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Stiga Attach Power Glue 100ml

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Attach Power Glue is the optimum glue for attaching rubber in the safest way. With Attach Power Glue, you can easily remove the rubber from the blade without causing any damage to the wood. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

29/10/2017 Exellent product. Review by Slawomir Lapinski
Very delicate and holds the rubber very well. No splinters during removal.
No need to peal of glue from the rubber if you want to put on another blade.
10/09/2017 bra Review by Leif-Harald Svendsbraaten
limet var veldig enkelt å bruke,men jeg måtte ordne noe å smøre limet ut med.
03/08/2017 Not bad, but you can do better. Review by Cesar Gonzalez
Bought this on sale on this site... If it wasn't for that, I would not recommend. But I got a good deal, and it's okey...
You can find better glues out there. This is a fairly good product, my rubbers keep coming off from my blades over and over after weeks of training.
05/07/2017 Stiga is best Review by Ammar Saad
The best glue I have ever used. It attached the rubber well to the blade and you can remove it easily if you wanna change rubbers. You have to be careful when applying it that it dries fast.
25/04/2017 Pretty good. Review by Doug (Eui-Deuk) Do
Somewhat this glue formula is thicker than some other product. But, it works well.
27/02/2017 a melhor cola para borrachas com esponja Review by Joaquim Barbosa
Não danifica a esponja quando se retira a cola, bem como seca fácilmente
04/01/2017 a melhor cola de agua Review by Joaquim Barbosa
Para borrachas com esponja esta é a melhor. Para long pips OxX terá de utilizar uma cola mais fina.
18/09/2016 Very good glue Review by Parham
Quality glue from Stiga, didn't have any problem with it sticking, overflowing, or drying. Does exactly what it's supposed to do without making a mess.
09/08/2016 Great Glue Review by Htun Lynn
One of the good glue which is easy to paste, dry fast and easy detach when I want to change rubber. Thanks Stiga for this product.
04/07/2016 Good glue Review by PPP
Same as Nittaku Finezip, but a little bit more expensive. I have used both of them for many year.
16/05/2016 Its good if you know how to use it Review by Abhishek Rajendar
This is a very good viscous glue that dries up really fast.Its perfect if you really know how to use it.Tabletennis11 sent it to us in a very safe manner :)
23/02/2016 Краткое резюме Review by VLADIMIR BUKIN
Клей легко снимается, но имеет специфический запах когда клеишся
13/06/2015 great glue Review by ahmad
great glue
12/06/2015 great glue Review by ahmad
Easy to use
Stiga Attach Power Glue 100ml