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Nittaku Violin LG (Large Handle)

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.3
The Nittaku Violin was made using the same principles used in making string instruments. In the instrument blade series, this blade is the lightest and has the smallest head size while also being the thinnest. Despite having a harder feeling than the Nittaku Acoustic, the Violin is slightly slower and has more control. Made in Japan. This version comes with a slightly wider handle. Because of this it could be recommended for players who find the standard handle size is too thin. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

20/06/2018 Отличное основание Review by Igor Kossov
Фирма Nittaku порадовала теннисистов со всего мира выпуском этого легендарного основания с ручкой увеличенного размера. Ранее Violin выпускался с тонкой ручкой FL толщиной 22 мм,не очень удобной многим игрокам. В остальном его характеристики не изменились. Скорость на границе OFF/OFF-, исключительное чувство мяча и великолепный контроль. Ко всему прочему, на нем играют почти все накладки, как жёсткие так и мягкие. Violin отлично подходит и для игры шипами, как длинными, так и короткими. Стоит так же отметить изумительное качество изготовления этого основания.
14/02/2018 Perfect controll Review by Gregory Wong
A nicely finished blade. Good control with enough power.
I use it to play back hand long pimple 0.5 mm sponge
11/05/2017 My TT11 first order : good service & choice. Review by basile domenico
High quality off blade with good vibrations,balanced for spinners.
16/02/2017 That's what i want Review by Nizam Magomedov
Perfect quality, control is exelent (with T05/64), flexy and good vibrations))).
01/04/2015 Monterotondo blade Review by Francesco Rinaldi
If You dont play It You don't understand the value of this blade
Amazing spin and control someone Said slow instead i find It enough fast because every Shoot go excatly when You want
Block is Easy i never can immagine why a Lot of users love It
It's absolutely a dream
20/02/2015 Fantastic Review by Raul
One word. Amazing and highly professional assembly of the blade from
The blade is very elastic and sound is wonderful.
I have Xiom Sigma 2 Euro max on both sides.
16/02/2015 Great Service Review by Francesco
TY to the all staff of TT11, very fast in the answers both for technical and commercial questions.
Very happy for your courtesy and nicely assembled racket.
Again thank Francesco Rinaldi
18/10/2014 Super Review by R.H
In the category celodřev VIOLIN belongs to the absolute higt class.Profi processing Nittaku quality, excellent playing characteristics. In.fa.Tabletennis 11 repeatedly to shop, always fully satisfied
16/07/2014 Very nice Review by Takács Zoltán
Very good blade, feel, control perfect.
13/07/2014 5 Review by Oleg AVERIN
It's one of the best blade for playing with spin and allround playing.
22/04/2014 Finest all wood blade Review by NS
Having used it personally for 1.5 years i would put my views based on the standard parameters people look for :

Feel : Awesome , very different than usual all wood blades.
Control : Great on loops as well as drives --> point and shoot with dwell time (one needs to get used to dwell if they coming from a faster / composite blade )
Spin : Great rotation on the balls as well as spin on serves.
Speed : More than average of all wood blade ; Smashing is great feeling.

To summarize , this is a blade with unique characteristics for an all round aggressive player. It really excels at the table ; few feet back one should be using ones strength to maximize the effect of play using this blade.

For collector :
The outer layer of this blade is white ash and the finish looks so good that i didn't even feel like gluing my rubber on it.
21/02/2014 Good blade, Great Service Review by Kris
The quality of this blade is undisputed. Excellent finish, and the L handle is very comfortable. (Nittaku should make their reg FL handle like this!)

The performance of the blade is just ok. It should be labeled OFF-. If you are used to dynamic composite blades, or even the Acoustic, you might be disappointed with the Violin.

However, if you are curious about this blade, the low price and great service from table tennis 11 makes it worth it to try.
14/02/2014 Great Blade Review by Yudi Ashari
Great Blade
31/01/2014 great blade, great service Review by JasonWWW
I really like this blade. soft with full of control.
With T05, it's the best blade I've ever played.
TT11 is great site good product with good price.
fast shipment, though to US, it took about
three weeks to get the stuff. Great service.
19/12/2013 Very, very good blade Review by Nikolay Trukhin
Exellent touch, enough speed, very flexible!
05/12/2013 Great Feel and Control Review by Peter Effendy
I put H3 National blue sponge 40 deg 2.2 and Tenergy 64 2.1 on 93 gr Violin Large Handle, Total weight is 186 gr. It's very balanced set up.
Previously I use ZJK ALC with the same rubber.
Although Violin is slower than ZJK ALC, you can use your own strength to produce the powerful loops.
This blade is very good for looping and smashing, blocking is very good, control is very good. You can defend and attack with ease which I can't do so nicely with Composite blade.
I have been using Violin since 2006, I'm looking for heavier Violin large handle, the heaviest I found before is 88 gr, so 5 gr difference is huge.
Now it's my primary blade, Violin is a must try blade if you're looking for good feel and control blade, it's a recommended blade for a beginner to develop his own strength, not relying on the blade to get the power.
24/11/2013 Had to get a spare Review by arg0
Actually, I like this blade so much that I ordered a second one!
24/11/2013 Large ST handle is perfect for my hands Review by arg0
This blade is ALL+/OFF-, has a unique crisp feeling, an amazing control, and is just perfect for a spin-oriented, close-to-the-table game. It's also great for chopping, although I'd suggest Violoncello for a defensive game.
The blade itself is rather flexibile. It shines if paired with harder rubbers.
I had stopped playing with Violin because I could not get accustomed to the thin "normal" handles (ST and FL). Now this L-size ST handle is just the best ST handle I ever played with. Welcome back, Violin!
12/10/2013 Отличное основание Review by Andrey
Использую совместно с Tibhat Evolution EL-P & Palio blitz.
По моим ощущениям вот, что получилось:
Контроль 95 (потрясающий !)
Скорость 75 (средняя)
Вращение 85 (очень хорошо)
Ручка удобная (я перехватываю справа налево)
Баланс немного "в голову".
Nittaku Violin LG (Large Handle)