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Stiga Calibra LT

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Stiga Calibra LT is a high speed rubber with a medium hard sponge that is best suited for away from the table play but still has control in the short game. The LT stands for long trajectory so you can be certain that attacks from long distances will reach the table with power.

Customer Reviews

14/01/2019 Excellent Review by tony fersan
Fast, light, and spinny. I use it with TSP 7.0 Balsa Carbon on forehand.
10/04/2018 One from the best forehand rubber Review by Imre
Driving and blocking is excellent, because it has low throw and not sensitive against incoming spin.
The long trajectory ball is absolutely true which is in marketing texts.
The best where he shines is smashing. I think in that is the best in the whole table tennis offer. It's not true that spinning is bad. Spin is good and are very fast. The general speed is excellent.
The other excellent feature is the light weight. In 157x150 mm cut is 44 gramm which is such a performance rubber fantastic. Very good in serve and returns with surprisingly big spin. The one that is not so strong is the short game but this is also not so big weakness The rubber durability is average.
This rubber belongs to the highest category with Tenergys and Tibhar Mxp.
08/01/2018 Excellent rubber in fast attacks and spin close to the table and at mid distance Review by tony fersan
Excellent rubber in fast attacks close to the table and at mid distance.
08/01/2018 No Sound Review by Xray
Compared to LT Sound. There really is no sound.
02/10/2017 Spinny and semi soft Review by vinod nair
Good for topspin, semi hard would like it to have been softer and enhanced close to the table game. Great service by TT11
26/01/2015 Best stiga rubber! Review by Jerry Vasquez
Best offensive rubber from stiga! Excellent speed, spin, and control. Also not sensitive to incoming spin. Excellent for looping, hitting, blocking, etc...!
04/11/2014 Good for beginners Review by Mridul Pareek
This rubber is medium hard, so do not expect much spin from it. Other than that, everything is fine.
28/06/2013 excelente producto Review by Joseph Santiago Betancourt Ruiz
un producto que ha tenido una gran acogida por su tecnologia y precio.
Stiga Calibra LT