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Revolution nr.3, Rubber Cleaner & Rejuvenator 100ml

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For cleaning and rejuvenating, Revolution No.3 Cleaner has been judged the absolute best. It is not only the most economical cleaner; it also provides spectacular results on old rubbers, giving them a new lease of life . Clean, environmentally safe and incredibly easy to use. Place 2-3 drops on the rubber and use your hand to clean until the surface is dry. Is there any risk in contacting your skin? On the contrary, testing has shown it to be a non-irritant. Try it once, and you are promised to become a new fan.

Customer Reviews

16/10/2017 Very good product Review by Chuan Wang
Effective and easy to use. Only requires 1 drop for each time. Probably gonna last forever...
07/10/2017 excelent Review by olivier
excellent product and fast delivery
13/09/2017 nice one Review by SACHIN PATIL
It works excellently on both tensors and the tacky rubbers
11/08/2017 Extremely good! Review by Dish
Ok, so this cleaner feels quite weird, and can smell funny (not bad, just smells like a plant or something). It is quite watery, so no viscosity almost, but it works great!

Actually the best I ever used.

To apply, I suggest you put only few drops, like 2-3 drops on every side, trust me it will be enough. They use your hand to clean it and rub it around the rubber. Then dry it with a sponge. It anyway dries fast.
03/07/2017 Very good Review by bo eriksson
Its a very good things to fix printer for paperwheel.
Its been sama as new.g
19/06/2017 Super! Review by Dino Midzic
Great product, fine cleaning and rejuvenating!
01/06/2017 Revolution nr.3, Rubber Cleaner & Rejuvenator Review by Ljupco Krsteski
Simply The best Cleaner :)
05/05/2017 ОТЛИЧНО Review by Roman Eshchenko
Работает,расход радует:)
27/04/2017 Good for the hobbyist that can't buy new rubbers every few months Review by geredelou
Good for the hobbyist that can't buy new rubbers every few months.
It works well with rubbers with matte surfaces however i noticed that the effects aren't as ok if used on gloss/slick surfaced rubbers as the solution just slides over the surface.
12/04/2017 Performs Review by Alapaap
Excellent cleaner / restores rubbers tackiness and cleans very well.
07/04/2017 I like this item and will buy it again Review by Aleksandr Zubarev
I like this item and will buy it again when needed.
Thank you.
18/03/2017 very good Review by Antony Karefyllakis
just very good. nothing special.
15/03/2017 Looks like new Review by Mui Lee
Rubber looks like new after applying. Effect is noticeable
15/03/2017 منظف ممتاز Review by Sayed hussain mohammad Alradhawi
افضل منظف استعملته ولكن يجب استعماله بحذر
18/02/2017 Super cleaner Review by flemming carlsen
The best that I have tride so far. Highly recommended
14/02/2017 nice and good Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
very nice to keep your rubber clean
24/01/2017 ok Review by Calvin Chia
Waxy feeling on the rubber
23/01/2017 super Review by ilkay Demiralay
05/01/2017 100% Review by Nikolai Rutkinen
Если у вас старые накладки или вы играете своими уже более года, то этот продукт полностью для вас. 3-4 капли на накладку и растереть ладонью насухо - и можно играть. Удивительно - но помогает! )
03/01/2017 Nice product Review by Reginaldo Gomes
Wow, I was impressive I recommend that.
20/12/2016 Good Stuff but... Review by Max
It gives me very good friction. Love this product, but need to be very careful when you apply this.

Do not let it touch with any excess glue which is hanging over the edge of your rubber since it will melt the glue and make is very sticky.

