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Spinlord Sandwind

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pimple : anti
SpinLord Sandwind can be rated as a new kind of half-Anti. It can be played almost like a tacky inverted rubber, enabling very flat undercut balls and even topspins, but in addition it can deactivate with ease the spin applied by your opponent.

Customer Reviews

25/04/2018 Excellent Review by Maja Matic
10/04/2018 Great Product Review by Ralph Tanner
Great product lots of spin and anti when spinning to or against opponent.
12/02/2018 Crazy spin Review by Antonio Oliver
I bought this rubber and I’m going to give it an excellent because it does have crazy spin off of what ever your opponent serve or returns are. Your opponent will go crazy off the returns, but this is the one thing that will drive you crazy. The spin off your racket is so crazy that you will never know where it’s going. So if you can control this rubber, I promise you’re going to kill your opponent without a doubt. Excellent if you can control.
28/12/2017 Crazy rubber Review by Antonio Oliver
This rubber will make you say wow a lot. The write up on this rubber is correct when you strike the ball the ping pong ball does some crazy things but I’m still learning it because you have to have great paddle control because if not the ball will shot off the table with ease. I would say you cannot be a beginner with this rubber because you’ll be scratching your head a lot.
10/11/2017 good backhand control Review by usatt1800
Excellent for backhand - blocking, looping, hitting, service return. Even service can be quite spinny. You can easily focus on your own shot without thinking too much about how to respond to opponent's spin, due to its anti-spin nature. It does have its own power and spin too. Takes about 2 weeks to 1 month ultimately get used to it. Certainly not a rubber for Timo Boll, but a deadly weapon in amateur's world (roughly USATT<2200).
27/02/2017 borracha a ser utilizada e avaliada no final da época desportiva Review by Joaquim Barbosa
peço desculpa , mas só poderei avaliar aborracha no mês de junho. mas pela apresentação classifico-a com um valor inetrmédio
25/01/2017 1.8 мм 53.3 g Review by Igor Golovlev
подойдет начинающим теннисистам и для игры на улице, слабо воспринимает приходящее вращение, может помочь в игре против длинных шипов
24/01/2017 Not good for defence Review by lando volpe
Not good for defence
Spinlord Sandwind