to net height. Hence, it is advisable to use Spinny-soft sponge-high throw rubber for BH, and spinny-med hard sponge-high med throw rubber for FH. The blade does not offer much dwell, hence I don't recommend hard sponge rubber unless of course it is tacky like the DHS H3, which is also a good option for FH. I am pretty satisfied with my blade-rubber combination and highly recommend it.
07/04/2015 Blade for poly ball Review by Jason Chae
Good feeling and wide sweet spot.

One of the best blade for Poly ball.
26/03/2015 Fast but need good skills Review by Kevin
I have tried many different blades and current stick on MJ SZLC. The blade is faster than MJ SZLC and very easy to loop. The opponents told me the blade is terribly fast. To block is OK but not so good as MJ. The only problem is it is not easy to control and you need time to learn how to maneuver the blade.
28/01/2015 very comfortable Review by Jack Dong
very good
28/01/2015 very comfortable Review by Jack Dong
the best blade had ever played with, considering buy one more for standby...
Stiga Carbonado 190