Smells like acetic acid...kinda stinky tought
09/11/2016 Using it,loving it! Review by Pingu
Definitely improves tired rubbers!
Great service from tt11..
28/10/2016 ordinary Review by ORMOND MARSHALL
unable to see a major difference with this expensive cleaner vs other cleaners that i,ve tried,
19/10/2016 best Review by ilkay Demiralay
very good cleaner
27/07/2016 Effective and worthy Review by Michael Choi
Cleans thoroughly and easy to use. Price is reasonable.
26/07/2016 Excellent Review by vladimir gudalenko
Раз в 2 недели мажу -- ощущение новой, как из магазина, резины.
30/06/2016 Interesting but not effective Review by Valentin Golodov
Effect is rather weak.
29/06/2016 Must have Review by David Ling
To maintain your rubbers. This is a must have cleaner, compared to other cleaners. It's more expensive to buy in US.
20/06/2016 the best cleaner Review by Nuno Alves
the best cleaner i ever used !!! nice price and the best is that realy gives life to old rubbers and prolongs the life of new rubbers
04/04/2016 Very Nice Review by Anderson Sampaio
I bought this product a little suspicious, but this is pretty good really works well, give the rubber a new aspect and renew the grip!
19/03/2016 Rev 3 cleaner Review by Mr.kYe725
Good results on old rubber. Restores some grip. If you use a typical sponge cleaner regularly I wouldn't suggest using it til at least 60 hours of play. It applies with your hand (2 drops) and appears to penetrate the top sheet surface. It has a funky smell toO.
11/10/2015 Excellent stuff Review by Randy
Highly recommended, every one should have one for their rubbers!
18/08/2015 Very good rubber cleaner Review by Minh Tuan Hoang
I like it a lot. Easy to use and very economical.
17/06/2015 The best cleaner Review by Gezim Flugaj
This is the best cleaner that I have used so far. It revives the rubber, gives a good shine and restores the grip
27/05/2015 good quality, good service. thanks Review by Tu Hoang
Will order again.
21/05/2015 Excellent cleaner Review by Petrov A.
Perfectly clean and rejuvenate rubber, without a rival with other cleaners.
08/04/2015 Отличный очиститель Review by Tetyana Repina
Это очень хороший очиститель для подуставших накладок. Очень хорошо восстанавливает б/у накладки
18/11/2014 Revolution nr.3, Cleaner Review by Ljupco Macedonia
Revolution nr.3, Cleaner
The product is wonderful
no comment
Clean well and quickly
the quality is excellent
Thank the company tabletennis11
17/11/2014 Good Review by Quoc Tran
Very fast shipping from outside USA. About Revolution nr.3, cleaner is nothing special from Advertising /the same regular cleaner.
07/11/2014 Good Review by Kazimieras Ramanauskas
For cleaning the old and new rubbers
06/11/2014 good Review by jiho shin
this cleaner is good. Old rubber has changed new rubber.
27/08/2014 Good Review by Gary
I have placed it on an old Butterfly Interforce
blade (2 years) using as BH reversed attacking. It worked well from those new plastic balls.
07/08/2014 Recommend Review by KTananan
Easy to use and help to rejuvenate the top surface of the rubber.
I extend the use of the rubbers
06/08/2014 Отличный очиститель Review by Tetyana Repina
Очень хороший очиститель. Достаточно пары капель на накладку, реально восстанавливает накладку. Рекомендую.
29/06/2014 GOOD ! Review by CHEN SUNWEI
18/06/2014 nickel Review by clement
un super produit dont je ne peux deja plus me passer
18/06/2014 extra Review by clement sanchez
facile a appliquer aussi bien sur le bois que sur les revetements
seche tres vite et faire attention quand on depose le revetement sur le bois
car cette colle n'est absolument pas repositionnable mais par contre elle se retire tres bien
en bonus un leger effet booster tres agreable
excellent produit
12/06/2014 good product Review by atsum
easy to apply and seems to be an effective voc-free glue. i particularly didn't like the smell; actually smells worse than voc glue. due to having to apply several layers onto both the blade and rubber, 110 ml of this stuff will be gone before you know it. i'd recommend buying the larger volume.
11/06/2014 Cleans and rejuvenates. Review by Irwin Raymundo
Easy to use even without sponge. Cleans and rejuvenates old and new rubbers. Excellent product, old rubbers benefits the most in using this products as it rejuvenates to almost new condition.
29/05/2014 cleans well and makes surface grippy Review by Robert
good product
28/05/2014 just perfect! Review by Robert Mihajlovski
Everything said or written about -true
15/05/2014 Average Review by Andy Lee
Easy to apply. Rubber feel abit weird after initial application. Seems to lost some grip. Need to monitor further on whether it is able to revitalise the rubber and gain back some grip after it dry more thoroughly.
05/05/2014 Excellent ! Review by JY
Excellent cleaner, may be a bit expensive but does his job very well.
16/04/2014 Very good Review by Виталий
It works!
11/04/2014 good product Review by Raul Meos
It cleans very well,surface remains a bit sticky,which gives more spin on the ball, i am very pleased with this product.
17/02/2014 Satisfied Review by Evgeni M
I was sceptic about this cleaner. But it's really good, very satisfied with it.
07/02/2014 Best cleaner on market Review by Marko
Absolute the best cleaner on the market. Great product.
06/02/2014 Dejan Review by Dejan Jovanovic
dobar cistac
Revolution nr.3, Rubber Cleaner & Rejuvenator 100ml